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Top 10 Best Electric Meat Slicers for Home and Commercial Use Reviews

For you to enjoy irresistible and mouthwatering food in the comfort of your home you need to add well-sliced vegetables and meat to flavor the food. Slicing the food in your kitchen will also help make a good impression on your friends and family. Additionally, equipping your kitchen with the best electric meat slicers will also reduce your budget since you can purchase food in bulk.

It is a brainer why the electric models are better than the manual meat slicers. Unlike the manual models, these models come with powerful motors that slice various food items with incredible ease. This will save you a lot of time and money. The best models are constructed using food-grade materials ensuring that your health is not compromised. As you can see, there are many benefits to having a slicer in your home or office kitchen. Instead of picking the first product you find, please look at the following products that guarantee you high performance. This will not only help you get a model that suits your needs but also save you money.

Top 10 Best Electric Meat Slicers Reviews

10. ARKSEN Electric Meat Slicer

You can now cut your meat into small pieces using this electric food slicer. This model comes with innumerable features that make it a great choice to use in the home as well as in restaurants. The model will also do a great job when it comes to slicing vegetables, cheese, as well as bread. Some of the impressive features we love about this model include the durable steel blade, spiked meat holder as well as a suction cup that ensures that it remains stable.

Key features:

  • Sliding meat carriage
  • A 7.5-inch serrated steel blade
  • Easy to adjust the thickness allowing it to cut various food items
  • Constructed using food-grade materials

9. Valley Sportsman 8.7” meat slicer

With this meat slicer, it has never been easier to slice steaks, salami, turkey breasts, or meat jerky. This model boasts a sharp and heavy-duty steel blade that provides you with a performance you will love. The unit also comes with a powerful motor that cuts through all types of meats and vegetables effortlessly. Besides, we also lobe the thickness control feature that allows you to slice meat and vegetables into different sizes to suit your needs.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel blade
  • Large-capacity food carriage
  • Powerful 180-Watt Motor
  • Comes with secure nonslip feet

8. Super Deal Commercial Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

This is a great choice for individuals who would want to make delicious food by adding fine slices of meat and vegetables. The model comes with a high-quality stainless steel blade slicer coupled with a 1/3HP motor that ensures high performance. The model also comes with a compact design that doesn’t take much of your counter space.

Key features:

  • Stainless steel blade
  • The inbuilt sharpener makes sharpening the blade super easy
  • Adjustable thickness using a numerical scale knob
  • Compact design with non-skid feet

7. VEVOR Commercial Meat Slicer

You can now enjoy freshly sliced vegetables, meat, cheese, and other foods. This slicer will help you slice various food items uniformly for professional results. Thanks to its heavy-duty performance, this unit will not only the needs of homes but also restaurants. Despite having a low price tag, this unit comes with superior features that you will only find on high products. This will include features such as a powerful motor, adjustable width, food-grade construction materials as well as a stylish design.

Key features:

  • Powerful yet silent motor
  • Skid-proof Rubber Feet
  • Numerical Scale Knob makes it easy to adjust the width
  • 240-Watts Motor fits both home and Commercial Applications

6. KWS Premium 200w Electric Meat Slicer

Designed to provide the user with professional performance, this meat slicer is fitted with a powerful motor that cuts through various food items with incredible ease. This slicer will help you cut fine cuts of vegetables, cheese, meat, fruits, and other ingredients with incredible ease. The unit will help you cut these food items in different sizes to suit your needs. Besides this model comes with inbuilt dual whetstones as well as a ring guard assembly that makes it easier to keep the razor sharp and safe to use.

Key features:

  • High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Comes with an inbuilt sharpener
  • High-Quality Motor and Power Transformer
  • Waterproof On-Off Switch & Skid-Proof Rubber Feet

5. Kitchenware Station Premium 200w Electric Meat Slicer

Kitchenware Station is dedicated to helping you have a comfortable and easy way to your kitchen while you prepare delicious meals for your family. This is a high-performance meat slicer that comes with highly functional features that help you get the work done in a short time. The unit comes with a sturdy aluminum base fitted with non-skid feet for ultimate performance. Besides the model comes with a low-noise yet high-performance motor to suit your needs.

Key features:

  • Aluminum Alloy Base
  • 200-Watts Motor Power-Low noise level
  • Skid-proof rubber feet
  • On-off switch with waterproof cover

4. KWS Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer

This is another great choice from KitchenWare Station. Similar to the other products from this brand, this unit comes with a high-quality Teflon blade that is not only durable but also remains sharp for a long time. The unit is also powered by a powerful motor making it a perfect choice for heavy-duty application. To ensure user convenience, this model also comes with unique features such as inbuilt dual whetstones as well as ring guard assembly that allows for fast and secure fitting of the blades.

Key features:

  • Twelve-Inch Premium Teflon Blade
  • 420-Watts Motor Power
  • 1 additional whetstone and 1 additional belt
  • Built-In Sharpener

3. KWS Premium Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer

The KWS premium commercial 320W meat slicer is a great choice for any restaurateur as well as homemakers who love to cut food. This is a powerful food slicer that allows you to cut thick and thin cuts bringing you the professionalism you need. The model boasts of a superbly quality Teflon blade that ensures superior performance. Additionally, this semi-automatic slicer also comes with a skid-proof rubber foot as well as a waterproof design that makes it easy to use almost everywhere.

Key features:

  • An on-off switch is waterproof
  • High-Quality Motor and Power Transformer
  • Compact and versatile design
  • Removable Product Tray Assembly

2. Kitchener 9-inch Meat Slicer

How do like your vegetables and meat sliced? Well, this slicer is designed to cut thin, jerky style, and thick cuts to help you prepare a variety of meals in your home. This unit will not only help you in slicing the meat but also slice vegetables, bread, butter, and other food items. The model comes with steel coupled with die-cast aluminum. This ensures its durability while still making it lightweight. The unit also comes with a compact design making it easy to use in kitchens that don’t have a lot of space to spare.

Key features:

  • Sanitary & Built to Last Design
  • Tools for Multi-Purpose Slicing
  • Powerful belt-driven 150-watt motor
  • Compact design for easy storage and transportation

1. F2C Professional Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

If you are looking for a professional stainless steel meat slicer that helps you maximize the value and reduce waste, you should select this model. This model comes with a powerful motor and heavy steel blade that makes it effective in slicing meats, cheese, vegetables as well as bread. This makes it an indispensable tool for every modern kitchen. For user convenience, the unit comes with a large and convenient food holder. Some of the other great features that come with this unit include the sharpening controls that allow you sharper the blade on both sides as well as numerical scale knobs for adjusting the cutting width. These stainless steel tables are for preparing food.

Key features:

  • Skid-proof rubber feet for table use
  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Low noise level
  • Ce-approved construction materials






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