Who didn’t want a skin free from any scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles? There’s no need to bother yourself with these issues as Derma Roller is at your disposal. Micro needling with derma roller has the potential to deal with skin problems and can rejuvenate the skin. It is simple and relatively less expensive modality.

Buyer Guide for the best derma roller available amidst the market:

There are various derma rollers available in the market with different brand tags and you may feel a little overwhelmed. It is on the part of the user to choose the product with utmost care as the poor instrument may lead to breakage of needles in the skin. The needle length must be chosen in accordance with the skin problem that you want to cure. Normally, the needle length ranges between 0.2 mm and 1.5 mm.

Here we have curated a list of top-10 derma rollers.

10. Linglong micro needle roller needle skin care beauty massage tool

It is one of the best products that will help you in looking young with great ease as it doesn’t require special skills to operate. One can magnify one’s beauty by using this derma roller on face or body. With every usage, you will get more radiant and suppler skin.

Key feature:

The derma roller has the potential to brighten your skin as well as it has relaxing properties too. One can get rid of scars if used consistently. The item weighs 1.6 ounces, thus making it much handy as compared to others. Ergonomically designed handle makes the procedure more comfortable.

9. Opace Luuk care new micro needles titanium micro needle derma roller needle skin care

The product ensures the deep penetration of the skin care products, thus help you in getting desired results with lesser efforts. It combats the acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks from pregnancy and is one of the best picks for cellulite treatment. Using it with Vit C serum can do a wonder for your skin.

Key feature:

The packaging is done in accordance with providing a sterile environment for the item, thus dropping the risks to the minimum. The premium quality of the ABS plastic and rust-proof titanium alloy makes the product more reliable. Unlike other derma rollers, there’s no need to roll it on to your skin emphatically to get the desired results. Just apply mild pressure and you’re done.

8. Golden touch luxury skin care collection

Exfoliate your skin and give it a lustrous look with this premium quality derma roller. Each usage will leave you with the skin that is tightened, supple, rejuvenated, silky and smooth. The needles of size 0.25 mm make it safe for beginners as well. As the roller can be put into the variety of uses, it is worth investment.

Key feature:

The derma roller is compatible with all skin types. The titanium needles are impervious. Besides dealing with scars, wrinkles, large pores, and dead skin the derma roller can do a wonder for your hairs as it reduces the hair loss. The larger sized rollers tend to damage your skin in the long run. This roller comes in the perfect size that will be effective on your skin.

7. DragonTail- 0.3 mm derma roller kit for facial skin care

The derma roller will help you in getting a skin that everyone will appreciate. Forget about the signs of aging and enjoy the youthful skin. Besides providing you with the abundance of benefits it possesses the ability of evening out the complexion. it also assists in building collagen in fine lines and wrinkles.

Key feature:

There is no need to scare yourself with the thought of sticking potentially dirty needles into your skin as this derma roller is UV/Gamma sterilized. The ergonomic handle ensures that the procedure of getting radiant skin does not become tiresome. This high-quality roller comes in an adorable packaging. The roller can be cleaned without putting much effort.

6. Derma roller solution- derma stimulating kit

In order to meet your different requirements, the kit comes with 3 replaceable heads viz. small, medium, and large. This 5 in 1 derma stimulating kit is capable of abating the wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasal folds, labial folds, saggy skin, and other derma concerns. Once you have invested in this kit there is no need to spend your tons of money in spas.

Key feature:

Allergic reactions are no more a concern as the derma roller has the needles made up of medical grade steel. The storage case has built-in sterilization chamber that adds to the safety of the product. One can notice instant radiance on one’s face with each usage.

5. NexGenSkin Derma roller micro needle roller skin care system

Bring the life back into your lifeless skin with this amazing pick. It has the potential to filling in the fine lines and wrinkles. It is the best roller if you want to target the under-eyes skin. The product can do a wonder for you if used in accordance with the instructions given on the box.

Key feature:

The skin becomes radiant as the micro injuries jump start the natural collagen and elastin production. Besides making the skin tighter, the item can plump up the lips also. It can bring a notable change in your appearance by reducing the dark circles and bags, and combat the discoloration.

4. Clear life new 540 premium titanium micro needles derma roller

The micro-exfoliation technology utilized by this derma roller can prove to be a life changer as it helps in getting rid of wrinkles and acne scars at the fastest pace. This roller comes to your rescue if you are encountering issues like fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and uneven skin tone.

Key feature:

The light weight derma roller is a perfect pick for the beginners. The procedure of getting the desired skin is free from pain as the roller is pain-free and non-invasive. The results derived from its usage are just like the results from any professional treatment. The design adds to the comfort of the user. The hard plastic storage ensures the safety of the roller from any damage.

3. Alferdo 540 Micro needles derma roller

Add this derma roller to your skin care tools and notice the difference in your appearance and bid a goodbye to dull and aging skin forever. It also works in plumping up your lips. The best thing about this roller is that it can work well with sensitive skin too.

Key feature:

The item weighs 0.6 ounces and the size is perfect for the face. The smaller size needles don’t hurt much. One can get a notable change within few weeks of usage. It is the best pick for getting rid of blackheads. The item comes in a sealed, sterilized packaging.

2. Alferdo derma roller needle skin care

All you need is a good serum and moisturizer and let the derma roller work for your skin care. The skin feels clearer and smoother after using it. it can be your best companion of the persons with bothersome scars, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes.

Key feature:

The modality gives a feeling of little Botox needles exfoliating your skin all at once and prevents you from wasting your money on expensive treatment. The superior quality of the item makes it worth investment.

1. Healthy care new 540 titanium micro needles derma roller

Healthy Care New 540 Micro Needles Titanium Microneedle Derma Roller Needle Skin Care

Your search for the best derma roller ends here. Fall in love with your skin by plumping your skin with this light weight premium quality roller. Use it with moisturizing serum in the night and enjoy brighter, plumper skin in the morning. It can also minimize the size of the pores.

Key feature:

The item is best for controlling active acne, scarring, and pot marks. It has the potential to make the lips look fuller. It can be said that it is definitely a great entry point for the micro needling trend. This easy to use derma roller is worth your penny.


While the derma roller provides the user with the plethora of pros a wrong choice or wrong application may worsen the skin disorders. The instructions should be strictly adhered to in order to get the desired results.

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