Top 10 Best Body Lotions in 2021 – Buying Guide

Raging wars amongst manufacturers and sellers have made it more difficult to find the best body lotions. In fact, you will most likely be more confused as soon as you start searching for a good product. Making the perfect choice has further been complicated by ever-changing technology. What was the ultimate product may soon be overtaken by time as a newer and better product is discovered. Simply put, you need to keep searching, researching, and comparing different products in the market. What about the people who have little or no knowledge about the body lotions? Well, all is not lost. All you do is going through a reputable review to buy a good item. You can begin by going through these top 10 best body lotions in 2021 review.

When looking for the best body lotion, you should focus on the following things:

  • Ingredients: Always go for items that contain all natural and organic products. This assures you of safety and good health.
  • Feel: A good product will feel smooth on the hands and skin. It won’t leave a greasy or shiny appearance on the skin.
  • No side effects: Avoid products that contain harmful or toxic substances such as sulfur, lead, hydroquinone. It pays to carefully read the label and focus on FDA-Approved products.
  • Moisturizing effect: Compounds such as Panthenol, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid improve the hydration level and will make your skin well moisturized and smoother.
  • Protection: It helps to choose lotions that will also protect the skin from the elements. Good products will contain ingredients like mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, and waxes.
  • Smoothing Effects: Other than moisturizing the skin, the best lotion also improves the texture. Notable ingredients that help include jojoba oil, silicones, aloe vera, Shea butter, and Glyceryl Stearate.

Other important aspects include ease of application, price, skin type, packaging type (tube, tub, container, or pump), pH balance and brand reputation.

List of Top 10 Best Body Lotions in 2021 – Buying Guide

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10. The Best Body Lotions, British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter, Best derma Roller

The Best Body Lotions, British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter, Best derma Roller

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Make your skin glow better and look younger with this body lotion from the Body Shop. Coming in a handy 1.7-ounce pack, this lotion is perfect for the home or travel as it can easily fit in small spaces. It’s made from rose extracts and other essential natural compounds that are easily absorbed into the skin. Other than just improving the moisture content, this lotion also protects the skin and improves the texture and appearance. It has a feminine floral scent that will make your skin smell nice all day long. It’s very safe for any skin, even the sensitive type since it doesn’t contain parabens, GMOs, sulfate or gluten.

9. Dove, Cream Oil Shea Butter, The Best Body Lotions

Dove, Cream Oil Shea Butter, The Best Body Lotions

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The Dove Body lotion will not only moisturize your skin but also leave it very smooth and vibrant. Credit is given to the high volume of Shea butter, a product that is renowned for good moisturizing effect. The 13.5-ounce pack comes in a user-friendly design and should last you a long time. You will notice the amazing effects quite soon thanks to the fast absorption rate. In addition to combating dryness and rough patches, consumer choose this body lotion because its makes the skin silky smooth, radiant, and has no side effects. Other positives include good smell, lightweight, and nice pack.

8. NIVEA, Smooth Daily Moisture Body Lotions

NIVEA, Smooth Daily Moisture Body Lotions

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If you are having trouble with dry skin, then it’s time you started using the Nivea Smooth Daily body lotion. Available in a 16.9 fluid Ounce pack, this body lotion is targeted at any skin type including dry, oily, normal and sensitive. The lightweight lotion contains glycerin, water, Shea butter, mineral oil, Glyceryl Stearate SE and many other ingredients. Since it’s easily absorbed into the body, you will notice the moisturizing effect within a short time. Consumers love its fast acting nature, safe ingredients, smooth texture, and non-greasy appearance.

7. Hempz, Original Herbal Best Body Lotions

Hempz, Original Herbal Best Body Lotions

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The Herbal Body Moisturizer by Hempz Original is targeted at people who have dry skin or want to improve the hydration level. It boasts of several natural ingredients for long lasting results. Some of the essential compounds include Vitamin A, amino acids, Stearic Acid, Ginseng, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, and Shea Butter. The THC-free and vegan-friendly product is suitable for all kinds of skin and doesn’t cause any side effects. Consumers love this lotion because it’s gluten free, Paraben free works fast, smells nice, and comes in a good pack.

