If you have a business, you will agree with me that perfect packaging of products is one of the factors that make customers come back again and again, because they see it as a good customer service. One of the things involved in packaging is sealing of products. People sell their items because of one or two reasons, including preservation and neatness, among others. And to seal your products quickly and easily, you need a high performing unit like the impulse sealer.

This sealing machine is a convenient unit that produces heat using an electrical current to help you seal such items as polyethylene, P.V.A, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, and more. The heat it produces is only active when it’s on, meaning it will not expose you to burns. Also, most impulse sealers have an adjustable timer that enables them to create perfect seals for a variety of bag thicknesses. Check out the following top 10 best impulse sealers in 2019 reviews to know more about these fascinating products.


10.Metronic Blue 8-Inch Impulse Sealer

Metronic® Blue 8-inch Impulse Manual Bag Sealer Heat Seal Closer

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The silicon steel sheet of this impulse sealer has a high silicone content that increases permeability as well as reducing the magnetic aging and core loss. Additionally, the Metronic Blue 8-Inch Impulse Sealer features a pure copper coil that has a reduced heat and work loss. It also features a double paint that enables it to resist rust while enhancing its appearance. This impulse sealer will quickly be your go-to product. It works great, and it is durable yet affordable.

9.Metronic 12” Impulse Poly Sealer

Metronic 12inch Heat Sealing Hand Impulse Poly Sealer Closer Machine W Element Grip &Teflon

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The Metronic 12” Impulse Poly Sealer is a highly versatile unit that’s worth going for. It seals Kel-F, Saran, P.V.A, Tivac, Pliofilm, Ployflex, and other material bags that can be sealed by heat. The Metronic 12” Impulse Poly Sealer is non-toxic, odorless, and durable enough to seal over 10000 bags. It features an upgraded pure copper transformer that extends its working life. It also boasts an adjustable timer that creates desirable seals for bags with varying thicknesses. Besides, this impulse sealer requires no warm-up time.

8.Yescom 12” Impulse Manual Sealer (300mm)

Yescom 1 300mm Impulse Manual Hand Sealer Heat Sealing Machine Poly Tubing Plastic Bag w Spare Teflon & Sealing Elements by Yescom

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This 12-inch impulse sealer is the best bet for anyone who wants to seal plastic bags, bubble wrap, and polythene. It has an auto LED indicator light that lets you know whether it is working or not. It also has a long handle that makes it easy to use. Additionally, the Yescom 12” Impulse Manual Sealer features an adjustable timer, which creates perfect seals regardless of the bag thickness. The labor-saving design will enable you to use this manual sealer for long.

7.LinsnField 12” Impulse Heat Sealer (300W)

LinsnField 12 300W Impulse Heat Sealer with Patent for Never Burn Out, Orange

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Featuring heavy-duty construction, the LinsnField 12” Impulse Heat Sealer will not break or rust; hence, you will be able to use it for a pretty long time. Aside from being durable, the impulse heat sealer is odorless and non-toxic. It also showcases a sleek, compact design, which makes it perfect for sealing mylar, cellophane, nylon polymers, chip, foil, snack, tea, and more. Moreover, this impulse heat sealer has a pure copper transformer that helps reduce heat and work loss for ultimate durability.

6.Bag-N-Seal 8”/200mm Impulse-Cellophane Bag Sealer

Bag-N Seal Impulse Cellophane Bag Sealer with Extra Heating Element & Teflon Sheet, 8inch 200mm

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With a sealing length of 8 inches, the Bag-N-Seal Impulse Sealer is ideal for sealing Kel-F, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, polyurethane, pliofilm, P.V.A, poly flex, saran, and vac. Furthermore, the impulse sealer is made of all-metal, and this eliminates the need for warm up. It works instantly, thereby, saving a lot of time in the long run. The adjustable timer enables the sealer to perfectly seal many different bag thicknesses up to 6 mils thick. If you seal items on a regular basis, this impulse sealer is for you.

5.Flexzion 8” Manual Impulse Sealer

Flexzion 8 Inch 200mm Impulse Sealer with Replacement Element Grip and Teflon

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You don’t need to warm this impulse sealer to use it. It is a convenient unit that is ready to use. Besides, it boasts a compact size and portable design so that you can use it almost anywhere. It also has an 8-inch high sealing element, which makes it ideal for sealing several items including plastic bags, bubble wrap, and polythene. The LED indicator light notifies you when the unit is off, while the aluminum case is resistant to rust for ultimate durability.

4.Metronic Heat Sealing Impulse Poly Sealer

Metronic 12 Heat Sealing Hand Impulse Poly Sealer Closer Machine W Element Grip &Teflon

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This manual impulse sealer is CE certified to assure you that you are using a safe and quality product. As if that’s not enough, it comes with two replacement kits for ultimate convenience. The Medtronic Heat Sealing Impulse Poly Sealer also has an extra durable pure copper transformer that makes its working life longer than conventional sealing machines. It is so reliable that it can be used to seal over 10000 bags. Plus it is odorless and non-toxic.

3.Super buy 12” Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer

Goplus Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer Heat Seal Closer Plastic Bag Sealing Machine, for Industrial and Commercial, 110V 12

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Convenient and economical, the Super buy 12” Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer is a handy unit that should not miss from a factory, shop or any other place where items need to be sealed. It features a Power On Indicator Lamp that lets you know whether it is on and ready to deliver. It also has an on/off switch, which makes it extremely easy to use. Also, the Super buy 12” Foot Pedal Impulse Sealer boasts unmatched durability and reliability.

2.LinsnField Blue 8” Universal+ Impulse Sealer

LinsnField 8 300W Universal+ Impulse Heat Bag Sealer with 1 Extra Strip for Never Burn Out, Blue

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The fact that this impulse sealer is equipped with a pure copper coil means it has a reduced heat and work loss. What’s more, the sealer has a maximum ceiling thickness of 10 mils, and this means it can seal bags with many different thicknesses. It also features heavy-duty construction so that it can remain a reliable year in year out. The LinsnField Blue 8” Universal+ Impulse Sealer comes with a 12-month worry-free warranty to give you confidence when purchasing it.

1.VViViD 12” Impulse Heating Bag Sealer

REV 12 Impulse Heating Bag Sealer Machine with Extra Metal Elements and Teflon Strips

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Designed with ultimate simplicity, the VViViD 12” Impulse Heating Bag Sealer uses an electrical current to produce heat for closing various plastic bags within a cinch. Best of all, the heat produced by this sealer is only active when it is on; hence, chances of you suffering from burns are zero. The VViViD 12” Impulse Heating Bag Sealer is also versatile; thanks to its ability to release the perfect amount of heat for any packaging. Use it to seal packaging for suppliers, food products, merchandise, and more.

The market is flooded with different brands of impulse sealers, and this can make it quite hard to get a desirable product. But we say, worry not, and, instead, go through the above reviews. Products in these reviews are all well made to please the user; hence, you will get a suitable one once you are done reading the compilation.

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