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Top 10 Best 32 Inch TVs in 2024 Reviews

We are so used to widescreen displays that we keep forgetting just how great it is to have a basic clean and minimalist design. As much as 32-inch screens fail to emphasize on size, some have disguised their killer capabilities. Well-built 32 inch TVs generate images that appear so real and stunning with every shade of color clearly depicted as it should.

These displays feature a minimalist look with a robust durable build that works perfectly for buyers with restricted desktop space and private rooms and bedrooms. You can enjoy any 32-inch LED TV at a viewing distance of about 4 feet. So, if you haven’t yet opted for one, it is high time you do. Then comes the hardest part, choosing the best option. Below is a summary of the top models in the market and just what you got to look at when making your purchase.

List of Best 32 Inch TVs in 2024 Reviews

10. Sceptre 32 Inches 1080p LED TV X328BV-FSR – 32 Inch TVs

  • By: Sceptre 32 Inch TVs

Add this unit to your entertainment set and everyone will appreciate how flawless this works. It is truly glorious and makes a movie a dream to watch.

It may not be the best out there but for what it costs, it would almost be rude not to buy this thing. It offers an LED HDTV display (1920×1080) which showcases incredible picture quality with details that will almost pop out of your screen. It has a 60Hz refresh rate so it can handle fast-paced scenes with minimum blur. Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) lets you transfer content on your smartphone and view it on the TV. It is excellent value for the price, a worthy buy.

Extra Features

  • It is Energy Star V7.0 for meeting energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions standards
  • It has 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port.

9. LG 32LK610BPUA 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV – 32 Inch TVs

  • By: LG 32 Inch TVs

This 32-inch display may be a bit tiny, but it still delivers brilliant lifelike pictures like its larger counterparts and takes your viewing pleasure to the next level. The LED 720p display provides enough color and brightness but not to the detriment of smoothness and responsiveness.

This screen features a 60Hz refresh rate so fast flowing scenes should be handled smoothly without any blur. The Smart webOS Functionality means added entertainment with countless apps, online content and TV shows to play with. The TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. You will get 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB for connecting your components.

Extra Features

  • Virtual Surround Plus 2 Ch 10W speakers give high-quality audio.
  • There is 1 Ethernet port and optical input.

8. Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32″ 1080p Smart LED 32 Inch TVs

  • By: Samsung 32 Inch TVs

If you are scared of size, but you love speed, and control, then you should stay put on this review. This is the most affordable way to enjoy an increased level of color accuracy and detail and amazing picture quality courtesy of the Full HD 1080p with twice the clarity of standard HD TVs.

It features an intuitive Smart TV functionality with easily accessible apps and streaming services. The Quad-core processor delivers exceptional speeds when you need to browse, stream and switch quickly between apps. The 60 Hz refresh rate ensures that fast action scenes flow smoothly without any blur that the human eye can notice. You can control your connected devices all on one screen by downloading the SmartThings App on your smartphone.

Extra features

  • Micro Dimming Pro feature delivers deep blacks and pure whites.
  • You can sync the TV to a compatible smartphone and view your media files on the large screen.

7. Samsung 40NU7100 Flat 40″ 4K UHD 7 Series Smart LED 32 Inch TVs

  • By: Samsung 32 Inch TVs

If you are looking to save some cash, this Smart TV may not be a wise option but if you seek smooth and instant response and ultra-clear display, you can’t do better than this TV.

It is truly one of the richest and most immersive displays in its class we’ve ever tested. It features a Full HD 4K display which is known for image quality that is out of this world and the brightness levels that are incomparable. With the UHD dimming tech, dark colors appear crisp clear, not grey and washed out like the sub-standard display models. Motion Rate 120 is effective in eliminating motion blur in fast-moving content. Samsung Clean Cable Solution ensures neat management of wires to avoid clutter.

Extra features

  • Supports the latest HDR10+ content.
  • You can set up this TV to view content from your compatible smartphone.

6. LG 43UK6300PUE 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2024 Model)

  • By: LG Inch TVs

As much as we all yearn for larger displays, one look at such a well-made unit may make you change your mind. It delivers as advertised and makes us enjoy seamless viewing on it, we are confident you will too. A display of this premium is very well worth what it costs and offers sufficient power to handle all your needs.

The 4K HDR IPS display is most well-liked for the simple fact that it is excellent in delivery. This makes this TV a decent option if you want an increased level of color accuracy and detail and limitless viewing angles at a convenient cost. The webOS smart TV functionality offers a varied range of apps and online content to keep you engaged.

Extra Features

  • Intelligent voice control for easy access to the features.
  • This TV comes with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, component, and composite input, Ethernet, and optical channels.

5. LG Electronics (22LJ4540) 28-Inch Class Full HD 1080p LED TV

  • By: LG 28 Inch TVs

Don’t be deceived by the small size, the image quality this gaming monitor offers is at a supreme level. You get to enjoy silky smooth viewing with excellent color and thanks to the Full HD 1080p Full-array LED backlit display. The IPS screen offers sufficient brightness for a room with large windows and enables wide viewing angles.

The 120Hz refresh rate means super smooth handling of fast-paced scenes. The manufacturer included Triple XD engine tech to optimize the color accuracy, elevate the precision and deepen the contrast for more realistic pictures. The 2 Ch 10W speakers deliver quite some good audio for a TV this small.

