Top 8 Best Bushcraft Knife 2021 Reviews

Why should you get a bushcraft knife? If you love camping and hiking, or you are in demand of an outdoor mission, the knife is your survival kit as it helps you to find food, start a fire as well as perform many other functions.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the top 8 best bushcraft knives that can serve your demands for all outdoor purposes. Please stay along with us until the end of the article to explore more about how to get a good bushcraft knife.

Buying Guides Of Best Bushcraft Knife

If you want to get a high-quality bushcraft knife that can be used for both presence and future, below are some key considerations that you need to take into account before adding a bushcraft knife into your shopping cart.

Material: the main material used to build the bushcraft knife is steel. However, there are various steel types, and they serve different demands. The high carbon steel is the most desirable material in this case because it can maintain the sharpness of the blade for a longer period of time if compared to other steel types.

Handle: the bushcraft knife should be made with an ergonomic handle. The handle is very important since it is responsible for taking good care of your hands. Otherwise, it is very easy to get injured. The handle is usually made from glass-filled nylon that makes the grip solid and well-balanced.

Blade: The blade of the knife should be made with the ideal length. The length should be at least 3.5 inches so that it can be used for a wide range of applications and emergency purposes.

8. Unknown Bushcraft Knife with Steel Blade

Unknown Bushcraft Knife with Steel Blade
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First of all, we have this bushcraft knife from Unknown. It comes with an elegant red color design, which makes it a personalized piece for daily usage. This hunter knife features a steel blade, which ensures both durability and stability. It also guarantees a sharp edge for many years ahead even if you have tough use on a daily basis.

The blade measures its length at 4.75 inches, while the overall length is seen up to 10 inches. Yet, the two components make a great balance between the handle and the blade to make a comfortable grip. In addition, the belt sheath is made from molded nylon, and it also includes the fire starter as well as survival whistle functions.

7. TOPS Knives Green Bushcraft Knife

TOPS Knives Green Bushcraft Knife
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Next, we should take a look at this bushcraft knife from TOPS Knives. If you are in love with green color, this must be your first choice. This bushcraft knife is made for a wide range of applications, and once you have a task to do with a knife, you could feel that it can serve the demand very well, starting from fine whittling to choking.

In addition, although the knife is a bit heavy in weight, it provides a comfortable grip in the hand. The heavy design is due to the use of high-quality steel to make it a durable and reliable piece of knife that you can use for many years. The edge is guaranteed to be sharp and smooth in all conditions no matter if you are using it for a fish or skin game.

6. ESEE Premium Bushcraft Knife

ESEE Premium Bushcraft Knife
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Another choice for a good bushcraft knife is from ESEE. This knife is made with the most premium quality materials. As a result, the knife offers the best strength and performance in daily usage. This survival knife comes with a black finish design, which makes it an elegant piece for all outdoor activities.

In addition, the bushcraft knife from ESEE is manufactured in the United States, and the quality is guaranteed to the best. It includes the leather sheath design which gives you a comfortable and ergonomic grip in all conditions.

Since it is made from carbon steel, the cutting edge remains sharp for a long period of time. The blade has its length at 4 inches, while the handle is measured at 4.75 inches. Overall, it is a compact and portable design for a wide range of applications.

5. TOPS Knives Bushcraft Knife with Black Micarta Handle

TOPS Knives Bushcraft Knife with Black Micarta Handle
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It’s time for us to review this bushcraft knife from TOPS Knives. It features a white and gray color design for the blade. However, for the handle, it is built with the black micarta style to serve you on a regular basis, especially when it comes to outdoor time. The knife is made with 154cm steel, and the quality of the steel is guaranteed by the manufacturer in the United States.

The knife comes with a high-quality blade which has its length at 4.75 inches. If the handle is counted in, the length reaches the maximum at 10 inches. The edge design features a standard style along with the tumbled finish on the surface. The sheath is made with a molded nylon belt, and you can pair the knife with a survival whistle as well as a fire starter.

4. Custom made by a London maker

Custom made by a London maker
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Moving onto the next bushcraft knife from Custom made by a London maker, it features a premium design as it uses only the most durable carbon steel in the construction. This knife is a great and essential tool for both camping as well as bushcraft. It also comes with a unique design that makes it a personalized knife.

The knife features a scandi style edge, which is sharp enough for a variety of applications, including hunting, camping as well as bushcraft. The knife is made with a leather sheath which is built with a heavy-duty design. It is designed with the walnut color; however, the color of the leather sheath may be a bit different from the picture shown.

The blade measures its thickness at 3mm, and it has an overall length of 8.25 inches. For these reasons, it is an essential tool that you wish to own for all outdoor activities.

3. Schrade

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For this bushcraft knife from Schrade, it features a total length of 14.1 inches, while the blade has its size at 7.9 inches. This is a relatively large bushcraft knife that has its weight at 4.8 ounces. The knife is built from stainless steel that includes high carbon density. It is made with a black coating to give a stylish look.

The knife is equipped with an elastomer handle which is dependable in all conditions. It can be carried conveniently no matter what jobs you are working with. It ensures to not slip no matter what situation, so that the security of your finger is guaranteed to be the best. Also, the knife comes with a full tang design.

2. Condor Tool & Knife

Condor Tool & Knife
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What about this bushcraft knife from Condor Tool & Knife? It is made from the highest quality materials that are guaranteed for their durability and strength in the construction. The knife is manufactured in El Salvador, yet it features the best craftsmanship. The blade is made from steel, but the steel type is the highest carbon steel that can maintain the sharpness for a long period of time.

The handle is built from hardwood, and it includes the leather in the exterior part. In addition, the blade is finished with blasted satin coating in order to ensure the best quality. The knife has its blade measured at 4.25 inches, and its overall length is up to 9.25 inches.

The handle features a walnut color design, which makes it ideal for daily usage in all outdoor settings, including camping, hunting, hiking, and other activities.

1. Spyderco

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Last but not least, we should not miss this bushcraft knife from Spyderco. It is a premium blade knife that is built with reliable performance. Thanks to the superior design, it automatically minimizes the pain and fatigue in your hands to the least. The handle is made from glass fiber which features the slip-resistant quality.

The knife is designed with a superior cutting edge. With the best balance in the design, you will never feel it as a burden in your hand. The blade is already sharpened for you, and it features a smooth design without any serrations or teeth.

The overall length of the blade is 4.4 inches, while the total length of the knife is measured up to 8.14 inches. It comes with a fully flat design, which makes it convenient for all survival applications that you can think of.


To conclude this article, we have shown you with the top 8 best bushcraft knives of 2021 so far. They are very useful in various outdoor activities, including hunting, starting fires, and carving. They are important when it comes to survival time since you can use them to combat your enemies as well as other natural components.

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