Top 10 Best Four Wheelers in 2020 Reviews

Introduction: Having your four-wheeled luxury is something out of the world. People love to have their own four wheeler so that they can go anywhere without being dependent on others. Therefore the need for personal vehicle becomes essential. Are you also one of those looking for some of the most reliable and reasonably sound four wheelers of the time? Here, we have enlisted the top ten best four-wheelers of the year.

Here Are The Best 10 Four Wheelers For You Check Them Out!

10. SaferWholeSale Brand New 150cc GY6 Engine ATV Four Wheeler

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This four-wheeler comprises powerful engine which helps in imparting high strength to the device. CARB has approved the vehicle which makes it perfect to use by anyone.

Key features:

  • It provides CVT transmission for greater usability.
  • Being a 150 CC four-wheeler this vehicle has the desired strength.
  • The vehicle is fully automatic with reverse for easing the driving.
  • The size of the front tire is 23×7-10 while that if rear tire is 22×10-10.
  • The size of the four-wheeler makes it perfect for the adults.

9. TAO BULL150 150cc Adult ATV Four Wheelers


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Coming from Tao this is yet another fantastic product which is famous for being highly lucrative. The powerful engine and perfect dimensions make it the best out of all.

Key features:

  • The engine is 150 CC that provides the desired power to the vehicle.
  • Due to the presence of 4-stroke and one cylinder the vehicle becomes easy to ride.
  • It has an automatic reverse feature for making it even more alluring.
  • The height of the seat is 31.89 inches that give the apt position for riding.

8. Motor HQ 110cc ATV Fully Automatic Four Wheelers


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Coming next is the four-wheeler from Motor HQ which is designed primarily for the kids. The user-friendly interface makes it one of the best to be used by kids of all age.

Key features:

  • The presence of 4-stroke engine makes the vehicle very powerful.
  • The tires of this four-wheeler from Motor HQ are 6 inches wide for greater stability.
  • It is a 110 CC vehicle with the desired power.
  • It comes along with many alluring bonuses like free toolkits, liftgate services, parts warranty and much more.

7. ICEbear 110cc ATV Four Wheelers


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The next four-wheeler in the list comes from Iceberg. Since it is widely known for making high-grade vehicles, people look upon it the most.
Key features:

  • The powerful 110 CC engine bestow the desired strength to the machine.
  • The engine is fully automatic and 4-stroked making it easy to use.
  • The reverse feature adds to the worth of the product manifolds.
  • The tires are 6 inches wide for providing stability and sturdiness to it.
  • It comes in black color and looks very stylish.

6. DONGFANG 125cc ATV SEMI-AUTO Four Wheelers


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The next four-wheeler is from Dongfang which is highly impressive and endows terrific+ results.
Key features:

  • The tires of the engine are extra wide measuring 8 inches for greater stability.
  • The 4-stroke engine provides the vehicle desired function.
  • Being a 125 CC four-wheeler this vehicle is the best to ride anywhere with ease.
  • It comes with essential accessories which make your purchase worthwhile.
  • The warranty of 2 years makes it highly preferred four-wheeler of the time.

5. TAO RHINO 250 Adult Size ATV with standard manual clutch and reverse


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The next four-wheeler comes from Tao Rhino with features worth to ponder. Coming in blue color, it is the favorite of many.
Key features:

  • It is a powerful 200 CC four-wheeler which rides perfectly on all kinds of roads.
  • The incredible power and the 4-stroke engine- all contribute to making it a worthy product.
  • The size of the front tire is 23×7-10 while that of rear one is v22x10-10.
  • Every dimension of the vehicle is perfect making it the best of the time.

4. SaferWholeSale TAO TAO model TFORCE 110cc Four Wheelers


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This Tao Tao model could become another worthier purchase for people who love powerful four-wheeler. With the automatic reverse, it gains all the points.
Key features:

  • This machine is fully automatic and perfect for adults of all size.
  • The tires of the vehicle are made extra large to endow more stability while riding.
  • The 4-stroke and 110 CC engine ensure that the vehicle will remain powerful throughout the ride.
  • Being CARB approved it is indeed one of the best.

3. SaferWholeSale SMART DEALS NOW TAO TAO TFORCE Mid Size Four Wheelers


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This is another alluring model from Tao Tao which is known for being highly lucrative in functionality.
Key features:

  • It is an entirely automatic vehicle which comprises reverse as well.
  • The more extensive suspension and bigger tires impart stability to the machine.
  • Being air-cooled it becomes easy to use it and ride on all kinds of roads.
  • The front tires of the vehicle measure 19X7-8 while the rear one is 18X9.5-8.
  • It is approved from CARB which makes it even more authentic.

2. SaferWholeSale 150CC Coolster ATV

150CC-Coolster-Fully-Automatic-Full Four Wheelers

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This four-wheeler has attained all the eyes due to the presence of enthralling features and specifications. Perfect for adults and juniors this four-wheeler is ideal for all.
Key features:

  • It comprises single cylinder which is enough to provide the desired power to the vehicle.
  • The 4-stroke and 150 CC engine make the vehicle worth every penny.
  • The front tires measure 23 x 7 – 10 and the rear one measures 22 x 10 – 10.
  • The height of the seat is 32” making it perfect and comfortable enough to use.

1. SaferWholeSale Brand New 150cc GY6

150cc GY6 Engine with a CVT Transmission

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This vehicle is the best in the category of four-wheelers. Perfect for adults it has become the ultimate choice of many.
Key features:

  • The 150 CC and 4-stroke engine provide the desired power to the machine.
  • It is entirely automatic and comprises reverse function as well.
  • The dimensions of the front and rear tires are 23×7-10 and 22×10-10.
  • It consists one cylinder and works perfectly in all kinds of roads.

Conclusion: So these are the best four-wheelers of the year which have impressed the people the most. They are not only reliable but also comprise every desirable feature people look forward. All this leads them becoming the most preferred four wheelers of the time. So, if one of the products strikes you, it’s time to get it now. Due to their alluring features, each one of them remains high on demand. So get it before it is gone. Have a Happy Riding!

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