Top 10 Best Moon Lamp in 2022 Review

We have scoured the Internet looking for the best moon lamps. It was a challenge to find the right moon lamps, but finally, the list is compiled and you can now choose from our list.

Here are the top 10 Best Choices Moon Lamp for You

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10. Moon Lamp by LOGROTATE with 16 Colors LED 3d Print Moon


LOGROTATE-Control-Rechargeable-Birthday-Diameter moon lamp

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Is a cute addition to any room. It will add some ambiance with its soft glow and attractive simple stand. The LOGROTATE moon lamp is 4.8 inches in diameter.

  • It is made with a realistic full moon shape with 3D printing technology
  • The moon lamp has sixteen colors that strobe, fade or flash.
  • There is a remote and touch control that reaches up to thirty feet
  • The remote control allows you to choose one of the sixteen colors or to flash, fade, strobe or smooth.
  • Once you have turned on the switch the colors will change by itself, but the remote will give you complete control

9. The Moon Lamp 3D Printing 16 Colors Moon Light with Stand


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Is a perfect gift for the new baby here are the special features

  • Sixteen colors for the lights
  • The lights’ colors can be flash, smooth, fade, and strobe

8. Gahaya Moon Lamp, 3D Printed Light, Touch Control, Stepless Dimmable, Warm White & Cool White

Gahaya-Stepless-Dimmable-material-Diameters moon lamp

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Is huge! The LED light bulb and low voltage make for a convenient lamp. The Moon Lamp by Gahaya stays cool even after long usage.

  • Will not hurt the eyes
  • Made from corn stalks, so non-toxic
  • Tapping adjusts the brightness
  • Whichever brightness you left it on it will continue with that brightness

7. Having a Lamp Moon Night Light with Touch Control Brightness 3D Printed Warm and Cool White, 3.5IN Ceramic Base, Moonlight Hand by Mydethun

Is a necessary addition to any room. This 3D printed lamp changes colors in white and yellow.


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  • You can adjust the brightness. Recharge the battery charges for two hours and use it for eight to ten hours
  • The special design of the base holds the moon lamp. It comes presented in a box showcasing the real moon surface

6. CPLA Lighting Night Light LED 3D Printing Moon Lamp Rechargeable Home


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It is a warm addition to any room. CPLA used the most advanced in 3D printing.

  • Texture is similar to the moon
  • Touch the control switch for longer than one second adjusts the brightness
  • Lithium battery is rechargeable
  • Comfortable 2700K warm white
  • 360 degree beam angle

5. Magicfly Moon Lamp 5.9 Inch 3D Printing Moon Light, Dimmable with Tap Control


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Rechargeable Lunar Light Home Decorative Night Light for Valentine’s Day. You will not regret offering this lamp as a gift as it has many features.

  • Crafted according to NASA’s satellite images of the moon
  • Made from extracted corn stalks
  • Tapping turns the lamp on, no buttons
  • Gentle tap brings about a change of color
  • Wooden stand

4. Magifire Moon Lamp, Touch&Tap Control – 3.9″ 2 Colors without Remote Control Stepless-Dimmable-Charging-Material-Birthday

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Is like having a lit part of nature indoors. The Magifire Moon Lamp lasts for hours of charge after charging for two hours. There are warm and cold white colors which can bring a certain ambience to any room.

  • Two way control via a slap or a touch to change to any of the two colors
  • Red light signal means it is charging
  • Green light signal indicates it is fully charged

3. Mind-glowing 3D Moon Lamp


If your friend or family has a birthday upcoming, then buy the Mind-glowing 3D Moon Lamp – 16 LED Colors, Dimmable, Rechargeable Lunar Night Light Full Set with Wooden Stand, Remote & Touch Control. They will adore the sixteen colored lights.

  • Sixteen lights
  • Sixteen lights can be dimmed with a tap
  • Sturdy wooden stand

2. Moon Lamp, GDPETS 3D Printing Moon Night Light with Stand, Touch & Remote Control 3D Moon Lamp 16 Color Decorative Moon Light.


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  • Control the light using the remote or simply touching the moon shape
  • Sixteen colors
  • Eight brightness levels

1.The 7″ Moon Lamp, Genuine Moon Light Lamps(6″- 11″),3D Printing Moon Lamp with Stand

Genuine-Lamps(6-Printed-Control-Control moonlamp

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The 3D Moon Lamp with LED 16 Colors, Touch Control and Remote Control by ZgmdaHOME will not disappoint you. By choosing the Moon Lamp by ZgmdaHOME, you choose a work of art for any corner or area of your home.

  • Sixteen colors
  • Colors can flash and fade
  • Depending on the brightness, the moonlight can last for up to forty-eight hours

Having a moon lamp can make any room into any type of mood. The moon lamp is the new craze for 2022 that is setting the mood for all types of events such as parties and special occasions. The lamp is the next entertainment that could soothe sleepy children as they are lulled to sleep.

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