Top 8 Best Mower For Hills 2022 Reviews

If you have a terrain or hill garden, it’s smart to own a mower that is designed specifically for hills. If this is your case and you’re also currently looking for a high-quality mower for hills, we’ve got your back. In this article, we will be introducing the top 8 best mowers for hills. Keep reading for a detailed review of each product.

Buying Guides Of Best Mower For Hill

When choosing the best mower for hills, it’s important to know these 2 main tips.

Design: you need to determine the right lawnmower for the hill by looking at the design of it. Since it will be used with the hill, to make sure it’s not falling down while you are working with it, you need to look for any product that has a wide or long body with a good center of gravity and good traction found on wheels or tires. Such features can ensure that you won’t experience any hassle working with it.

Lightweight: Last but not least, you should also look for lightweight lawn mowers in any product that you will possibly purchase because it can help with easing the burden that you’re maneuvering it on the hills.

8. Great States Mower for Hills

Great States Mower for Hills
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The first product on the list is from the Great States. What’s special about this is that it has a super durable 5-blades ball bearing reel with a cutting width of 14” that allows this mower to cut any grass down the hill very evenly. Also, because the blades used for this mower are made from heat-treated alloy steel, you would not have to worry about its service life since it will definitely last the test of time.

Besides, you can easily adjust the cutting height so that the grass looks just as perfect as you want it to be. The Great States also makes its mower to be incredibly light by designing the hanger with a T-style concept, so you don’t feel much burden when wood king with it. Last but not least it’s designed is highly sustainable as you wouldn’t need gas or oil to operate it, so you can also save a big part of your pocket for that.

7. BLACK + DECKER Mower for Hills

 BLACK + DECKER Mower for Hills
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The next best mower for the hill is from BLACK + DECKER. No matter which product we review, BLACK + DECKER always guarantees itself to be on the top list. For the review of the best mower for the hill, it gives no exception. By a quick look at this electric lawn mower, you can already tell how premium this product is. The material is completely sturdy to ensure that this mower can run smoothly on all types of terrain. It’s ideal to use to cut tall grass.

Normally, a full charge of this mower can cut the grass area as big as 1/8 acre easily. It’s also quite effortless to operate. All you need to do is to push the start button and I will start working flawlessly. This mower is also specially designed with a winged blade to ensure a clean collection of the lawn. Last but not least, there’s also a height adjustment function for its handler, so you can set it however you’re comfortable with.

6. Scotts Outdoor Power Tool Mower for Hills

Scotts Outdoor Power Tool Mower for Hills
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Another powerful mower for hills is from Scotts Outdoor Power Tool. What makes this product special lies in its strong 12-Amp high-efficiency motor that delivers a sophisticated job in a quick second. Compared to most products in the market, this mower owns a super-wide cutting width that is measured up to 20”, so it makes the job a lot faster and more energy-efficient. You can also adjust the cutting height from 1.5” to 4”; depends on how tall or short you want your garden to be.

This mower also features 3 main functionalities that allow it to be capable of side discharging, rear-bagging system, and grass catching. Similar to other top brands, this mower also allows handle height adjustability to match your working comfort. Finally, Scotts Outdoor Power Tool confidently offers a 3-year warranty on its mower, too. Hence, customers will find it completely hassle-free to purchase.

5. Yard Machine Mower for Hills

Yard Machine Mower for Hills
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Another best friend to your beautiful backyard hill garden is a mower from Yard Machine. Integrating a 140cc engine that is featured with recoil start and primer, you can use it right away after starting. It can perform many trim modes with its 6 different height adjustability. Hence, from light trim to full cut, you can at just the right height you want. Yard Machine mower also offers side discharge and mulching function in a mower, so you can save a lot by simply owning this machine.

And not to forget to mention, Yard Machine also has a long cutting deck measured up to 21”, so you can trim your lawn in a short time. Because this mower is designed for both smooth and hill surfaces, if you have a hill garden or uneven terrain, the Yard Machine mower is the ideal tool to own.

4. Craftsman Mower for Hills Mower for Hills

Craftsman Mower for Hills Mower for Hills
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Moving on, we have another top mower for the hill from Craftsman. One of the well-known points about Craftsman mowers is that they have a super wrong cutting width; 21”. Also, this 140cc engine mower also has a flexible cutting height so you can set it to cut or to trim your garden at a perfect height. As useful as the previous top mowers in the list, Craftsman also holds a 3-in-1 function which includes from side discharge, rear discharge as well as mulching.

A special thing that everyone loves about Craftsman mowers is that it comes with very minor assembly, so you don’t need to have the mechanical experience to own one. It’s super easy to use. All you have to do is to pull it to start. Not only that, but this mower is also very easy for storage because you can easily fold it after use, so it won’t take much space if you own one.

3. American Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower
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On the top 3rd, we have this non-motorized mower for hill from American Lawn Mower. As we’ve just mentioned because it’s a non-motorized mower, it has many pros including it can be operating without noise or smoke, is environmentally-friendly and you can also save your money from spending on energy consumption, too. Its 4-blade ball bearing reel allows this mower to cut any grass like a scissor with its height-adjustable function from 0.5” to 2.5”. Using this mower is beyond easy because you have to simply push it forward and it can cut the lawn very neatly.

Also, because this mower doesn’t use a motor, it’s very effortless to maintain. In fact, you can actually use it however long you want, too. Its material remains strong despite the test of time. Last but not least, because it’s a less complex tool used to make this mower, it’s also lightweight; which makes it smoother to maneuver on uneven terrain.

2. Greenworks

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Another reasonably priced mower for hill lies on the top 2nd belongs to this famous brand known as Greenworks. What’s so good about this is that its size is not too big, so it’s really recommended for personal use. On top of that, the mower is made from premium and sturdy plastic that makes it lightweight yet super tough and unbreakable. Greenworks lawnmower has a cutting width of 17” which you can adjust in terms of height from 1 to 3/8”.

Also, it has a runtime up to 70 minutes after charging, which means you can complete your job efficiently before the battery even runs out. While most people view gardening as a tiring job, Greenworks makes it enjoyable with its mower because you will enjoy the comfort of its functionality.

1. Greenworks

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Finally, the last product which is also the top best mower for hill garden and it’s no doubt to be from Greenworks. As you have seen from the previous review, Greenworks is no exception when it comes to supplying the star-rated mower. For this product, in particular, it’s a corded type of mower that is run by a powerful 12 Amp motor. Having this allows the mower to operate however long you want without worrying about the battery running out.

Moreover, it’s purposely designed to be simple yet super practical by having it to be adjustable in terms of handlebar height and position and cutting height, too. It’s ideal for any type of grass without having any exception. On top of that, it has 3 functions in one machine, so after cutting, it also collects the lawn, so you don’t have to come back to collect the waste. Last but definitely not least, Greenworks also assures your money by offering a 4-year tool warranty for this mower, too. Hence, your money will be spent wisely with this.


Understanding that choosing the best mower needs to be taken seriously all the time, to make sure that you always spend the right money on the right product, you should always stick with one of the products that we’ve reviewed on the list. Not only you’ll get the right mower, but you can also save a lot of research time, too.

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