There are various benefits of an infrared heating pad which is why it is becoming a must-have thing at home. First of all, it boosts the blood circulation wherever you place it on the body, improves the metabolism and reducing fatigue, and most importantly, relieves from the pain of neck and back. They are perfectly safe for human skin, and it is quite essential in our hectic lives for general wellness. Check out the top 10 best infrared heating pads that our team has handpicked for you.


1, UTK Tourmaline Heating Pad

UTK Far Infrared Tourmaline Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief - Infrared Therapy for Cramps - Medium T-Pro (31" X 21"), Temp Settings, Auto Off and Travel Bag Included ​TOP 10 BEST INFRARED HEATING PADS IN 2020 REVIEWS

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This far infrared heating pad comes along with 98 pieces of authentic tourmaline stones. With the help of 150-watt power output, the pad also builds up the heat faster. Moreover, the heating pad retains the heat for a longer time. The tourmaline stones produce a large number of negative ions. So, it can heal easily heal prolonged muscle and joint pains with regular use.

The deep penetrating heat function of this pad is also able to reach the innermost layer of the skin up to 14- µm. The automatic shut off function of the pad prevents it from overheating. The pad works like magic to cure muscle and joint injuries. This heating element does not emit much EMF to keep everyone safe.

  • Powerful performance and authentic tourmaline stones.
  • Negative ions for healing muscles and joints.
  • Safe for using and automatic shutoff.
  • The product is very heavy.

2, UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for Back Pain Neck Pain Cramps 21"x31" Dense 108 Jade and 42 Tourmaline Stones Matrix 150 Watt Fast Heat Up Storage Bag Included [Model Medium pro]

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This heating pad consists of 42 pieces of tourmaline and 108 natural jade stones. With the help of far infrared technology, this heating pad also emits negative ions to offer perfect heat therapy. Moreover, the tiny shape of the stones makes the pad extremely flexible. So, you can wrap around it almost every part of your body. The pad is suitable to use around your legs, arms, hip, stomach, lumbar, and back.

The tourmaline stones of this pad also generate the heat faster. Furthermore, the pad comes with a smart controller, so you can adjust the temperature from 103 to 159-degree Fahrenheit. You can set a timer between 0 to 240-minutes. The smart memory function easily retains your heating and timing preferences.

  • Effective treatment with negative ions.
  • High performance and wrap-around design.
  • Fast heat generation due to tourmaline stones.
  • Some complaint that it is uncomfortable to lay on.

3, UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad 21"x31" for Back Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Cramp Pain Max 159 ℉ 126 Natural Jade Stones Matrix Hot Therapy for Pain Relief, Travel Bag Included [ Model Medium ]

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The FDA-approved infrared heating pad comes with 126 pieces of jade stone pills to deliver stone heating therapy. This medical-grade pad also produces negative ions to transform it into positive ones in your body. Moreover, the far-infrared technology of this compact pad releases lower EMF which is not harmful to everyone. You can control the heat level of the pad from 30 to 159-degree Fahrenheit.

The compact design of this cushion also allows you to use it on the bed, armchair, and other places. Furthermore, the pad is suitable for relieving pains and sores around arms, legs, shoulders, abdomen, and back. The EMF level of this pad seems to be lower than any refrigerator or cellphone. The controller saves your preference for convenient heating every time.

  • Safe for using and compact design.
  • Convenient heating and effective performance.
  • Lower EMF and FDA approval.
  • Its durability is questioned by many.

4, UTK® Natural Jade Heating Pad

UTK® Far Infrared Natural Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad Mats for Pain Relief Small Pro (23.5”X16”) with Smart Controller Memory Function Auto Shut Off Timing Setting [US FDA] Travel Bag Included

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This heating pad comes along 11 functional layer construction, so it can prevent the harmful EMF of the infrared heating function. The pad also comes along with tourmaline and jade stones to deliver stone therapeutic heating. The tourmaline stones effectively generate negative ions and transform into positive ones after entering your body. This medical-grade heating pad with its compact design offers targeted heating.

