Top 10 Best InFocus Projectors in 2020 Reviews

Projectors are considered essential in the business meeting, student classes, etc. there are different types of projectors have been invented by companies. InFocus, projectors explore the viewing capabilities of documents, digital videos, and power point presentations. These projectors deliver high-quality performance and values in any setting. InFocus is providing projectors to schools, and businesses around 30 years.

InFocus is the most reliable projectors. In this article, we will show the best 10 InFocus projectors. Our project list is based on high-level research on InFocus projectors. While picking up InFocus projectors, we considered their prices, rating on reliable websites, user’s experience, and specifications.

Let See All The List of Best 10 InFocus Projectors

10. InFocus IN112XA Projector, DLP SVGA 3600 Lumens 3D Ready 2HDMI With Speakers


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Product description: InFocus IN112XA Projector comes in black color. This high-quality product has a long life and can work with 100% efficiency up to 15,000 hours. This projector gives a clear view and provides HD quality images and videos. This InFocus IN112XA projector can be used in schools, businesses and for perfect 3D home cinema.

These projectors come in different resolution and provide you high-quality view in any type of surface. You can increase its viewing size up to 300 cm. you can enjoy the high-quality view from a distance of 2-12m. It is very easy to setup and connects to your laptop. For best customers, experience InFocus Company gives 2-years warranty on all the products including this one.

Key features:

  • Quick setup
  • 2-years warranty
  • Longest lasting lamp
  • A better image on any surface
  • Built-in speakers
  • 2 HDMI connectivity
  • SVGA(800*600) resolution

9. For SP-LAMP-072 Replacement Projector Lamp with Housing for INFOCUS IN3118HD by For by Mogobe


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Product description: Mogobe sp-lamp-072 replacement projector lamp comes in white color. It is a new product of InFocus quality projector. This project is also available on Amazon at affordable prices. If you found any fault in this product, the company offers you to 30-day refund and 180 replacements. It is a lightweight and portable Projector.SP-lamp-072 replacement projector provides a clear view of all types of documents like videos and images.

Key features:

  • 30 days warranty and 180 days replacement
  • Clear and high-quality view
  • Easy to connect and install
  • Long life lamp

8. InFocus Corporation IN119HDx 1080p DLP Projector, HDMI, 3200 Lumens, 15000:1 Contrast Ratio, 3D


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Product description: InFocus corporation IN119HDx 1080p DLP projector is the very high-quality projector of InFocus Company. It provides full HD (1920*1080) resolution and 3200 lumens. An HD spatial resolution technology used in this projector, which helps him to produce high quality and more accurate images and videos. It has a lot is connectivity’s and very easy to set up this projector. Its contrast ratio is 15000:1 and can run up to 10000-lumen hours. You can change resolution according to your requirement.

Key features:

  • HDMI input
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Spatial resolution technology
  • Zoom ratio 1:3:1
  • 3200 lumens of brightness
  • Instant on/off
  • Long life lamp up to 10000 hours

7. InFocus IN114xv Projector, DLP XGA 3500 Lumens 3D Ready HDMI


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Product description: InFocus IN114xv projector comes with a long-lasting lamp that able to provide the high-quality view for hours without interrupting. This is best for school and business presentations. It provides a better performance on any surface with the 3400-lumen lamp. You can set manually its contrast ratio for brighter, darker or shiner views. A high-quality projector can also use as your 3D home cinema. InFocus IN114xv projector is very easy to setup no need for any extra help of any technician. If you buy this projector on Amazon, then you will get 2-years warranty. You can also call the company for any query.

Key features:

  • 3400-lumen lamp
  • Native XGA (1024*1080) resolution
  • Easy setup
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long-lasting lamp life up to 15000 hours
  • Brilliant color technology
  • High 16000:1 contrast ratio

6. InFocus Corporation IN128HDx 1080p DLP Network Projector, HDMI, 4000 Lumens


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Product description: InFocus corporation IN128HDX * 1080p DLP projector can work over GVA, and HDMI. A 4000-lumen lamp is used in the projector that gives you brighter and clear views. This projector has built-in speakers that provide high-quality sound. InFocus Corporation IN128 provides high-quality images and views during presentations. You can enjoy HD quality views. It works perfectly on more than one network. It is very easy to set up this projector.

