The days of manual jacks are almost over as the electric jacks have become extremely popular. The reason behind its popularity is not far fetching as it does not require any manual labor or force. You can hitch and unhitch the trailer easily for washing and repairing. It is going to save a lot of time in comparison to using a manual trailer jack. The following is the list of the top 10 best electric trailer jack to pick from.


1, Uriah Products Electric Trailer Jack

Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jack (7-Way Connector, 5000 lb. 12V DC) TOP 10 BEST ELECTRIC TRAILER JACKS IN 2022 REVIEWS

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The electric trailer jacket has a massive towing capacity of 5000 pounds and comes with a powerful motor. It has a lift range of 9 to 31.5 inches, and the drop leg is 4.5 inches. It includes a convenient switch that lets you raise and lower the trailer with ease. Moreover, this comes in a one-piece housing, and the motor is resistant to water. Additionally, this comes with a brake motor that increases efficiency and makes sure there will be low friction.

In this, you will find a quick plug-in connector and includes a plastic holder that keeps the connector in place. Furthermore, it is in a ball screw design and offers excellent stability as it includes a large adjustable footpad. It comes with an emergency manual crank and features LED light.

  • Single piece design and water-resistant motor.
  • Quick plug-in connector and LED light.
  • Improved efficiency due to brake motor.
  • It is slightly difficult to hook up.


2, RAM Trailer Products Electric Trailer Jack

RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX Black Electric Trailer Jack with Drop Leg (3500 lb.)

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Equipped with bright LED light, this one will let you have a convenient time even in dark conditions. The electric trailer jack will let you make additional adjustments as it comes with a drop leg. It lets you use it for years due to its hardened steel gears and features a crank handle for manual use during power loss. Moreover, this has easy installation and comes with the removable sand foot.

Additionally, this is easy to operate, and you only have to flip the switch. You can easily operate the trailer jack as it has two toggle switches located on the front. With it, you can lower or raise your frame and use it according to your advantage. Furthermore, this is highly reliable and delivers outstanding performance. The footplate and inner tube resist corrosion with its zinc coating.

  • Drop leg design for additional adjustments.
  • Dual toggle switches and zinc-coated inner tube.
  • Crank handle and easy operation.
  • The build quality could have been better as per some users.


3, Quick Products Electric Tongue Jack

Quick Products JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jack-Black

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The electric trailer Jack comes with a waterproof cover that protects it from different elements. It includes an LED working light that offers easy visibility, even in dark conditions. Furthermore, the light comes in clever design and has a directional shield that prevents it from coming into your eyes. Moreover, it includes a leveling cap that lets you have perfect positioning. The unit also has a manual override crank that is perfect during the time of emergency.

This has a power of 3650 pounds, and all the components are resistant to water. It is made of hardened steel which allows you to use it for years. Additionally, it is in a sleek and has an eye-pleasing look. This will let you attached it with ease and includes a post diameter of 2.25 inches.

  • Waterproof cover for better protection.
  • Clever design light and manual override crank.
  • Perfect positioning with leveling cap.
  • It is slightly difficult to install.

4, Bulldog Black A-Frame Jack

Bulldog 500187 Black A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive

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Available in two different colors, the electric trailer jack has a weight capacity of 3500 pounds. It includes an override crank that is perfect for emergency use. Additionally, this has an integrated gearbox and features a high capacity motor. Furthermore, this is perfect to use at night as it has an LED light.

You can position it quickly with ease and offers a total journey of 22 inches. Moreover, it is a drop leg design that maximizes the height capacity. The drop leg travel is of eight inches, and the screw travel is of 14 inches. This is highly durable as it has unmatched strength. It is resistant to corrosion and features a black case cover.

  • High capacity motor for efficient performance.
  • Drop leg design and integrated gearbox.
  • Corrosion-resistant housing for enhanced durability.
  • There is no con to discuss.

5, Husky Brute Power Jack

Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jack

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This comes in a ball screw design that helps to reduce friction. It includes an adjustable drop-down the leg that minimizes wear on the motor and time to set the jack. Moreover, the electric trailer jack has a rating of 4500 pounds and comes with a three-sided light system for better illumination. Furthermore, this is weather-resistant and lets you use it for a long time.

It has wide compatibility and goes with all A-frame couplers. Additionally, it is water-resistant and is economical. In this, you will find built-in connector storage and has an easy operation. It works on 12 V power and has soldered connections. This can lift efficiently and has weather-protected switches.

  • Enhanced illumination with three-side light.
  • 4500 pounds capacity and weather resistant switches.
  • Reduces motor wear with the adjustable drop-down leg.
  • The customer support team is not up to the mark.

6, Lippert Power Tongue Jack

Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black

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Here is an electric trailer Jack that has four LED lights that deliver excellent illumination. It comes in a complete set and includes a pin, manual crank handle, and mounting hardware. Additionally, it has a load capacity of 3500 pounds and lets you use it with ease. You only have to push the button and level it according to your needs.

Furthermore, this comes with a textured casing that protects it from cracks and chips. It has helical cut gears that reduce the noise and delivers outstanding performance. Moreover, the lightweight unit is compatible with RVs and has an enhanced rocker switch for better durability. This will let save energy and time and is easy to install.

  • Textured casing to prevent cracks.
  • Lightweight housing and four Led lights.
  • Wide compatibility and functional design.
  • The product is slow as reported by many.

