Top 10 Best 6×9 Speakers​ in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Unhappy with the overall sound quality coming out of your car’s speakers and looking for an upgrade? Or are you trying to replace those old, poor quality stock speakers you have in your car that are now broken?

Whatever the reason, a quick Google search will leave you with seemingly millions of choices for your car, and that can be quite overwhelming. In order to help you make your decision, we have compiled a list of the top 10 must have 6×9 speakers you can buy right now that will leave you blown away.

List Of Top 10 Best 6×9 Speakers​ in 2020

10. Infinity REF-9623ix:

Infinity REF-9623ix

Starting off our list, the Infinity REF-9623ix offers several updated features such as true 4ohms impedance technology, sealed the edge with fabric soft dome tweeters, an onboard crossover network and a fully adjustable central tweeter level control. Easy installation of the speakers makes it so that consumers can easily hook it up to their cars immediately with no hassle and it’s lightweight, coming in at merely 6.9 pounds. The speakers sound great with 46-30,000 Hz sensitivity frequency response, offering clear sounds with excellent details and clean, hard bass.

This is owing to The Plus One+ polypropylene woofer cone, which is bigger than most speakers, with hi-roll rubber surround. It has a three-way design that adds a super tweeter to reinforce higher frequencies even further, not to mention the 300 watts peak hour handling, enabling them to be suited for both head unit or external amplifying power. With rigorous quality checking, these speakers feel and sound high quality for their price. It is available in almost every factory size, so most likely it’ll fit into any vehicle you plan on hooking it up into, making this a great value for almost anyone.

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9. Pioneer TS-A6990F A Series 6X9”:

Pioneer TS-A6990F

Another great option when out looking for 6×9 speakers are the Pioneer TS-A6990F A Series. These speakers are top-notch in terms of sound and build quality, as expected from a well-known company such as Pioneer. Many reviewers praise these for their ease of installation. The A-series line up has carefully selected materials which Pioneer claims to improve bass response and high frequencies, whilst delivering Pioneer’s famous Open & Smooth sound concept.

Many other features also include a CarSoundFit App for you to enjoy outstanding mid-bass response with Polypropylene Cone. Not to mention, these speakers are a 5-way coaxial system that it handles up to 700w of max power and 120w of continuous power output, and quick frequency response.

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8. New Kicker 41DSC6934 D-Series

New Kicker 41DSC6934

These car audio speakers that shock everyone with its high performances, The New Kicker series. It has upgraded its system into a loud, pumping and strong bass that can make you shake your head or dance, while driving along the street. The speakers are designed in a sleek and classic mode to be variable with any cars and it suits perfectly with most vehicles.

The high-tech system of the loudspeakers that comes along, making the bass more highly-projected, delivering a vast sound with low frequencies. Those who are music lovers or love singing while driving, this is for you. Many consumers have praised a fact that these speakers are flexible, high-quality and cheap in price. Buying these speakers for your car won’t be disappointment.

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7. CT Sounds Strato 5.25 inch:

CT Sounds Strato

CT Sounds Strato 5.25 inch is for those who are on a low budget, but still seeking for a high-quality speaker that produces crystal-clear sound with no lumps. A perfect speaker that fits perfectly on your vehicles. This is also especially for those who just bought their cars or wanting to change the full set speakers that rocks your car. It is known as the best speakers due to its features. The mesh that covers the bass is made out of metal such as copper and aluminum wire tangle together, producing a clearer sound for all listeners. The cone of the speakers is also made with strong and durable materials that every user wishes for, the constructed polypropylene.

Moving to its power and performance, CT Sounds Strato has a strong power with 40W each speaker and has quick frequency response attach with the light weight that supports the music pretty well. Moreover, it eases the user with its uncomplicated installation and setup. The speakers are coming with the warranty, so you can trust before purchasing the product.

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Cerwin Vega XED693 is here for those who are seeking for a good deal speaker that can rock your heart and mind simultaneously. The speakers are well packaged in a standardized version from factory. Cerwin Vega is designed in a horizontal oval shaped brushed with matte black color turning the speaker into a classic and sassy mode, alleviating the way of installing and setting up. The speakers are made from high-quality materials such as: the cone of the speaker is made by a propylene and rounded butyl rubber giving the speaker sounds louder and more durable.

There is a power customization at the back giving more authority for users in controlling the power to the desired range at the max of 350W and 4ohms. Many of the users have praised the fact about the speakers that deliver a very crystal-clear sound, realistic and go into their ears beautifully, while listening to all of the songs. The speakers also provide a warranty, when you purchase any their branded models as well.