The heating pad also comes along with a user-friendly controller, so you can adjust the heating and timer function accordingly. Furthermore, the pad comes with three different heat intensity levels from deep penetrating and infrared heating. The heating pad retains the heat for a longer time. With the help of a controller, you can set the timer to activate automatic shut-off technology.

  • Medical-grade design for better performance.
  • Multiple intensity levels for user comfort.
  • Auto shut-off and longer heat retention.
  • The product is slightly expensive.

5, Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad

36" x 24" XXL Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad for Pain Relief Therapy - Back & Body Warming Mattress Pad, FDA Cleared, 100-240v Travel Electric Heated, 60 Min Auto Shut Off (Black)

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This infrared heating pad works as a blanket which comes with heating function. The far infrared heating function also does not emit any harmful Electro Magnetic Frequency. Moreover, this FDA-certified pad comes along with three different heat settings, so you can adjust the heat function accordingly. The heat penetrating therapy of this mattress is able to cure stress, joint pain, strains, sprains, muscle pain, and sores.

The mattress also offers heat to keep your blood circulation at a healthy rate. Furthermore, the pad effectively improves the oxygen level in the blood to relieve the strain in the muscles. The deep penetrating heat therapy can reach up to 3-inch deep. So, it can reach the bone matter to relieve the pain of the joints.

  • Multiple heat settings for user convenience.
  • Improves blood flow for better performance.
  • Safe operation and works as a blanket.
  • There is no con as such.

6, Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad

Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pad – Platinum, All Purpose

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The wrap-around design of the far-infrared heating is suitable to relieve several muscles and joint pain. This FDA-approved pad also delivers a soothing infrared wavelength, so it can penetrate 2.36-inch deep to the skin. Moreover, deep heating therapy effectively promotes healthy blood circulation. The three-heat insert design of this pad helps you to wrap it comfortably almost every part of your body.

The deep penetrating therapy of this pad is also safe to you, and it does not cause any skin burning. Furthermore, the pad does not cause any dehydration to your body. The far-infrared heat therapy of this pad is able to heal pain and inflammation. By improving blood circulation and increasing the oxygen level, the pad effectively reduces the inflammation by decreasing lactic acid level.

  • Prevents any kind of skin irritation.
  • Reduces lactic acid by increasing oxygen.
  • Convenient design and prevents dehydration.
  • The average rating is quite low.

7, HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad - Natural Jade and Tourmaline Stones - Easy to Roll-up - Mesh JT Mat Full 7224 Soft Light InfraMat Pro®

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This full-sized infrared heating pad has the construction of FDA-approved material construction. The mat also comes with a total number of 154 pieces tourmaline and jade stones. Moreover, this therapeutic heating pad comes along with 21 functional layers. These layers provide protection against EMF. The advanced filtration system makes this mat safe for everyone.

The infrared heating pad also provides instant pain relief within 30-minutes. Furthermore, you can easily use this mat to heal minor joint and muscle pain. With the help of therapeutic stone heating function, you can improve the total blood circulation. This heating pad has negative ion therapy. So, the negative molecules change into the positive ones right after entering your body by reducing the contaminants.

  • Safe materials and therapeutic stone heating.
  • Prevents the contaminants from entering the body.
  • Multiple layers for better protection.
  • There is no con at all.

8, UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for Full Back 21"x38" Dense 132 Jade and 54 Tourmaline Stones Matrix 160 Watt Fast Heat Up [Model Medium Plus]

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This heating mat comes with an infrared heating system, so you can enjoy perfect therapeutic warm and therapy. The pad also comes along with 132 natural jade and 54 pieces of tourmaline stones to increase the benefits of the therapeutic warm. So, the tourmaline stones are extremely beneficial, as they release negative ions to provide the ultimate warmth. The small sizes of the stones make the heating pad extremely flexible and allow it to carry around almost everywhere.

The lower Specific Heat Capacity (SHC) of the tourmaline stones also reach the desired temperature. Furthermore, the flexible design helps you to wrap this around your arms, lumbar, stomach, hip, and legs. The integrated controller allows you to adjust the temperature from 103 to 159-degree Fahrenheit.

