Are looking for Christmas lights for window to bring the brightness to your house for the upcoming Christmas? In such a special occasion, we do need something dazzling to put on our window, our door and even in our bedroom to bring the delightful moment. Therefore, let’s go for a hunt together on the best Christmas lights for window, door and room decoration for 2019 below.

We have done quite an extensive research to list down the top 10 best Christmas lights for window to help you make your purchase. These decorated Christmas window lights are made beautiful with numerous tiny LED lights that brighten up your whole atmosphere with their intricate design. Check them out!

List of the Top 10 Best Christmas Lights for Window, Door and Room Decoration in 2019

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Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light for Wedding Party Home Garden Bedroom Outdoor Indoor Wall Christmas Decoration (White)
Star Curtain Lights  7.3 Foot x 3.3 Foot 138 LED Remote Window Curtain Lights Plug In Curtain String Lights with 12 Stars 8 Flashing Modes Decoration for Wedding Bedroom Birthday Warm White
Twinkle Star 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights, Window Curtain Lights with 8 Flashing Modes Decoration for Christmas, Wedding, Party, Home Decorations, Warm White
$19.99$25.99 (23% off)
Brightown 10 Ft Window Curtain Icicle String Lights with Remote & Timer, 300 LED Fairy Twinkle Lights with 8 Modes Fits for Bedroom Wedding Party Backdrop Outdoor Indoor Wall Decoration, Warm White
Ehome 100 LED 33ft/10m Starry Fairy String Light, Waterproof Decorative Copper Wire Lights for Indoor, Bedroom Festival Christmas Wedding Party Patio Window with USB Interface (Warm White)
YMing Globe String Lights, 8.3Ft 8 Modes 72 Led Decorative Starry Fairy Lights, Indoor Outdoor String Lights Plug in for Bedroom Christmas Halloween Patio Garden Wedding Party, Warm White
TORCHSTAR 304 LEDs 9.8FT × 9.8FT Window Curtain Light, Extendable String Light Kit, 6000K Pure White, 8 Modes Fairy Lights for Party, Wedding, Restaurant, Festival, Hotel, Bar, Home, Patio, Garden
LE 306 LED Curtain Lights, 9.8 x 9.8 ft, 8 Modes Plug in Fairy String Lights, Warm White Indoor Outdoor Decorative Christmas Twinkle Lights for Bedroom, Parties, Wedding Backdrop, Dorm, Patio and More

10. Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light, A 300 LEDs Christmas Lights for Window

Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light, A 300 LEDs Christmas Lights for Window

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Our top most pick is a Twinkle 300 LEDs Christmas Lights for Window which is an intricate and delicate choice, loved by many people. If you are in the lookout for some pretty curtain lights to lighten up your rooms during a Christmas celebration, then these Window Curtain lights are designed specifically to address your needs! With a set of 300 beautiful LED lights, this decorative curtain lighting set is a good option for both indoor and outdoor arrangements since it is waterproof.

This Christmas lights for Window set is available in a bright white color but also can be arranged in 10 different modes. The LED light supply is especially a good option for happy moments such as an engagement party, a celebration, a holiday party or special occasion, not just for Christmas. This is no-doubt; the top of our list due to its overall impact factors.

9. MaLivent Star Curtain Lights, The Charming Christmas Lights for Window

MaLivent Star Curtain Lights - A Charming Christmas Lights for Window

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Do you love the twinkle start lights? If so, these twinkle Christmas lights for window will suit you best. With a combined MaLivent Star Curtain Lights, this light set consists of UL certified 12 stars of two different sizes that can be arranged sequentially to address your decoration need. These fairy light stars are innovated with a remote control that enables you to control the brightness and lightening arrangements of the stars with eight types of modes! Also, this user-friendly product comes with hooks so that you can easily hang your stars on the curtain, bar or on the wall. This Christmas lights set is quite suitable for both decorative purposes at parties and kid’s bedrooms as well. Highly recommended by us!

8. Twinkle Star 138 LED Curtain String Lights, Creative Christmas Window Lights

Twinkle Star 138 LED Curtain String Lights - Creative Christmas Window Lights

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Like to create some ambiance with these Twinkle Star Christmas Lights on your window curtain? With these 12 hanging stars, this Christmas Twinkle Lights set looks ravishing and dazzling when you hang them on. Yes, these waterproof star lights are of some superior quality and excellent invention, which make your bedrooms lighten up in a delightful mood. The hanging of each star light is also aligned with mini LED lights, leaving you in a total trance. Besides bedrooms, these beautiful light stars are also perfect for décor purpose, allowing you to have your own creativity! Excellent option if you are looking for the festival lights as well as the daily goal of the decoration of most ambiance windows of your office and homes. These twinkle star lights are the right choice for creative and innovative mindset.

7. TOFU 100 LED Snowflake Curtain Lights, Starry Hanging Twinkle Lights for Bedroom

TOFU 100 LED Snowflake Curtain Lights  or Starry Hanging Twinkle Lights for Bedroom

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We love the design of this one, due to the small snowflakes hanging on the bottom side. With ten strands casing 10 LEDs each, these Christmas lights for Window are not just for window, but for decorating in every part in your house. Making a total of 100 the LED lights by TOFU, each of tiny light bulbs are twinkling together beautifully.