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5. JBL GTO939 Premium:

JBL GTO939 Premium

Most of you have already knew this popular brand speaker called JBL. It is being known widely by its updated performance from time to time. This JBL GTO939 has come with this coaxial cable that provides a higher range in capacity, allows for much greater throughput for the speakers with various types of channels. The conoid funnel inside the speaker has designed uniquely bigger in size, giving molecules to move faster and making the bass beats stronger.

Moreover, the small 3ohms impedance is balanced in power for latest car models and suits perfectly without having any issue setting up and assemble the components altogether. The two-way adjusting volume helps meeting individual taste in listening to songs.

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4. Boss Audio System R94:

BOSS Audio Systems

These speakers are also for those, who are on a low budget but still looking for good speakers to put in your car and enjoy listening to your favorite songs on your way to work or even on a field trip. A good quality material which is made out of polymer, is giving the cone more pliability, long-lasting and strong in consuming.

These speakers have a high ability in resisting in a hotter weather due to its manufactured materials. The audio loop is made out of aluminum that can be experienced in increasing the long-length resuming audios, both cold and hot weather as well.

Moving on to this type of speaker, it is a midrange speaker which its electric tweeters produce high frequency, delivering a better crystal-clear sound, no lumps and any irritation while listening. The Boss Audio R94 has come with a full set packaging attach with the warranty and installation guide as well.

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3. Kenwood KFC-6995PS:

Kenwood KFC-6995PS

Kenwood KFC-6995PS is perfect for those who are looking for a high frequency speaker attach with the clear sound and hard bass. Talking about its weight, it is light, portable and easy to adjust with what you are desiring for. The sound quality itself is great and the high frequency of the speakers give them more power in listening to the songs clearly in details and the bass is muddy goes perfectly into your ears. The speakers are coming in a full set with setup tools easy to mount and put it suitably in the right position.

Both interior and exterior design is made out of thick plastic and other durable materials. Not to mention the cone is not design for water resistant, so the users should not open their windows when it’s raining to avoid the water splashing into the cone giving the unclear sound and hassles to the speakers. Although there are 2 versions of these, but still the old version is still overrated by the consumers who bought it and they gave many positive feedbacks about how good it is. It won’t be a waste, if you are considering to get one.

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2. Kenwood-6965S:

2 PAIRS New Kenwood

Moving on to another top car speakers that are made for those who are seeking for a set of audio speakers to put in your brand new car or you want to change your greasy ones. Firstly, the design appears to be a top notch brushed metallic matte black turning it into a dope and classy speaker.

The cone is covered with a braided wired mesh to protect from dirt and clear sound. The quick frequency response of the speakers makes the air in the cone moves faster and delivers every tone of the song in details with no hassles making your mirror vibrate through the beat of music.

Most buyers have said that this speaker is great replacement than most factory speakers that comes originally from the cars. The price is cheap and durable which is great for low budget people but a music freak. The bass sounds realistic, pumping strongly and it transfers clear and it is truly a beast. Buying this won’t be a disappointment for mid-range lovers.

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1. Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series:

2 New Kicker 43DSC69304

Kicker D-Series should be put and you’ll feel like you are in aa fantasy world, thinking that driving in your car makes you happy all day long. These speakers are easy to set up and install perfect for those who are just new learners and wanting to install speakers on their own.

The speakers have high max power and high frequency giving quick response to the bass, delivering an extra crystal-clear sound and clean hard bass best in mid-range sounds. No words too describe more than perfection.

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To sum up, finding good speakers won’t be hard anymore after reading this article. The top speakers above that we went in details are just the high-rated and recommended one based on our research. All the drivers out there should be decisive in picking good audio car speakers, in order not to waste their money in getting the wrong and expensive ones.

Especially for those who loves listening to music or radio on the way to work or even on a happy field trip. They are all good based on their performances. The choice of buying or getting them are all yours.

Buying Guide

This is an extra assistance in bringing to a better speaker that you wish for. There are a few details that you need to go through before purchasing car audio speakers:

  • Power: before purchasing you should look for its power of consuming, it is a good idea for the speakers to be 360 watts max for a set (4 speakers) and 4ohms in case your car could not run the speakers well.
  • High frequency: it is also crucial to find a high frequency speaker, so that the sound outputs come out well and the tones are in details. it should be at the range of 20 to 20000Hz or more.
  • Weight and Flexibility: the weight shouldn’t be too heavy, making it hard for the setup and the speakers but flexible and suitable for most cars especially for the car you are about to install in.
  • Cone: the cone should be designed in a bigger size and made from a durable materials such as polypropylene.

Heat and Water Resistance: finding a heat and water resistance, just in case some of the speakers are not capable of standing in a hot weather or could not stand for the water splash.

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