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Top 10 Best Large Mouse Pads for Gaming in 2024 Reviews

When it comes to one of the prime aspects of gaming, having a great gaming mouse pad can be of great worth. The perfect mouse pad is a must amenity that you are required to add to your computing setup. The mouse pads are responsible for increasing the accuracy of the mouse and also provide the touch of ecstasy to your palms.

Buyer Guide for the best Mouse pads available in the market

When you go for availing the best of the mouse pads out there in the market, as a user you must try to look up to the material of the mouse pads. There is an array of mouse pads available in the market, try to look for different sizes, you can also avail of the RGB backlight mouse too

10. Cmhoo Gaming Mouse pad

Looking forward to the extra-large surface for your gaming endeavours? The Cmhoo extra-large mouse pad can provide you with the most exquisite gaming mouse pad experience. The mouse is made up of quality material and it also ensures the viability of the user’s palm.

Key feature:

Extra durability has been ensured by the manufacturer, the size of the mouse stands at 31.5 inches x 15.1 inches. The stability is also there, this makes the laser function of the mouse smooth.

9. LIEBIRD Extended Mouse pad

The exquisite non-slip rubber base provides the best grip that can cater to your gaming needs in the best way possible. The mouse pad has dimensions of 31.5 inches x 11.8 inches x 2.5 mm respectively.

Key feature:

The premium design has been guaranteed with a comforting experience. The smooth surface makes the work like a piece of cake.

8. Sexy Extra-Large mouse pad

The product provides a large coverage of the table and hence you can move your hands freely. The ultra-smooth surface makes it easy for the gaming sensors to perform well.

Key feature:

The mouse pad is waterproof and the company is also giving the guarantee with it. The product is also washable and it is dust resistant as well. The dimensions of the product are 35.5×15.7 inches.

7. GLTECK Large gaming mouse pad

With stitched edges and an alluring appeal, the GLTECK gaming mouse pad can be your perfect pick. The mouse pad offers the user a strong grip and attractive design in its vicinity.

Key feature:

The product encapsulates an extremely smooth surface, the size is XXL and the dimensions are 36x12x0.15 inches respectively for height, width and height. The mouse pad is anti-slip as well.

6. Pecham Extended mouse pad

With a soft 3mm base, the mouse pad can cater to the wildest of gaming needs. You can move your mouse rapidly over the smooth surface of the mouse with much ease. The mouse is black.

Key feature:

An elaborate edge has been given by the manufacturer. The surface featured is waterproof, and the appeal of the product is soft and alluring.

5. Cmhoo professional mouse pad

With a world map printed on it, now perform rigorous tasks like gaming more easily over this beautiful mouse pad. The mouse pad is available in an array of colours and also provides the user with added stability.

Key feature:

You can use it for all kinds of mice, the long-lasting quality and design have been ensured. The Large and smooth area makes the movement easy and viable.

4. AUPET Mouse pad

The mouse pad provides the user with a star pattern, the design is unique and is perfect for gamers. The optical mouse moves over the surface with added ease. Now play your favourite games easily.

Key feature:

The product is made of deemed quality material and encapsulates the best of the design out there in the market. The size of the product stands at 350 mm x 250 mm respectively.

3. Perixx DX-1000 XL Mouse pad

The Perixx gaming mouse pad is meant for gamers, the quality of the mouse pad is unmatched and it can cater to your every need for fast gaming reflexes. The mouse pad comes with a non-slip rubber base that provides the deemed grip with your palm needs.

Key feature:

The surface provides a relaxing touch to the palms, and the rubber base is best for extra grip and security of your components. The dimensions of the mouse are 15.75×12.6×0.12 inches respectively.

2. Corsair Gaming Mouse Pad

The mouse pad is deemed; the quality is unmatched and the surface has been extended. The product provides the user with superior control over their gaming mouse. The grip is great and provides an optimizing experience.

Key feature:

The Zero slip factor has been ensured by the company, the mouse pad elongates the security of your devices. No fray, no fuss appeal has been ensured by this cool mouse pad. Apart from this, you will get pixel-precise targeting as well.

1. Glorious Gaming Mouse pad

With 2 mm of thickness and stitched borders, the Glorious gaming mouse pad can provide you with a grand surface and gaudy appeal. The mouse pad comes in black, best suited for gamers. The quality is unmatched, this can be your best pick.

Key feature:

The unique factor is the anti-fraying stitched frame, this is absent in most of the other products. The mouse pad ensures a great level of grip with its esteemed rubber grip. The smooth surface is best suited for gamers and can cater to sharp reflexes with much ease.


Selecting the best mouse pad can be a cumbersome task, the products mentioned in the list are great in this domain. You may consider the extra-smooth surface for the best gaming experience.






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