Key features:

  • Multi-ways to connect, including HDMI
  • Long life lamp
  • Up to 4200-lumen brightness
  • High-quality color technology
  • Instant on/off
  • Display 3D content
  • XGA (1024*768) native resolution

5. InFocus Corporation ScreenPlay SP1080 HD Home Projector, HDMI, 3200 lumens, 25000:1 Contrast

InFocus-Corporation-ScreenPlay-SP1080-Projector InFocus Projectors

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Product description: InFocus Corporation Screenplay SP1080 HD Home Projector comes with two connectivity’s, HDMI and VGA. Its native resolution is 1080p (1920*1080). High-quality technology has been used in a projector that makes him able to explore clear crystal view in all conditions without interrupting. Its lamp life is up to 10000 hours and no filters. The zoom ratio of this screenplay SP1080p projector is 1:22:1.

Key features:

  • Up to 10000 hours lamp
  • Lightweight and portable
  • HDMI 1.4 and VGA connectivity
  • Native 1080p (1920*1080) resolution
  • Zoom ratio 1:22:1
  • Contrast ratio 25000:1

4. InFocus IN124a XGA Wireless-Ready Projector, 3500 Lumens, HDMI, 2GB Memory


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Product description: InFocus IN124a XGA Wireless-Ready Projector comes with long life lamp up to 7000 hours. You can use this high-quality projector with or without wireless. It has a USB adaptor option in case of any problem in wireless connection. InFocus IN124a XGA Wireless-Ready Projector explores 3500 lumens of brightness and its contrast ratio is 15000:1. It is very easy to set up this projector with your computer. This projector is available on Amazon at affordable prices and its rating is above form 4 stars.

Key features:

  • Multiple ways to display your content
  • High brightness
  • 1-year warranty
  • Replacement lamp
  • Optional wireless adaptor
  • Multiple connectivities
  • Zoom ratio 1:1:1

3. InFocus IN2114 Meeting Room DLP Projector, Network capable, 3D ready, XGA, 3000 Lumens


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Product description: InFocus IN2114 Meeting Room DLP Projector is available on Amazon at very low price. A DLP technology is used in the projector that makes him able to show high-quality images and videos. Multiple connectivity options in this projector make him unique. A long-lasting lamp is used in this projector and eco mode made his life longer. Very low power consumption when it runs in standby mode. If you buy this projector from Amazon then you will get a 5-years warranty on this projector. You can see 3D content on this projector and can use this projector as home 3D cinema.

Key features:

  • XGA native (1024*768) resolution
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • 5-years warranty
  • 3000 ANSI lumens
  • Lightweight and compactable

2. InFocus IN3138HDa 1080p Network Projector, 4000 Lumens, HDMI, MHL


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Product description: InFocus IN3138HDa 1080p Network Projector is a very high-quality projector that has high price than all other projectors that have mentioned above. This projector has many eye-catching qualities. The projector provides 4000 lumen light. InFocus IN3138 projector gives an HD view in all surfaces. This projector works best in schools, meeting rooms, and business meetings. InFocus IN3138HDa is very easy to use and install it with AMX. This projector gives you high-quality HD view. You can control your projector by remote

Key features:

  • 1.5x optical zoom
  • 8000:1 contrast ratio
  • Up to 4000 lumens
  • Multiple connectivities
  • 1080p (1920*1080) native resolution
  • Remote control

1. InFocus LightPro IN1146 Mobile LED Projector, 1000 Lumens, HDMI, Wireless-Ready


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Product description: The last one, as well as best InFocus projector in our list, is InFocus lightpro IN1146 mobile LED projector. This projector works wireless this property made it unique from other projectors. In this projector, the source of light is LED. The life of this LED is up to 30000 hours. It is very light and size of this projector is equal to a paper book. It is very easy to carry it at any place. There are two connectivity options in this projector. The setup Lightpro IN1146 projector is very easy and no need to hire an expert.

Key features:

  • 1.8lbs weight
  • 1000 lumens
  • 30000 hours LED light source
  • HDMI and VGA inputs
  • WXGA (1280*800) resolution
  • wireless

InFocus is USA based famous company that providing projectors to all over the world since 1986. Many different types of InFocus projectors have come in the market. In addition, we have chosen the top 10 projectors. I have explained all the qualities and features of InFocus projectors. Our reviews will surely help you to choose your desired projector. If you have any question please leave a comment. Thanks

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