Top 10 Best Battery Fans in 2021

If you are on this page, we assume you are looking for a battery fan to serve a number of purposes, be with for working desk, for computers, for camping, or for your kids. Below is a list of the top 10 best battery fans that are very popular on the market.

List Of Top 10 Best Battery Fans in 2021

10. O2COOL

Treva 10-Inch Portable

If you are currently looking for a compact battery fan for camping, we would like to firstly introduce you to this O2COOL portable battery fan. This battery powered fan comes with a very minimalist design that is only 10 inches large. For camping, this fan helps to circulate cool air and chase away hot air with its 2 speeds: low and high. Besides using it for camping, users can as well use it at home because it also arrives with AC adapter. To be fully charged, this one takes approximately 3 to 4 hours only. However, it allows users to use it up to 24 hours if you operate it in high speed.

It can go up to 48 hours straight once you turn the speed into low mode. O2COOL does not only feature compact design, but it also has a very durable construction that is made entirely from sturdy and solid plastic. If you take a look at the top, you will see that there is also a built in carrying handle to assist your holding as well.

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Clip on Stroller Fan

Product #9 is from AOMAIS, and it is a clip on battery fan perfect for camping as well as attaching to stroller. Coming with its 4400mAH rechargeable battery, this camping fan allows users to use it up to 40 hours. Once it runs out of battery, you can recharge it by spending only a few hours. This portable fan has a very great design of auto oscillation which means that the head rotates 360° vertically and horizontally. This way, it blows cool air to any direction around you.

More than this, it has a stepless speeding system in which you can turn the knob to choose the air speeding to your preferences. Apart from this, its clipping features non slip design which ensures stability during the use. No more worries about aching your hands carrying it. This product is one of the most lightweight battery fans on the market.

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8. Honeywell

Whether you are home or going camping, this Honeywell battery fan can always serve you at its best. Coming with the dimension size of 5 x 2.2 x 6 inches, it is small enough to use as a personal fan or put on a desk, chair, car, or inside the tent. Added to this, it weighs only 0.64 pounds which is light enough to carry to places. It is more unique than the previous two because this Honeywell fan also features 90 degree pivoting head for air flowing and is operated quietly making the whole usage becomes a lot more convenient.

Furthermore, the fan features up to three fan speeds which include low, medium, and high. Users also have the choice to rotate the fan grill for maximizing area coverage. In addition to this, this fan offers its air power at even 3 feet away. This function automatically manages on speeding which goes from high to medium, and low allowing users to sleep soundly without disturbance. Lastly, it is battery operated fans, or you can use it with USB powered.

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7. Gazeled

Battery Operated Fan

Among all of battery fan brands, we are now about to take a look at the one coming from Gazeled. It is a 9 inch fan that features sturdy and durable metal stand. There are also two rubberized padded under the stand to ensure the floor surface does not get scratched and promote greater stability. This product is operated with 5200mAh battery that can last about 6 to 10 hours.

Users can also leave it charged for a few hours for another use. Although it consumes battery for its operation, it runs quietly which does not disturb you at all. Gazeled provides two speed settings which include 11H speed, and 8H speed. Besides, the metal frame comes with slat design and can rotate to 360° vertically and horizontally.

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If your works involve staying outdoors a lot, and you need extra air circulation, let DEWALT battery fan help you. This is a portable yet very powerful fan to take with you to work. It operates at its 20V and blows strong air through its 11 inch head. To assist your work, this fan also comes with hang hooks that allows you to hook it up to anything nearby.

The hooks are made of durable metal which means they stay stable. The speed range can be controlled from 0 to 500 giving you various options to choose. This product weighs only 6.7 pounds, which is lightweight enough to carry from place to place.

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5. Geek Aire

GeekAire Rechargeable

Coming next, let’s take a look at product from Geek Aire. if you like something colorful, then this one is ideal for you. Geek Aire is run by 15600mAh battery which can last up to 24 hours of working. After running out of battery, users can recharge it within a few hours only. Different from others, this battery fan also serves as a power bank that allows you to charge other devices of yours as a USB port is also available. Talking about its head, it can be adjusted to tilt up to 120° making it blow more air to different directions.

Besides its adjustability in its head, the product also comes with various speed settings which you can set from low, medium, to high level. To make it easy for users to track down the battery life, there is also a light indicator to tell you the remaining battery that you can use.