The LED display of these decorative Christmas lights is simple but awe-inspiring and mind-blowing! While these lights always look beautiful and bright, we would highly suggest you use them during some winter festivals, as you have the snowflakes to compliment the snow. This snowflake light set allows eight different modes that play with an arrangement of these strands. The snowflakes represent the arrival of the winter season. The good thing about this product is its user-friendliness due to the availability of hooks, its multiple certifications, plus the lifetime warranty that the company provides to its users. The warrantee is ridiculous though. Anyway, you may choose them if you love the perfect lights for snowy Christmas season!

6. Brightown String lights Window Curtain, The Romantic Christmas Lights for Window

Brightown String lights Window Curtain - The Digital Christmas Lights for Window

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The Romantic Christmas Lights for Window! Tell me if any couple doesn’t like them. Well, some might be not, but I do love to have these romantic Christmas lights to hang on my window and surrounding my garden. With just a little button to switch between 8 different lighting modes, this set of LED lights is perfect to adorn your living room, of door festivities or only your bedrooms. It creates a sweat memory for the couple during the Christmas celebration. The collection includes 19 draping strands and 300 LED lights in total.

These Christmas lights for window give out a beautiful yellowish-white glow that doesn’t fail to impress your moment. What’s more; the superb, elegant glow of the radiant light of your window curtain that will elevate the surrounding of your home! With a majestic look, these LED lights have a lovely and soft touch, without being too much intensive for the eyes regarding brightness. You will get exceptional digitalize experience with these string lights! Go for these beautiful decorative lights for your sweet memory.

5. Ehome 100 LED Starry Fairy String Light, Stony Glow Christmas Lights for Window

Ehome 100 LED Starry Fairy String Light - Stony Glow Christmas Lights for Window

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These adorable LED string lights by Ehome look like precious glowing stones! With about 100 appealing LEDs lights, these Christmas lights will surely lighten up each round corner of your home. The light set is made up of ultra-thin flexible covered copper wires, which are flexible and bendable. You can shape these lights into any form you like. These Christmas  wall lights are powered by USBs or power banks rather than batteries. This set can operate with low voltage and experiences no overheat after numerous long stretches of utilization. Moreover, the light wires are waterproof so it can also be utilized outside.

You may choose these glorious Christmas lights for the best stony glow. Get them and be ready for a best ever experience of illumination of bright stony glow!

4. Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light 300 LEDs, Ideal Christmas Lights for Window

Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light 300 LEDs, Ideal Christmas Lights for Window

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Looking for ultra-bright LED lights with an eight modes setting? These LED Christmas lights can be your choice for this year. These lights emit out a high brightness impact, which is produced using 300 bluish white LED lights scattering around exceptionally well and gives ground-breaking radiance.

These 300 LED Christmas lights for window can also be associated together or used individually by separated strands. Its glowing light add the delightful climate to the place inside or outside of your home. The Christmas lights for window are simple to use and straightforward to set up. Usually, these LED lights are utilized mainly as curtain decorations for enhancing your beautiful warming home. This is the perfect choice for simple and elegant look of your windows. They also look attractive in the midnight of snowfall. Amazing experience!

3. YMING Decorative Fairy Lights, The Dazzling Effect Christmas Lights for Window

YMING Decorative Fairy Lights, The Dazzling Effect Christmas Lights for Window

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This decorative fairy lights set is vine-molded which resembles a tree limb. You can use these Christmas lights to decorate like a growing tree in your living room. This product is safe and waterproof, as the company has it UL affirmed. Available exclusively in 8 lighting modes, these Christmas fairy lights come with 72 energy-saving light bulbs that prove to be eco-friendly. Moreover, these lights are sub-divided into 24 groups, along with different bulb sizes. These LED lights are suitable for use both outdoors and inside.

All in all, these lights are a decent and rich decoration that provides both ecological support and elegant flair too! You can opt for this light for the formal and retro effect.

2. TORCHSTAR 18W Window Curtain Light and Christmas Lights for Window Decoration

TORCHSTAR 18W Window Curtain Light and Christmas Lights for Window Decoration

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If you feel the need to transform your room into the night sky with stars, then these lights are delightful. They do accompany a remote control and a few distinct settings that made it even substantially great. Although there is an availability of 8 different modes, these lights are brilliant anyway even with the dimmest setting. Available as a somewhat bluish-white light, these fairy lights are pretty easy to set up. Including up to 4 sets in a single circuit to fit an extensive variety of 300 quality LEDs, there are about 30 icicles shape LEDs for each string. There is also a guarantee with each purchase from the company! So, you may choose them for the delightful effect. Choose them for the soothing effect of moonlight and star-studded night to your child’s bedroom along with yours too!

1. 306 LED Window Curtain String Light for Christmas Decoration, Wedding Party and Home Gardening

306 LED Window Curtain String Light for Christmas Decoration, Wedding Party and Home Gardening

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This LED window curtain string lights set has 18 dangling strings. Each of those strings has 17 LED light and with the 360-degree feature. It truly illuminates each possible direction. These super bright LEDs radiate a delicate warm white light to create a friendly and excellent atmosphere. Available with an eight modes setting, this UL Certificated product has magnificent heat dissemination and is protected when made in contact.


These dazzling star lights put off a fantastic beam of light. If you are looking for Christmas lights for window and home decoration, these LED Light Curtains are perfect for making your moment a beautiful and memorable one. They can also be used for wedding and party celebration as well. We hope you find your favorite ones. Merry Christmas!

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