Top 9 Best Automatic Hair Curlers in 2022 Reviews

Curls are the new straight. Everyone, everywhere is falling head over heels in love with curls of all manner including waves, tight curls, and wiry hair. Nobody wants chemically straightened stick-straight hair instead a global embrace of naturally curly and wavy hair is on and people with naturally straight hair have joined in the madness as well. Hair curlers are now equally popular to straighteners and will give you beautiful curls that will make heads turn, instantly. Automatic Hair Curlers are designed to give curls to any hair type and can be adjusted to suit preferences.

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the Best Product:

Hair Curlers are excellent products for use on the go and you should be able to make the curl type and size you desire with the product you choose. Below are some features to consider when you go Automatic Hair Curler shopping:

  • Curl Size: The size of the curling wand varies with curl size it can create. Tight curls are obtained from thin curler barrels and larger curls can be made with thicker curling wands. You can also consider the length and thickness of your hair while choosing a curler.
  • Heat Settings: Automatic Hair Curlers with adjustable heat settings let you create unique curls but check if the heat settings suit your hair and don’t buy products that produce high heat since it may damage your hair.
  • Heating Material: Different curling wands and curling irons are made of different materials like Ceramic, Tourmaline, Titanium, Chrome, Gold, or Metal. Each material suits a unique hair type. Buy a hair curler with heating material that best suits your hair type.

Among the many popular brands available, here are 9 Best Automatic Hair Curlers to choose from, each with advanced features and the best price:

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9. Diglot Automatic Hair Steam Curler:

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The Diglot Automatic Hair Steam Curler is a professional hair curling wand with a ceramic body for firm, easy, and professional hair curling. With a maximum temperature of 190°C, get smooth, perfect curls every morning with this beautiful Diglot hair curler. Other highlight features of this product include Timer with beep alarm, temperature settings, and LED display for safe use throughout its lifetime.

Special Feature: This is a special spray hair curler with a water tank for instant curling and moisture retention. The Steam feature can be activated with a button for advanced, professional operation.

8. Kiss Products Professional Instawave Automatic Hair Curler:

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The Instawave Automatic Hair Curler by Kiss Products is a unique curling wand in a pretty pink colour and is sure to attract tons of women buyers obsessed with those fascinating curls. Weighing about 1.5 pounds, this lightweight device will give you picture perfect curls with its Ceramic Iron technology along with heat settings that will ensure the safety of your hair.

Special Feature: An innovative curl dial on this device that allows curling in two directions is its key feature. The curl dial is patent pending and can make large, stunning waves if you don’t like smaller curls.

7. ARINO Automatic Hair Steam Curler

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This Steam Curler by Arino is a ceramic curling wand that maintains the shine and health of your hair while giving you beautifully styled curls without fail. It has a flexible design for struggle-free use with advanced technology that combines both heat and steam for amazing styling results.

Special Feature: Timed heating is a key feature of this hair curler wherein heat is passed in intervals, covering all directions of hair resulting in long-lasting curls. Get 3 different types of curls; soft, tight, or natural on all hair types with the super-fast curling action on this product.

6. BeQool Automatic Hair Steam Curler:

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BeQool’s Automatic Steam Curler is a salon-grade hair curling wand that can make soft, tight, or natural curls in less than 12 seconds, making it a quick-to-use, everyday hair curler to work or for a day out. The 3-heat settings suit different types of hair and make it suitable for everyone.

Special Feature: The 3 timer settings that are suited for 3 types of hair curls is its key feature with 4 beeps indicating natural curls, 5 beeps for larger curls, and 6 beeps for tight curls. The spray curling features locks moisture while styling with heat.

5. Xtava Black Magic Automatic Hair Curler:

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The xtava black magic automatic hair curler is a professional curl machine that instantaneously results in shining, magical curls like never before. In a few, simple steps, this professionally designed electric curler will let you style your hair into curls in a convenient angle.

Special Feature: With a Ceramic Tourmaline body, the xtava curler gives you complete control over temperature settings and rotation speed. Get smooth, timed curls in the style of your choice while regulating heat and protecting your hair’s natural moisture.

4. BERTA Automatic Hair Curler:

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BERTA’s Hair Curling Iron is every bit as powerful as it is attractive. This purple coloured hair curler cum brush works on negative ion heating that enables easy brush styling for everyday curls. The ceramic body provides a firm grip and the embedded PTC Heater provides safe, fast heating.

Special Feature: The Dual Ceramic Technology is this Hair Curler’s key feature with ionic molecules working to fight frizz under high heat and create healthy, shiny, beautifully curled hair.

3. Homitt Ceramic Automatic Hair Curlers:

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Homitt’s Professional Curl Machine is your answer for soft, healthy curls best suited to your style. Curl in any direction you want and make curls in your preferred size with heat application reaching every single strand.

Special Feature: The Auto Steam function is a key feature because it prevents moisture loss and frizz, thus resulting in smooth, lasting curls in no time. Automatic Curling uses a series of beeps to alert you when your hair is steamed, curled, and ready to be admired.

2.VAV Automatic Curling Wand, Pink:

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The VAV Automatic Curing Wand is a pretty pink automatic curling iron with integrated superior Tourmaline Ceramic technology that regulates heat to ensure your tresses are well taken care of during curling. The wand shaped design makes it ergonomically perfect for curling and the PTC monitor provides consistent and controlled heat for instant curling.

Special Feature: This curler comes equipped with a 360° automatic magic hand that prevents tangling, the worst curling nightmare. The rotating action will allow you to easily make inner or outer curls that will be ready in a jiffy.

1. Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Hair Curler:

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This hair curler is a unique product that provides enhanced convenience for newbie curl enthusiasts. True to its name, simply wave this magic curling wand and instantly obtain gorgeous curls like never before.

Special Feature: This product has a patent pending dial and patented spinner that ensures no tangling of hair, preventing breaking. The curl controller offers seamless control over spinning and direction of curls obtained with minimal effort.


Depending on whether or not you’ve used a curling iron before, choose a product that best matches your skills and budget. Hair Curling is now possible even for people with shorter hair lengths thanks to these magic wands that can literally wave instant curls for you to flaunt every day. Above are the most popular products to choose from. Make sure you check out the reviews for each which are found at plenty online. Forget your fear of hair burning and get the curly look that you know you’ve always wanted.


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