When it’s time for festivity, people look for some of the best decorative items to make their place look great. And when it comes to Christmas the one thing which comes first to mind while starting to make a purchase is a great Christmas tree. While a number of Christmas trees floats in the market, the flocked ones are the best to decorate the house with. If you are in dilemma as for which flocked Christmas trees would be best for you, then take a sneak peek at the list we have provided. We have enlisted some of the best trees with their major features. Check them out!

Top 10 Best Flocked Christmas Tree Review in 2018

10.KING OF CHRISTMAS 6 Foot Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit

KING-CHRISTMAS-Artificial-Flocked Christmas-tree

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The flocked Christmas tree from the King of Christmas is something you are looking for. With the height of 6 feet and 40 inches, it is a perfect piece to ponder upon. Being flame retardant it ensures the safety concerns very well. The branches of the Christmas tree are flocked in a dense way giving it a lustrous look. The metal stand of the tree makes it sturdy and durable both. Coming with hinged sections to make setting easy this is one of the best flocked Christmas trees for this year.

9.Frosted Artificial Christmas Tree With 300 UL Warm White LED Lights


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Another great product in the category is again a flocked Christmas tree form King for Christmas. Coming in two different heights as 5 feet and 6 feet, one can choose as per the preference. It is flame retardant and encompasses hinged sections for an easy setup. The heavily flocked branches look superb and give a feel of a real tree. Coming with 300 UL warm LES lights this could be your ultimate choice.

8. Vickerman Flocked Christmas Tree Utica with 1650 Tip


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Vickerman has brought some of the great flocked trees in the market and this is one of them. Since it comes in two different heights of 4.5’ and 7.5’, the customer can choose as per the preference. The branches of the tree are not only heavily flocked to give it a robust appearance; they are also constructed with metal hinges. This gives the whole tree a sturdiness and durability for a longer period of time. With around 1650 PVC tips this flocked Christmas tree from Vickerman is indeed one of the best.

7.Slim Flocked Christmas Tree

Vickerman-Flocked-Sierra-Christmas-flocked christmas tree

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Matching with the pace is another flocked Christmas trees from Vickerman which comes in numerous different sizes. From 4.5’, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 to 10’ one can find a wide range of sizes to choose. While the metal stand provides it with a sturdiness, the presence of 1228 PVC tips makes it a perfect decorative piece to place anywhere in the house. The branches are constructed with hinged joints endowing the whole Christmas tree some extra strength.

6.Fraser Hill Farm Flocked Mountain Pine

Fraser-Hill-Farm-Flocked Christmas Tree

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The flocked Christmas tree from Fraser Hill Farm comes in different options. One can choose from no light option to clear LED lights or clear smart lights one. It comes at the height of 7.5 ft and is a perfect one to decorate the house this Christmas. Being flame resistant and non-allergic it gives all the reason to splurge upon. The branches are made in such a way that it gives an appearance of real foliage with a great flocked finish. With 1278 tips, the PVC branches are of high quality and have an excellent overall look.

5.Carolina Pine Tree with Flocked Cones and 750 Clear Lights

National-Tree-Carolina-Flocked-Christmas Tree

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When it comes to National Tree Company and its flocked Christmas tree, no one can doubt the reliability and authenticity of the product. This tree is pre stringed with UL listed clear lights and gives the whole tree an exotic appearance. While the presence of flocked pine-cones makes the tree look great, the non-allergic and flame resistant materials used in its manufacturing makes it worth every penny. Use of metal hinges on the branches and main stand endows stability and sturdiness to the tree.

4.Vickerman Flocked Slim Utica Tree

Vickerman-Flocked-Dura-Lit-6-5-Feet-39-Inch-flocked christmas tree

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This is yet another great Christmas flocked tree from Vickerman which has managed to grab the attention of people in the past few years. Coming in two different sizes of 6.5’ and 7.5’, it encompasses 744 VC tips for an extra luxurious look. The white flocking on green tips endows the tree a luxurious look. The special feature of this Christmas tree is the presence of dura-lit lights. These lights remain illuminating even if the bulbs of the tress get broken as they comprise microchips in every socket.

3.Vickerman Flocked Alberta Artificial Christmas Tree

Vickerman-Flocked-Alberta-Artificial-Flocked Christmas tree

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This flocked Christmas tree from Alberta is unique in its own ways. It comes with warm white LED lights giving the whole tree an exotic appearance. This tree comes in four different heights from 3.5’ to 7.5’ so that the user can choose as per the reference. There are 382 PVC tips that give it an amazing appearance. With dura-lit lights option, one can remain assured of getting a constant glow from the Christmas tree even if the bulbs get broken. It comes with a warranty of 5 and 10 years for light and construction respectively.

2. Vickerman Flocked Christmas Tree 6′ Flocked Spruce

Vickerman-Flocked-Spruce-Artificial-Flocked Christmas Tree

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The Flocked Spruce tree from Vickerman is yet another wonderful product to splurge upon. Coming in two different heights of 5’ and 6’ this could be your ultimate choice for decorating the house with the best item. There are 722 PVC tips and dura-lit lights to make the tree alluring enough to buy this Christmas. With one year warranty from the manufacturer, one can splurge upon this flocked Christmas tree without any second thought.

1. Perfect Holiday Flocked Christmas Tree

Perfect-Holiday-Flocked Christmas-Tree

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Extremely beautifully crafted the flocked Christmas tree from perfect holiday is something worth to purchase this festive season. With its 750 PVC tips and hinged branches, this tree could be your ultimate choice when it comes to sturdiness along with easy storage. There is a heavy duty metal stand that makes the whole tree very durable that could last for the longest period of time. Heavily flocked and magnificently constructed this could be just the one you were looking for.

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