Laser tag is a fun game even us adults love. This tag is a great stress reliever and a lovely game to play during parties or gatherings. Looking for the best laser tags for the little ones? In this article, you will surely find the ideal option hassle-free. After spending hours scouring the Internet, our team has selected some of the well rounded and top-rated laser tags of the year. Without further delay, here’s a look at the top 10 best laser tags in 2021 reviews.


10. Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest

Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest - Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests - Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor Outdoor - Laser Tag Game Set Best Gift Boys Girls – Original - TOP 10 BEST LASER TAG IN 2021 REVIEWS

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Another well-reviewed laser tag set, Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest, has plenty to enjoy. This set features guns of 4 kids-friendly colors/lights (red, white, green and blue) which you can play in 4 teams total. Along with that, the guns are of 4 different types — pistol, machine gun, shotgun, and rocket launcher. For each shot fired between about 130 feet, you’ll notice vibrations.

What’s more, this set is great for both boys and girls. Crafted with non-chemical ABS plastic, your kids’ safety is affirmed. Also, be noted that the vests are suitable for both the little ones and adults. Every kid at the party will have loads of fun with this spectacular gift.

9. Veken Laser Tag Set

Veken Laser Tag Set with 4 Pack Infrared Laser Tag Guns 2 Robot Bug 1 Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer Indoor Outdoor Game - Infrared 0.9mW - TOP 9 BEST LASER TAG IN 2021 REVIEWS


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The very first among the best laser-tag gun and vests that you should not miss is the Veken Laser Tag Set. This superb choice comes in the set of 4 laser-tag guns, 2 robot bugs, and another carrying case. This great set offers great fun for people of all ages since it can accommodate multiple players at a time.

This tag is built in with many great options. You can choose the shooting range and the lives allowed for each player. Do not worry if you are a single player, you still can pair with the robot bug. With the awesomeness of the technology, the robot can hop up, flip over, and wiggle the legs vividly. It is a great companion for the practice time as well. Last but not least, this set is suitable for the kids who are 5 years old and older.

8. VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Guns

VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests, Laser Tag Game Set for Kids and Adults, Set of 4 Laser Tag Gun Toys Indoor Outdoor

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For creating great fun during gatherings, laser tag guns are a perfect choice. This is the VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Guns which is brought to you by VATOS. It is designed for offering great fun for both kids and adults. You can play and enjoy it for many hours as this set comes with 4 laser guns. The fun that this incredible product offers is great for keeping your kids from using computer and mobile phone. There are up to 4 modes which you can comfortably choose. Those modes are PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN, and ROCKET.

Compared to other games, this is an easy and safe choice for you to choose for your kids. The new innovative technology of it guarantees to keep your kids safe. Adding to that, the infrared light is the user-friendly types too. If you choose to get this product, you will surely get both quality and quantity. All of the guns can shoot well in the range of 100 feet. The handle grip is ergonomically designed for offering comfort for the users even when playing for a long time.

7. Premium Deluxe Lazer Tag Gun

Laser Tag for Kids - Premium Deluxe Lazer Tag Gun Set of 4 with Designer Case & Beetle Bug - Multiplayer Game Play with 4 Unique Gun Settings - 100% Safe

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The Adventure Guys gets a slot for its product today. This is Premium Deluxe Lazer Tag Gun which is thoroughly designed for the kids. First off, the full set of this awesome product comes with 4 laser guns, beetle bug, and a case. The first noticeable feature offered by this outdoor laser tag is the safety that it ensures. It is great for using with the kids as the Infrared Signal Emission is less than 1mW. As a result, getting this laser gun set is similar to motivating children to do the outdoor activities. The maximum target that it can hit is 150 feet.

For adding extra fun and excitement, the light and noise of each player’s shoot are plenty. If you like individual playing, you can also choose to play it alone with the beetle bug. It is also the right way for practicing shooting during your free time, too. The good news for the users is, the company of this laser tag for kids offers a lifetime warranty on this laser tag as well.