  • High performance and warm feeling.
  • Multiple benefits and easy to use.
  • Adjustable temperature with integrated controller.
  • The product is unexpectedly heavy.

9, GemsMat Far Infrared Heat Stone Mat

GemsMat - Henri- Far Infrared 12 Amethyst, 90 Jade, 64 Tourmaline Bead Heat Stone Mat (72"L x 24"W) - FIR Therapy -FDA Registered Manufacturer - Adjustable Timer & Temperature - Heating Pad

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This infrared heating pad consists of 64 tourmalines, 12 amethyst, and 90 jade stones. The stone heating therapy of the mat also comes with FDA-approval. Moreover, the top layer of this pad is easily detachable, so you can conveniently wash it. The carrying case of this pad allows you to carry it almost everywhere. This heating element comes with automatic shut-off technology, so the machine turns off automatically after your selected time.

You can also adjust the heating temperature from 86 to 158-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the heating pad does not emit any EMF and lets you enjoy safe and therapeutic warm. You can even set the timer from 3 to 12-hours. The robust controller allows you to control the heating function with ease.

  • Timer function for user advantage.
  • Safe operation and automatic shutoff.
  • Carrying case for easy portability.
  • It is a completely new product.

10, Venture Heat Infrared Heating Pad

[Portable Battery] 19" x 11" Venture Heat Infrared Heating Pad for Cramps Pain Relief - Electric Heated Wrap for Back, Shoulder, Sprains, Joint Injury, 100-240v Travel Hot Compress

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The FDA-approved infrared heating pad comes along with a 12-volt portable battery, so you can conveniently use it. The heating element of this pad also emits non-ionizing EMF, so you can stay safe by using this pad. Moreover, the infrared heating of this therapeutic band delivers the heat of sunlight. The heating system is able to penetrate deep into the skin up to 3-inch.

This heated wrap is also suitable for the shoulders, back, and joint areas. Furthermore, you can easily use this pad to relieve joint pain, so you can easily get rid of injuries. The pad effectively helps you to improve your blood circulation. The wrap heals sprains, stress, joint strains, sore muscles, tendinitis, muscle spasms, and fibromyalgia.

  • Easy operation and warm experience.
  • Wide application and improves blood circulation.
  • Deep penetration with a powerful heating system.
  • The average rating is low, and it is a new product.

Buying Guide For Infrared Heating Pad –

Check out the main factors to watch out while you go through the best-infrared heating pads.


The features are definitely the most important thing that you need to consider while getting an infrared heating pad. It can come with a wide range of features for allowing you better comfort. However, it may cost more, and you may opt for the one that has sufficient features to meet your needs. Make sure that it can cure the specific spot.


An infrared heating pad can treat a specific part of the body. Some of it comes in a universal design so that you can use it effectively on shoulders, arms, neck, and knees. Lower heat can be very beneficial and allows you to use it for a long time. You must also check the heating system and the number of stones that delivers efficient performance. It must generate enough heat so that it can cure the pain of the specific area. With negative ions, you can boost your health and stay fit.


Choose the material that offers better comfort. It must not irritate your skin and must give you a soft feeling. The removable casing can be a better advantage, and you can always choose a material that comes with the cotton surface. It has to be durable and allows you to wash it conveniently on a washing machine. Another thing you need to consider is weight. It must come in a lightweight design so that you can easily wrap it around your body. Velcro straps will let you adjust it according to your size and get a snug fit.


Always select the one that comes with adjustable heat settings, and it has to be safe for your skin. Check if it comes in an ergonomic design and includes a convenient power switch. If it comes with a digital controller, then it will let you use it hassle-free. With better control, you can have efficient results and use it according to your needs.


In today’s lifestyle, where we sit on the desk and work on our computer, it is natural for stress and fatigue building up in our body leading to neck and back pain. Such complaints also come from the elderly people of the house, and that is why buying an infrared heating pad is essential and worth investing. There are different types of infrared heating pads available to choose from and understand their features and functionalities well before purchasing the best one for you.

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