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AGPTEK 2-in-1

AGPTEK also features on our reviewing list for a number of interesting reasons. This is a battery fan and light that comes in combo making your camping becomes more enjoyable. The fan is built in 18 bulbs of LED light which provides more than enough source of light for the trip. The light can also be regulated in level from low to high.

Coming with hanging design, this fan is totally made for camping as it allows you to hang it on top of your tent. With only a single charge, users can enjoy using it up to 30 hours straight. Built in water resistent, weather resistant, and lightweight materials, having this with you to any trip is perfect.

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3. Gazeled

Battery Operated Fan

This is another product from Gazeled. It comes with a very compact design of 5 inches only. It has three durable and large blades that have an ability to circulate strong air to cool the area down. Although it is small in construction, it is very long lasting and powerful. Per charge, this one is able to serve you up to 214 hours if you operate it in low speed. However, if you turn it into high speed, it runs for 14 hours straight.

The head can tilt for 180° which means the air will be blown into different direction. Thanks to the new designed motor, the fan can work very quietly which never gives you disturbance at all. What even makes it unique from others is that it comes with a timer function that allows you to set the shutting down time between 1 to 3 and to 5 hours.

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SKOME Battery

Are you looking for a small battery fan for your kid? Here, we would like to showcase you one of the best battery fans from SKOME. This product comes in a sleek white and lightweight construction that is very easy to carry or put inside the bag for any trip. It can be folded down slim so that it takes up even less space from your tote bag when being stored. With it 2500mAh battery capacity, this one works up to 6 to 7 hours which also takes the speeding levels into consideration.

There are 3 fan speeds that you can choose including low, medium, and high. No matter what you choose for the operation, it never brings noise at all. The blades come in 3 and are large enough to circulate strong air. All in all, this one is perfect for both home and outdoor use.

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1. Milwaukee

itonotry Milwaukee

The last product and is also the top 1 on the list goes to Milwaukee brand. If you are a fan of transformer, then this one may catch your eyes. It comes with a transformer inspired design which looks super duper sturdy and cool. The runtime of this fan can last up to 13 hours when you put on medium speed which is long lasting. Thanks to its nice designed blades, it works well on breezing the air to cool down your space. For your information, every single charge takes up to a few hours only. After that, it allows you to use for an entire day.

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Buying Guide of Battery Fan

Fan Speed Levels: when you choose to buy a battery fan, the first thing you may look for is whether it comes with different fan speed settings or not. With various speed levels, it means that the fan can blow the air from low to high level. All of the products we reviewed above feature from 2 speed settings to 3 speed settings. Thus, users can always choose the speed they would like the fan to run.

Number of Blades: number of blades should also be a point on the list to consider before buying. Normally, fans come with 3 or 4 or 5 blades. The more blades, the better and faster it can circulate the air. However, if the blades are too small, they can be useless. The products we selected come with 3 large and durable blades that are capable enough of blowing more air to the space you are staying.

Construction: construction may also be the cause that makes the price varies. Some products are constructed from solid steel which can be more durable yet very high in price as well. However, some products can be very expensive because they are made of good quality plastic. That is why it is good to know your purpose of using. If you want something lightweight to put on your desk, to cool down your PC, or to use for your toddlers, it is better to get the ones made of plastic. This is because it may be lightweight and easy to hold. But if you prefer something more durable and you do not mind the weight, you can go for a metal ones.

Runtime Capacity: it might be the most important features to think of when it comes to buying battery fan. Usually, it is better if you can find the one with longer runtime. However, those products should come with larger battery capacity too for it to run longer. Not to forget the fact that the runtime capacity may differ owing to different speed setting and functionality. Some products can last up to 48 hours or more if you operate it in a low speed mode. Some may work for 14 to 18 hours only when used in high speed mode.

Other Features: the very last thing to look at is the other features that the products can provide. It is optional, but if the products come with it, it is better. Those extra features may include timers in which you can set the shutting down time between 1-3 hours. More than this, some products may include auto speed adjustment which will adjust from high to low when it senses that you are already asleep. Another feature is light. Some battery fans also come with light and users can also adjust the level of lighting too.


In conclusion, a good quality battery fan can always help to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable. Not only trip, but it can assist you in other ways and situation, especially when there is a blackout.

However, choosing the right one is not easy and it requires you to study a few points like we mentioned in the buying guide list above. If you already went through each review and find the ones of your favorite, it is time to complete a few simple steps to own the products.

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