Top 10 Best Manual Wheelchairs in 2021 Reviews

A wheelchair is basically a special chair fitted with wheels used by persons who cannot use both their limbs as a result of an illness or an unfortunate accident.  Sometimes also used by some patients who are too sick to move their limbs or too old to use their limbs. Manual wheelchairs refer to these types of chairs that can only move when it’s propelled by the patient sitting on it using their hands (self-propelled) or by their aids (companion propelled).

Important factors to be considered when planning to buy a wheelchair include; the physical ability of the user, personal choices, lifestyle, where to use the wheelchair, how portable it is in case you have to use a vehicle. It’s vital to consider the size of the wheelchair and the purchasing cost. These wheelchairs can be broadly put into the following categories; Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs, Tilt in Space Wheelchairs, Pediatric Wheelchairs, Heavy Duty Wheelchairs, and Standing Wheelchairs depending on their shapes, weight and the materials used.

A quick look at the best top ten manual wheelchairs reveals great and user-friendly wheelchairs whether self-propelled or companion propelled

10. Cycle Force Manual Wheelchair with Attendant Operated Brakes, Blue 

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This wheelchair is specially made to be companion propelled because it has hand brakes at on the upper handle bars.

  • It has a chrome plated steel frame with alloy and steel wheels.
  • Its seat is 100% nylon.
  • The seat size is, 16.5” x wide 16” x 20” deep.’
  • It has a large back pocket that secures hook and loop fasteners for a quick and easy access to storage.
  • This wheelchair has a two hundred and eighty pounds capacity.

9. Comfy Go – Foldable Lightweight Manual Transport Medical Wheelchair (Black) 


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This wheelchair is also a good option. It has some very great and amazing features like the material is made from  high-grade steel pipe, the fabric part is made of breathable Oxford Fabric, Tires, rear wheels and front wheels are all solid tires.

  • It has a carrying capacity of two hundred and twenty (220lb), its net weight is 24lb while its gross weight is 28lb.
  • It is smartly foldable with brake. The Wheelchair Full Height comes at 34 inches and Wheelchair Length is at 31 inches.
  • The Unfolded width is 22 inches, The Block Width comes at 18 inches, Backrest height: 17 inches, Rear wheel size: 16 inches, Front wheel size: 6 inches, Cushion Thickness: 0.3 inches, Seat depth: 14 inches and more especially the manufacturers have on it a one (1) year guarantee.

8. Drive Medical Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair with Various Flip Back Arm Styles

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This is one of the wheelchairs that you cannot just ignore. This product has Carbon Steel frame with silver vein finish; Nylon upholstery that is durable, attractive, lightweight, easy to clean, without the front riggings it weighs 36lbs.

  • Built in seat rails extensions and extendable upholstery easily adjustable seat depth from 16” to 18”. Padded armrests provide good comfort.
  • Composite, Mag style wheels are lightweight and maintenance free; 8” front casters are adjustable to three positions.

7. Karman Healthcare S-105 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

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This wheelchair is beautiful just from its color to its features that include;

  • It is light and weighs 27lbs only.
  • It has removable anti-bacterial seat and back cushions.
  • It has fixed armrests and fixed footrests.
  • The S-Shape ergonomic seat is globally patented.

6. Karman Lightweight wheelchair with removable footrest

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This is another good wheelchair with special features;

  • It has an easy to clean upholstery with an 18 X 16 seat.
  • Removable footrest with adjustable height footplate and heel loop.
  • It has a push to lock manual brakes.
  • 8x 1 flat free casters and 24×1 free rear wheels.
  • Silver Vein frame color.

5. Comfy Go – Foldable Lightweight Manual Transport Medical Wheelchair

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It is a comfortable wheelchair to use and apart from the color is it similar to wheelchair number 9 above; main features are,

  • High steel pipe, breathable oxford fabric, solid rear and front tires.
  • Carrying capacity of 22lb with a net weight of 24lb and gross weight of 28lb.

4. Medline Transport Wheelchair with Brakes

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It is a lightweight wheelchair with amazing features mainly a seat belt for safety; its rear wheels are larger for better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces.

  • It’s coated aluminum frame is lightweight and durable.
  • The back can be fold down for easy transport and storage.
  • It has permanent armrests and detachable footrests.
  • Loop-style hand brakes are great for locking the rear wheels during transfers.

3. Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair, Fixed Full Arms, 19″ Seat 

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A great wheelchair that can be self-propelled or companion propelled. It has reliable stability with a durable steel frame. It has the following features;

  • Not too wide so it can maneuver in both wide, narrow spaces.
  • Swing away footrests ensure comfort.
  • Nylon seat upholstery is simple to clean.
  • Its backrest and chair fold flat easily for easy transportation.

2. Invacare Veranda Manual Wheelchair (20″ X 16″ Desk-length Arms Swingaway Legs)

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This Invacare Veranda manual wheelchair just like most others is special and especially because of its swing away legs feature that gives comfort to the user just when they need to adjust their legs position.

  • Wheel lock mechanism.
  • Lightweight in construction as it weighs only 37 lbs.
  • Can be folded to an easily manageable size.

1. Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair with Flip Back Desk Arms, Elevating Leg Rests

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This particular wheelchair is indeed special as described by its features;

  • Its design is state of the art that makes independent mobility smooth.
  • It provides customized support by its elevated leg rests.
  • Nylon seat that is easy to clean and lasts longer.
  • Push to lock tires functionality for safety
  • It has a weight capacity of 250lbs.


As much as illnesses and accidents might unfortunately happen, these kinds of easy to use wheelchairs will always enable the affected persons to have the freedom of movement without straining too much

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