Leaving your little children or seniors alone at home is not a very safe decision to do. However, dealing with everyday life and work are also important. With a new invention of medical alert systems, you can now go to work, shop, or do whatever you want with peace in mind knowing that you will always be alerted during times of emergencies. In this article, we have collected The Top 10 Best Medical Alert Systems in 2021 of Easy Maintenance and Easy Operation.


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10. D&S Group Medical Alert System

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The first emergency alert system to introduce is D&S Group Medical Alert System. The first core feature of this device is the fact that it is very quick and convenient to set up. Simply attach the base to the wall and plug it into a home electrical outlet. Besides that, this medical alert system is very easy to use. Coming with a controlling pendant, the patient only needs to push on a single button to alert.

Apart from being easy to use, the maintenance of this D&S Group Medical Alert System is such a breeze. Users can simply download a free application and connect to the panel for ease of managing.

9. Home8 Medical Alert System

Home8 Video-Verified Medical Alert System - Equipped with Activity Tracking Sensors, Panic Button, Full Panoramic Twist Camera, and Night Vision

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Coming next, Home8 Medical Alert System is also the one that arrives with a camera to keep you on track with the patients or your beloved ones. Being built with dual tracking sensors, you can simply and easily log your daily activities to keep up with your fitness or health goal. Moreover, there is an available panic button which requires only a single push to alert for any emergent cases.

This medical alert system also comes with HD camera that can be rotated to 300 degrees wide. Therefore, this system allows for live steam video which you can connect to your loved ones through smartphones.

8. MobileHelp Solo Mobile Medical Alert System

MobileHelp Solo - Mobile Medical Alert System for Seniors. On the Go Remotely Activated, Nationwide GPS, 3 Months of Extended Service Included

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If you are looking for an easy to use a medical alert system for your seniors, MobileHelp Solo Mobile Medical Alert System is what we would recommend next. This alert system can be activated with service plan which offers higher safety for your seniors at home. Available with a one button press, this device is very convenient for seniors to use. Once you press the button, the system will directly alert to the emergency operator.

MobileHelp Solo Mobile Medical Alert System is built with GPS technology which allows you to easily keep track with your seniors. Besides, the emergency agent can quickly and easily come to find your senior following the location provided.

7. Mace Brand Medical Alert System

Mace Brand Alert 911 One Touch Direct Connection

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Mace Brand Medical Alert System will directly alert you or connect to 911 with just a single touch. This system is designed to suit with seniors at home as it is very easy to use and set up. This device can be activated with a cellular connection which is very great to stay on track with your seniors or patients.

Furthermore, it features a very long lifetime battery which will serve you up to a year of usage. Coming with a lanyard and optional clip, a controlling panel can be kept safe anywhere with your seniors.

6. Ats Medical Alert System

Fall Detection - Medical Alert System with 2 Way Voice Talk Through Pendant

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Ats Medical Alert System offers a two-way voice talk through a single pendant for any emergencies. Once the user clicks on the red button, it will directly connect to the emergency service and allows the user to talk through the pendant. What is more, this medical alert system features a smart function that automatically calls to the caretakers to come to you once you fall down.

Featuring waterproof system, this device can be worn with you to anywhere including shower, bath, and hand wash times. Coming with 4 AAA batteries that can be quickly charged, this allows users to switch the batteries for backup in the time of emergency use.

5. Ripple Personal Safety Monitoring Alert System

Ripple 24-7 Personal Safety Monitoring. Never panic- our tiny button quickly sends GPS life alerts in emergencies (medical)

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If you are looking for a user-friendly medical alert system for personal use, Ripple Monitoring Alert System will safeguard you within 24/7. This alert system will directly connect you to Ripple team once the alerting button is clicked. To ensure better health monitoring, the team will also keep on track with your present health information.

In addition to this, Ripple Personal Safety Monitoring Alert System is highly built with GPS technology for a quick and accurate location sending to your family and friends. This device is highly resistant to water, so users can always feel at ease to use it within a moisturized setting.

4. PAVDII Medical Alert System

Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II (PAVDII) with Necklace and Wrist Panic Button - No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System

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PAVDII Medical Alert System comes with both telephone speaker, wrist and neck pendants which make using a lot more convenient for users. Both the wrist and necklace pendant feature A one button push which is super easy to maintain. There is no fee charged while using this either. More importantly, the pendants of this medical alert system can be used within a 100-150 foot range.

To call somewhere further, users can dial through telephone which is able to store up to 30 phone numbers. Coming with battery backup, this allows users to switch and use another backup battery in the time of emergency.

3. Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System

Medical Alert System - No Monthly Charges

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Coming further, Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System will allow you to keep track with your seniors without a monthly payment. This system is compatible to use within a 600-foot range which means that going to nearby shopping is nothing to worry now. Moreover, this alert system allows you to save and dial to 5 different phone numbers during emergencies.

Highly resistant to water, the call button can be worn and used during a shower, hand wash, and stuff. Besides that, users can simply pick up calls from away without needing cord which is really convenient.

2. Life Link Response Medical Alert System

Medical Alert Systems for Seniors No Monthly Fee medical alert system - no monthly charges - Includes WATERPROOF Pendant and Wrist Wireless Help Buttons

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Life Link Response Medical Alert System is what you can simply plug into your home electrical outlet. Designed modern enough, the medical alert systems allow its users to call through the main controller and through a wrist pendant. With a single push on the button, you can now dial to your family and friends to help during emergencies. On top of that, Life Link Response Medical Alert System is perfectly proof against water or moisture. Therefore, wearing it during a shower is also fine.

What is more about this product is that it allows users to save up to 3 numbers on their program. Once the button is pushed, this device will automatically dial to your first number that you save.

1.      Guardian Alert 911 Phone

Guardian Alert 911 Phone

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Coming to the top product on the list, we would like to introduce you to Guardian Alert 911 Phone. Arriving with a very compact body, this device is very easy to place. In addition to that, it weighs only 1.6 pounds which is not too heavy to hold. The functions of this alert system are very superb. With just a single touch on the button, this system will take you to talk to seniors, babysitters, or emergency operator right away.

Just connect it to the cable and plug it in, the two-way voice operation will be there for you. Moreover, this device features a 600 ft range which allows you to always keep updating with you seniors during nearby exercising or shopping.


If you cannot feel at ease leaving your little children or your seniors alone at home, getting medical alert systems is what you need to do. With our suggested products, they will offer a speedy connection between you and your loved ones. Besides, all of them can be simply maintained by high technology which is really convenient and reliable to use.


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