7, Husky Super Brute Electric Jack

Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack with Remote Control - 5000 lb. Capacity

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The maximum weight capacity of 5000 pounds makes this electric trailer jack highly functional. This comes in an advanced ball screw design and offers superior lifting ability. With this, there will be reduced friction and draws less amperage. Additionally, it lets you use it in all types of weather and has a three-sided LED light system.

Moreover, this is perfect for heavy-duty use and features soft trigger switches. It is also lightweight and comes with the feature of automatic thermal protection. In this, you will find Sleep Circuit that eliminates the power draw during the storage. Furthermore, it reduces the noise and increases the efficiency of the motor with less heat.

  • High performance with an advanced ball screw design.
  • Soft trigger switches for easy use.
  • Sleep Circuit and reduced friction.
  • There could be some issue while grounding.

8, Goplus Electric Tongue Jack

Goplus 3500 lb Capacity Electric Power Tongue, Electric Tongue Jack, RV Trailer Jack, Boat Jet Ski Trailer Camper, 12V (New Model)

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This is an easy to use electric trailer jack and has load-bearing capacity is of 5000 pounds. The tongue jack can hold 3500 pounds that is perfect for saving your effort and time. Moreover, this will meet all your needs and has convenient buttons for your ease. Furthermore, it lets you adjust it from 8.5 to 26.5 inches and comes with dual LED lights.

You can use it conveniently in dark conditions and have the advantage. It is in a suitable design and comes with hardened steel gears. Additionally, this has a wide base that offers improved stability. It protects from corrosion due to its powder finish and has wide application. It has a lightweight structure that lets you take it anywhere you want.

  • The massive load capacity of 5000 pounds.
  • Convenient buttons for easy operation.
  • Lightweight housing and LED lights.
  • The average rating is slightly low.

9, ZENY Electric Power Tongue Jack

ZENY Electric Power Tongue Jack 12V 3500 lb Capacity RV Boat Jet Ski Solid A-Frame Trailer Camper

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The solid construction of the electric trailer jack will you use it for years. This is made of cast steel and is resistant to rust. Moreover, it comes in an environmentally friendly design and has a generous load capacity of 3500 pounds. Additional, this offers functional utilities, and you can widely use it in RVs, campus, and boats.

It can easily fit in regular A-frame trailer tongs and has easy assembling. This has dual LED sidelights, and you can even choose a manual crank for your convenience. You will find a footpad that lets you adjust the tongue jack kit and lets you operate it with ease. Furthermore, this can lift up to 18 inches and has a tube diameter of 2 inches.

  • Quick assembling and wide use.
  • Easy operation with footpad.
  • The solid construction of long-lasting use.
  • The durability can be an issue.

10, AC-DK Electric Trailer Jack

AC-DK 3500 lb Electric Trailer Jack -12V Power Tongue Jack 7-Way Plug for RV and Trailer

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This has a weight capacity of 3500 pounds and features a manual crank for emergency use. The electric trailer jack has a water seal switch and runs on a 12V outlet. Additionally, this has an LED light on the side for allowing you to use it during dark conditions. In this, you will find a tongue jack kit that lets you adjust it with the footpad. Moreover, it comes in a complete set and includes an instruction manual.

This has easy operation and comes in a functional design. The emergency hand crank is detachable and is made of durable materials. Furthermore, this delivers a powerful performance and is compatible with boat trailer and 7-way RV.

  • Water seal switch for safe use.
  • Adjustable tongue jack kit.
  • High compatibility and detachable hand crank.
  • The ratings are poor even though it is a new product.


Buying Guide For Electric Trailer Jack –

We have listed down the most important points to remember while buying an electric trailer jack.


The lift weight capacity is one of the most important factors when you decide to have an electric trailer jack. You must know that overloading the jack is not safe. It can have different weight capacities, and you can go for the one according to your needs. In most cases, the maximum weight capacity of 3500 pounds is adequate. However, if you are looking to raise the entire trailer, then it must have a minimum load capacity of 4000 pounds.


Undoubtedly, this is the primary reason that you want to buy any product. Since it is electric powered, it will let you use it automatically, without any effort. The one equipped with a manual crank will let you use it conveniently even when there is power supply failure. Easy installation is another important factor that lets you use it hassle-free. Installation is through welding or bolting, and the former will give you an advantage as you can easily remove it when you need it. Ensure that it has smooth operation and lets you control it with ease.


Electric trailer jacks that come with built-in breakers offer reliability and make sure it has a safe operation. You must protect yourself and prevent any kind of accidents. Check if it comes with attached feet and if it is suitable for different terrains. The circular foot is not suitable for rough terrains and can give you trouble.

Other Features:

Protective covers and weatherproof materials will let you use the unit for a long time. The shape of the jack and the crank style depends upon the need and user preference respectively. Long power cords will let you have better mobility, and you can reach different areas of your vehicle. You can even see if it comes with a functional LED so that you can use it in dark conditions.

Conclusion –

While buying an electric trailer jack, there are a few points to consider. The first point is the lifting weight capacity, and according to the weight of the trailer you are going to use it for, you have to select likewise. Apart from that, the shape of the jack, the crank-style, installation process, as well as durability should be under your consideration. We have provided the buying guide for the same purpose so that you can understand the product better.

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