Extra Features

  • Flicker safe tech and eye comfort mode protect your eyes from harmful rays and strain.
  • It features 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port for connections.

4. Sony 32-Inch 720 p Smart LED TV KDL32W600D – 32 Inch TVs

  • By: Sony 32 Inch TVs

Save for the slightly smaller display, there is little difference between this unit and the high-performance widescreen models. The 720P LED display offers a wide viewing angle, finer details, and brilliant highlights. You can easily access it while seated at any angle. Additionally, you will be able to access both WI-FI and YouTube.

It has an incredible motion rate of XR 240 this will enable the image produced to be produced in a precise motion. Furthermore, the quality image is accompanied by quality sounds for you to enjoy every moment. With this, you will get the higher frequencies that you yearn for especially when watching movies.

Extra features

  • It has a motion rate of XR 240 that will enhance faster and clear images.
  • The super multi USB is versatile enough for you to enjoy content from a wide range of codec.

3. VIZIO 32″ 720 p LED TV D32HN-E0 -Best 32 Inch TVs

  • By: VIZIO 32 Inch TVs

This VIZIO TV offers a play experience that is second to none. You get the colors looking very vivid, superb picture clarity and extra fine details. Would we recommend this piece to you? Of course, we’d. It boasts of a LED backlight that gives superior light thereby giving quality images.

In terms of energy efficiency, this one will save you a lot on the bills as it consumes less energy than the conventional LCD TVs. Additionally, it has the 4 USB ports to enable you to enjoy your photos and music collection. If that is not enough, it has the 2 HDMI ports for easy connection to all your entertainment media. Finally, the resolution of 2HD definitely gives crystal clear images.

Extra features

  • The LED backlight gives superior light for image quality.
  • This TV saves a lot of energy compared to other LCD TVs.

2.  Samsung UN32J5003 32-Inch 1080p LED TV – Best 32 Inch TVs

  • By: Samsung 32 Inch TVs

While this 24.5 inch may sound a little conservative, those with space constraints still swear by such displays High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature has been added to spice up the color richness and improve the backlighting. They deliver solid response times and refresh rates with wide viewing angles and amazing color reproduction.

It boasts of an incredible 1080p resolution which is twice better when compared with the usual HD TV. Both the high resolution and the rate of 60 HZ will ensure the image is of high quality. Even the older non HD images will appear to be colorful as a result of the wide color enhancer. Moreover, the built-in sound support plus the DTS will ensure your favorite program is accompanied by the quality of sounds. Finally, the HDMI connection will give you a high quality and video performance.

Extra features

  • The 1080p resolution enhances image clarity and is way off better compared with other screens.
  • The wide color enhancer will enable you to get the image as it appears.

1. TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV – Best 32 Inch TV

  • By: TCL 32 Inch TVs

If you are willing to venture into the thrilling world of monstrous screen sizes, extraordinary clarity and outstanding performance then you may want to check out ultra-wide monitors. They offer a wide viewing angle, finer details, and more brilliant highlights. For the gaming enthusiast, these are probably your holy grail.

They, however, cost a dime more but were still worth the sacrifice. With a 720p HD resolution, this will give quality images. Moreover, the 60 HZ refresh rate will allow you to view the images with minimal motion. Other inputs include the HDMI, USB, RF and the headphone jack. Additionally, with over 4000 channels this is enough options for you to choose your favorite program.

Extra features

  • With over 4000 streaming channels this is more than enough options for you.
  • The dual-band Wi-Fi gives you the opportunity to access everything.

What to consider when buying 32 Inch TVs?

Screen Resolution and Picture Quality: The screens come with a different number of pixels and picture quality. HDTV displays may be color rich and life-like but 4K TVs have more detail and have sharper text. 4K displays are usually higher priced than HD displays. 4K content is however very limited, buying a 4K TV doesn’t make much sense if you use a set-top box.

Smart Functionality: Presently, TVs do much more than simply showing TV shows. Most 32 inch TVs accompany the Smart TV functionality but some older versions lack this. This may incorporate anything from downloading applications to browsing, streaming and your voice assistance features like Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. Look out for a TV that has Smart TV functionality to enjoy the most from it.

Connectivity: Smart TVs are no fun if you lack an internet connection. If you plan to use the TV for other purposes apart from connecting it to set-top boxes, check out for connectivity ports like HDMI, USB ports, 3.5mm audio jack and other AV ports. Also, having Bluetooth is an added advantage for connecting wireless gaming peripherals.

Why do you need 32 Inch TVs?

To save space: If you live in a small room or apartment and you are short of space, a 32-inch TV may be the solution. They are moderately sized and fit in the tightest of spaces.

They are cheaper: Everyone wants a large TV in their living room. But not everyone can shell out any amount to get the biggest television in the market. If you are on a budget and still want to enjoy the same experience, a 32-inch TV will be a wise choice.

Final Words

Better processing, latest tech and super sharp images that are full of detail. This ensures that you experience movies the way they were meant to be. The sound quality has also not been left behind.  The great experience with the screen image quality will prove to be investment worth. All the screens in this review are of great quality and will produce the desired image quality and sound clarity. Indeed you can choose any from the ones listed here but be rest assured they all stand for pure quality.






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