A 4-slice toaster is perhaps one of the handiest kitchen inventions made for the lovers of crispy brown toasted bread. Its impressive features make it an upgrade over its 2-slice relative, which is more suitable for individuals that reside alone and rarely entertain guests.
The 4-slice toaster, however, is equipped with 4 slots that further hasten the already swift process of transforming slices of bread into browned delicious variants. The increased number of slots ensures that large families no longer have to endure an irritating wait for a simple breakfast-toast. It also means that they can enjoy more toasts without having to deal with the inconvenience that accompanies the use of a 2-slice toaster.

4-slice toasters usually have wider toaster slots that are able to accommodate bread sizes and cuts of any kind. This gives individuals and toast-loving families the luxury of adapting the sizes and cuts of their toasts to meet their unique cravings.
The 4-slice toaster most-certainly has to be classed as the finest bread toasting appliance on avail in the robust electronics market. This isn’t only due to the fact that it functions like a mini-toast factory in terms of output but also because it produces toasts of grand quality.

How to Choose the Best 4-SliceToaster

The guidelines detailed below are essential for anyone who wishes to a purchase a 4-slice toaster of the highest quality.

Spacious Toaster Slots:
The standard width of a toaster slot that is ideal for convenient toasting is 1.5 inches. This width enables the toaster to accommodate bread slices of different sizes and cuts while still being able to spread the toasting warmth uniformly.

Dual Custom Controls:
One of the key features that can be found in most 4-Slice toasters is the presence of dual custom controls that allow one have independent control over one pair of the slots. This allows a person to specifically toast half of his or her meal using different sizes while also applying very specific toasting settings.
It helps accelerate the process of making breakfast especially if those that are dinning are having different types of toasts.

Toast Shade Control:
Also referred to as the toast shade dial, this essential part of the 4-slice toaster helps select the ideal toasting temperature for a particular shade of toast. 4-slice toasters usually have about 4-7 browning levels though the first four settings are mostly applied during a toasting session.

Reliability Check:
This is usually done by studying reviews of the toaster being considered in order to ascertain its reliability and performance. By going through ratings awarded by other customers, a prospective buyer can confirm the quality of a 4-slice toaster before purchase.

These are presently the top 10 best 4-slice toasters in 2017:

10) BLACK DECKER T4030 4-Slice Toaster with Stainless Steel

This is a robust 4-slice toaster that is certainly manufactured for both convenience and efficiency. Its slots are even more spacious than the conventional standard, hence, allowing bread slices of all sizes and thickness to fit comfortably.
The toaster’s lustrous surface, which is made from stainless steel, makes it look very exquisite, and its coffee black support base helps it blend seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen’s decor.
Though its size may make it a bit uncomfortable to lift around the kitchen, it is largely responsible for the toaster’s durability.

Key Features:

  • Six available toasting shades
  • Very wide toasting slots
  • Indication lights for a variety of functions
  • A cord wrap for effective concealment and storage
  • Extra lift

9) Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

The Cuisinart CPT-435 Toaster has a decent portability feature, especially when compared with other 4-slice toasters that also possess wide toasting slots. Its stainless steel housing gives it an impressive look, which certainly helps in modifying the interior decor of the kitchen.
A variety of heating options ensures that all possible shades of toast and bagels can be produced without any negative modification to the taste. Its LCD countdown display also enables competent monitoring of the toasting process in order to prevent the production of charred toasts.

Key Features:

  • A stainless steel housing and an LCD countdown display with blue backlit
  • Wide slots that are between 1-2 inches
  • 7 shade settings including the defrost, bagel, and reheat options
  • A crumb tray that can be easily removed
  • Buttons with blue LED function

8) Cuisinart CPT-340 Compact Stainless 4-Slice Toaster

With its sleek and compact design, this Cuisinart toaster is certainly one that is renowned both for its aesthetic build and efficient functionality. It possesses various smart features and advanced settings that allow its user benefit from a wide range of toasting possibilities.
From independent control functions to multiple toast settings, this toaster is equipped with every feature needed to consistently cook delicious toasts.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel housing with a coffee black support base
  • Wide slots with 1-1/2 inches
  • A shade dial with six levels
  • Variety of toasting options including bagel, reheat, and defrost
  • A crumb tray that slides out

7) Hamilton Beach Keep Warm Toaster with 4-Slice Slots (24810)

This impressive toasting appliance is specifically designed for users accustomed to long slices of crispy toasts. Its build is both slick and compact with an aesthetic blend of stainless steel housing and a black support base.
Its slender build aids its portability and also helps the user maintain the organization of the kitchen since it takes up very little space.