6. Liberty Imports Multiplayer Laser Tag

Liberty Imports Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Mega 4 Pack Game Set - Indoor Outdoor Interactive Battle Toy Lazer Gun Blasters with Gift Carrying Case

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This reputable brand offers great quality and reasonably-priced products. Liberty Imports Multiplayer is here to introduce to you the Extreme Infrared Laser Tag for 4 players. It is the safe way to have some fun games with your family and friend. This product is indeed the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor game since it allows you to shoot at a distance of 132 feet.

With this set, you will have fun with the sound, light, and vibration of each shoot and kill. With the use of the realistic shooting sound, this one is like the real deal. Don’t worry if you are concerned about the harmful effects of the laser light, with the Infrared Signal Emission that is less than 1mW, this one is a children-friendly choice. For your information, this is the right choice for children of all ages.

5. DYNASTY TOYS Laser Tag Set

DYNASTY TOYS Laser Tag Set Toys and Carrying Case for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack

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DYNASTY TOYS Laser Tag Set is top-rated for its superior quality and irresistible fun. The set is perfect for accommodating up to 4 players at a time. The players can easily choose the team for themselves as well. There is not limited team size; you can choose to team up the way you want. If you don’t want to wear the vest, it is okay too since in this game, the blaster is used as the target.

This product is extremely safe; therefore, it is not what you should overlook. It does not matter if the user is a kid or an adult, this laser game will sure to be their favorite.

4. Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests

Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests, Infrared Guns Set of 4 Players

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The next favorite product to hear from us today goes to the Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests. It is one of the products of the lovable brand, LUKAT. You can have the trust in both the quality and the durability that it offers. It allows you to experience the fun combat time with your friend and family. You will sure have the fun running and finding as the maximum shooting range is up to 150 feet.

The variety of shooting options makes the game funnier; among those options, you can choose between PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN and ROCKET. Moving to its material, it is constructed from the premium-quality plastic which is safe to use. It is what you should get for the young kids and toddlers. Please be noted that each gun uses AA batteries.

3. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag - Game Mega Pack - Set of 4 Players - Infrared Laser Gun Indoor and Outdoor Group Activity Fun. Infrared 0.9mW

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Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag allows you to have outdoor and indoor fun with your family and friends. It is a full package of laser tag equipment; therefore, you can effortlessly get ultimate joy from it. There are 4 guns for 4 different players. You can conveniently choose the color for your team and begin the fun game whenever you are really. It cares about the safety of the players, so the light emitted from the laser will not harm your eyes.

The design of the gun and the game itself is very safe for the kids and adults. The maximum shooting range is 130 feet; it allows you to have the fun in a large play area. If you are looking for the best birthday gift in the form of a game, check this one out.

2. Best Choice Products Set

Best Choice Products Set of 4 Kids Interactive Infrared Blaster Tag Toy Guns with Vests, Multiplayer Mode - Multi

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BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS introduces to you attractive laser tag sets for 4 players. For this set, there are many modes you can effortlessly select too. Those are shooting sound, light, vibration and more. You can enjoy shooting within the range of 130 feet. It has a great design that can imitate real gun shooting sounds.

You will have the option in adjusting the buckle and enjoy the great fun from it. For your information, the shooting options that you can conveniently choose are Pistol, Blast, Submachine, and Rocket Launcher. This user-friendly product can work well with other blaster sets without any problem, too.

1.      ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests - Laser Battle Mega Pack Set of 4 - Infrared 0.9mW

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Everything in this ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag is just desirable. First of all, the maximum shooting range that this product offers is up to 150 feet. You can team up with your friend and family since this laser equipment can accommodate up to 4 players at a time. For the convenience of the kids in playing this laser tag, the handle is ergonomically designed to have a soft grip. The laser light is safe for the kids as well; as a result, it is the right choice for enjoying with your family.

If you want to choose it for the outdoor sport, we do encourage you to do so as it can eliminate your kids’ time spent on mobile phones, iPads or computer games. This product uses 3 AAA batteries, and you will get the hassle-free warranty from the company as well.


It is about time to stop stressing yourself over the decision to get fun yet safe game for your kids. Laser tags are one of the best alternatives. With the list of the top 10 best laser tags in 2021 along with each product’s detailed information, you should be able to choose a high-quality laser tag set that suits your or your kids’ needs the most. Any of these picks will perform their jobs well. So, do not hesitate to get yours.


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