Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen Reviews

A vlogging video is not only for yourself, but it is made for the mass audiences who are your supporters. In return, you should always ensure that your video comes with the best quality. Even if you are having a small budget, it is not a big problem. We would like to introduce you to the top 8 best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen design. They are popular among millions of vloggers worldwide.

8. SAULEOO Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

SAULEOO Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen
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Let’s start with this video camera with a flip screen from SAULEEDO. It features crystal clear video quality with HD or 4K resolution. It allows you to take both of the photos and videos, and the results are shown on the LCD screen. The screen is rotatable at up to 270 degrees. If you want to make a vlog, you can also connect an external microphone to this camera.

There is a wide range of great features with this camera, including the lens hood and HDMI cable design. The lens hood is dedicated to protecting the camera from contrast lighting. This is very desirable when it comes to a large event. Moreover, you can also charge and record videos at the same time. There are not any interruptions among these 2 actions.

7. Panasonic Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

Panasonic Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen
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Next, we should take a look at this vlogging camera from Panasonic. As a reliable brand in the industry, the camera captures high-quality pictures and videos with a lens at 20.3 megapixels. It also features the viewfinder function which is very easy to focus on even if it is in a harsh weather condition.

The camera can capture up to 4K resolution since it is equipped with the internal stacking feature. There is also a lens barrel that is designed to make a quick operation. The screen can be flipped at up to 180 degrees so that you can use it for selfies as well as vlogs. The file format of this camera returns in MP4 for vlog videos.

6. LINNSE Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

LINNSE Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen
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Moving onto the next affordable vlogging camera from LINNSE. This camera is also able to take high definition photos and videos, and it enables you to connect the camera directly with a TV or computer in order to display the results. This is also desirable when you need to do Livestream on meetings, social media, and YouTube.

The camera is equipped with LED light to fill the surrounding environment with the ideal brightness level. Also, it is made with a compact and portable size, which is very easy to bring outdoors. If you do not want to hold the camera and take the videos, you can also use a remote control with a maximum range of 15 feet.

This camera supports the maximum storage capacity of 128GB, yet the SD card is not included in the package. The battery can last about 1 – 1.5 hours within a full charge cycle.

5. KOT Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

KOT Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen
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It’s time for us to give our attention to this vlogging camera from KOT. It is made with a high-quality camcorder with the video quality at 4K resolution. The display screen comes with the touchscreen function, and it measures its size at 3 inches. The screen can be rotated if you want to do selfies or vlogs. The rotatable ability is up to 270 degrees.

This camera can be connected with an external microphone using an advanced pickup technology. The microphone also returns you with extra clear sound quality, which can be used in various applications, including live interviews, conferences as well as online speeches. In addition, it provides the night vision function. There is also a storage bag provided for you to store all the components in one place. The bag is protective in all weather conditions.


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SEREE also provides us with one of the best vlogging cameras on the market at a reasonable price. It features a high video resolution at up to 2.7K, and the picture comes in 24 megapixels. The camera can be paired with various devices using the wifi function. Users can also flip the screen in order to see yourself in the camera for convenience.

Moreover, the camera is equipped with a retractable flashlight which includes a wide range of applications, including automatic, anti-red as well as compulsory. There is also a timer function, which is ideal for vloggers to shoot themselves in all conditions.

Even if you are not a professional who has been working with vlogging for many years, you can still use this camera to support your filming as the operation is easy enough. It also provides a long battery life which you can use for a relatively long period of time.


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What about this vlogging camera with a flip screen from YEEHAO? It is a high-quality camera that can be paired with an external microphone. If you are a vlogger, this must be your first choice. The sound and image are both stable even if you utilize both of the functions at the same time. The charging process requires the use of a mini USB.

This camera features a wide-angle lens, and the lens is also compatible with a large scenery, such as landscapes and buildings. It can also focus on small objects as well, which include flowers and other small components. In order to get the files from the camera store, you can take advantage of the wifi connection. It allows you to have the files downloaded directly onto your smartphone.

This camera is compatible with a wide range of storage capabilities, ranging from 4GB to 128GB, but the SD card is not included in this case.

2. Welcam

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For this vlogging camera from Welcam, it comes with a rotatable ability at up to 180 degrees to fulfill the demand of flip screens. The images and videos are shown on large screen size at 3 inches. Yet, the camera is still portable and lightweight enough to serve you on a daily basis. Moreover, it is made with a high-quality digital zoom function which allows you to capture all the objects from far and near distances.

The camera works well with a Wifi connection so that you can have all the photos and videos sent to your smartphone. If you want to have a hand free experience, you can rely on the remote control which can capture up to 32.8 feet. The camera is compatible with both iOS and Android systems for streaming purposes.

1. Canon

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Last but not least, we have this vlogging camera with a flip screen design from canon. It enables a fast and accurate capturing capability that allows you to get the shot for the moment. It is equipped with a high-quality lens that can provide the best details for colors and stunning range.

The pictures and videos are shown on the LCD screen, and it enables the touch screen function for you to navigate through the settings easily. Users can choose between low and high angles in order to get the best photoshoots. In addition, it can be paired with a webcam to work well in all conferences. This means that the camera is compatible with both Windows and MacOS systems for the connection.

For these reasons, this Canon vlogging camera is highly recommended for you since it has experience in the field for many years, and it is trusted by many people around the globe.

Buying Guides Of Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras with Flip Screen

In order to be a successful vlogger, the quality of the camera is the most important component. However, even if you have a small budget, you can still get a good camera if you follow the advice below.

Image resolution: for both images and videos, it should feature up to 1080 HD or 4K resolution to maximize the clearness of the photos and videos. This is desirable for us, as the viewers of the vlogs.

Flip screen ability: the camera should include a flip screen ability which enables you to rotate the screen between 180 and 270 degrees. This feature is important because there are times that you need to do selfies and talk to cameras.

External microphone and SD card: another important factor is the ability to use an external microphone and SD card. A good camera can also be paired with a mic to capture high-quality sound. Also, it should
allow the maximum SD card storage at up to 128GB.


To conclude this article, we have walked you through the top 8 best cheap vlogging cameras with flip screen design. We hope that the cameras can solve your problems as a vlogger, and they can help you a lot in the business. We are waiting to see your high-quality videos from our vlogging cameras.

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