Key Features:

  • A warm setting that helps keep the toasts warm for 3 extra minutes in the slots
  • Height and depth of 7.75” and 15.75” respectively, which helps the slots fit extra long breads perfectly
  • Cord wrap located under the toaster’s base
  • Toast lifts are boosted for easy removal of cooked toasts

6) Oster Toaster TSSTTR6330-NP with 4-Slice Long Slots

The robust but slender build of the Oster Long Slot toaster makes it an ideal toasting appliance for users that desire toasts, bagels and muffins of large sizes and multiple shapes.
With both its housing and support base sheathed with impeccable stainless steel, this aesthetically impressive toaster certainly has a remarkable influence on the décor of the kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Very wide slots that are capable of accommodating several sizes of bread
  • 7 shade settings
  • Easy access to crumb tray for cleaning
  • Depth of about 16.6”, which aids the toasting of very long slices
  • An anti-jam feature
  • A bread guide with an auto-adjust feature that helps the toaster adjust to any thickness

5) Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Toaster with brushed stainless steel (24910)

The lustrous exterior of this toaster, which is formed by incorporating its stainless steel housing and a black support base, is certainly its most attractive feature. The upper surface of the toaster is very quite broad, and this allows it to conveniently accommodate 4 extra-wide slots without the slots looking clustered.

Key Features:

  • 4 slots that are extra-wide to accommodate bread slices, bagels, and muffins of all sizes
  • Toast boost that grants easier access to smaller slices
  • Shade setting with variety of levels depending on the user’s preference
  • Cord wrap availability
  • A crumb tray that can be slid out

4) Oster Toaster TSSTTRWF4S with 4-Slice Slots

Though the most striking property of this toaster is its unique compact build that allows it accommodate 4 wide slots on its upper surface without clustering the entire area, the toaster is also renowned for possessing bread guides that are able to adjust to slices of different widths and thickness.
Its stainless steel housing glistens with an impressive lustre and it rests on a black solid base that helps re-enforce the toaster’s durability.

Key Features:

  • Extra-wide slots
  • Up to 7 shade settings for different intensities of toasting
  • Toasting options that include bagel, reheat, defrost etc.
  • Toaster’s cord is retractable
  • Crumb tray that is both removable and dishwasher safe

3) BLACK DECKER TR1478BD 4 Slice Toaster Classic Oval Black combined

This variant of the Black Decker toaster is composed of both a black coloured housing and a black support base, with a front accent made of stainless steel giving it an impressive lustre. The control buttons and shade settings are located on its glistening front surface, making them easily accessible to the user.

Key Features:

  • Two knob-like dials that enable custom control of the toasting process
  • Extra-wide slots that can accommodate large bread slices and bagels
  • A specialized function for bagels
  • Extra lifts that enable easy access to the toasted slices
  • Crumb tray that can be removed via a drop-down mechanism

2) KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing

There are perhaps very few toasters that deserve to be referred to as a mini-factory toaster, and the Krups KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot toaster is certainly one of those few. Its robust build and extra-wide slots make it an ideal appliance for large families that consistently indulge in the consumption of toasted meals.
Its stainless steel housing also gives it an impressive lustre that helps mask its inconspicuous black support base.

Key Features:

  • A remarkable design that incorporates brushed and chrome stainless steel with blue coloured LED indicators
  • Cord storage
  • 4 extra-wide slots capable of fitting a variety of bread sizes
  • Independent control system for each pair of slots
  • Impressive functions that include bagel, defrost, reheat, cancel, and toasting

1) Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless

This compact toaster is an ideal fit for users who want an appliance that is durable and efficient yet portable enough to be easily placed in the kitchen.
With double control panels that independently regulate each pair of slots, a user can toast different types and slices of bread at the same time without any fuss or stress.

Key Features

  • Dual control panels that help hasten the toasting process
  • Toasting slots that are at least 1-1/2 inches wide
  • Two dials with 6 setting options each including bagel, reheat, defrost etc.
  • LED indicators


4-slice toasters are becoming even more popular not only because they accelerate the process of toasting bread and a variety of other confectionaries but also because their cost-effectiveness make them bargain purchases for users.

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