6. Vaseline, Intensive Care Body Lotions

Vaseline, Intensive Care Body Lotions

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If you want your skin to look well moisturized, younger, and not have a greasy appearance, then you should start using Intensive Care lotion by Vaseline. It’s packed in 20.3 ounces and comes in 3 counts. The effective product is easily absorbed into the skin for quick action and its effects last for a longer time. The moisturizing and soothing effects are provided by a humectant, glycerin, and other essential ingredients. In addition to being a moisturizer, the lotion also helps to heal cracked or dry skin.

5. St. Ives, Nourish and Soothe Body Lotion

St. Ives, Nourish and Soothe Body Lotion

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Your skin will look and feel amazing once you start using the Nourish & Soothe Body lotion from St. Ives. It comes in a 21-ounce pack to last you for many days and is very easy to use. The lotion mainly comprises of natural ingredient that is more effective but won’t have any adverse effects on your skin. Notable ones include Shea Butter, Glycerin, Soybean oil, and Oatmeal. The high concentration of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and fatty acids helps boasts the production of natural skin oil as well as traps the moisture. This effect makes your skin smoother, softer, and non-oily. The dermatology-tested product is also suitable for sensitive skin since it does not contain parabens, allergens, or any other toxic compounds.

4. Eo, Lotion Mint & Coconut, Best derma Roller

Eo, Lotion Mint & Coconut, Best derma Roller

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Containing ingredients like coconut oil, peppermint, spearmint, and Sesame seed oil, the Eo lotion is perfect for any skin type. It will improve the hydration level making your skin softer, smooth and more appealing. The lotion is packed in an economic and handy 32 fluid-ounce pack and is easy to use. It also includes herbal extracts and pure essential oils that protect the skin from the elements. Simply put, you don’t need to worry about patchy, dry, flaky or excessively oily skin. The cruelty-free product is completely safe and doesn’t contain any Paraben, gluten, polysorbate, GMO or disodium EDTA. It smells nice, feels smooth, and has longer lasting effects.

3. Everyone’s Best Body Lotions

Victoria's Secret, Sheer Love Hydrating Body Lotions

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As hinted by the brand name, The Everyone body lotion is suitable for everyone, both men, and women. The versatile unit works on different skins types such as dry, normal, sensitive, and oily. The 32-ounce product comes in a 2 count and contains natural and organic compounds that assure you of amazing results with no side effects. The key ingredients are Coconut oil, Mint, Citrus, and Aloe vera. To keep you safe from side effects such as rashes, rough skin, excessive oiliness, or reddening, the lotion doesn’t contain parabens, GMOs, gluten, fragrances, dyes or synthetic color. The lotion’s positive include non-greasy texture, very light, easy absorption and nice scent.

2. Victoria’s Secret, Sheer Love Hydrating Body Lotion

Victoria's Secret, Sheer Love Hydrating Body Lotion

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When it comes to beauty products, Victoria’s Secret name is well known in the beauty circles. The Sheer Love Hydrating lotion is a top seller from the brand. It contains a variety of natural ingredients that will help restore as well as improve the hydration levels. Notable ingredients include oats, aloe vera, and grapeseed extract. The product feels soft on the fingers and is very easy to apply. It doesn’t leave a greasy feel and you will notice an improvement in a short time. Coming in an 8.4-ounce pack, this tub will serve you for a long time. Consumers love the smell, softness, size, and texture of the Sheer Love body lotion.

1. Aveeno, Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

best body lotions

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Coming in an 18 Fluid-ounce pack, the Daily Moisturizing lotion from Aveeno will help to improve your skin’s hydration level. Like other well-known products, it also contains safe and natural ingredient. This ensures your skin feels smoother and looks brighter for longer without experiencing any side effects. It is suitable for dry, oily, normal, as well as sensitive skin. Your skin will stay moisturized for as many as 24 hours thanks to ingredients like oatmeal. And considering that it is clinically proven, dermatologist recommended and doesn’t contain any fragrance, chances of side effects are almost nil.


While it’s true that finding a nice body lotion is a little challenging, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of effort or time during the search. You also don’t have to take chances or rely on limited information. Guided by the right product review, not only will you find a good lotion, but also save time and effort. In these top 10 best body lotions in 2021 reviews, we have focused on the most important features. These include ingredients, user friendliness, fast acting, packaging, safety, and effectiveness. By using any of the featured products, you will see your skin condition improve sooner-rather-than-later. It will become more vibrant, smoother, softer, well-moisturized and you won’t experience any side effects.

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