Top 10 Best Oil Additives 2022 Reviews

Today’s article of course will be about one of the supplies that keep the motor engine or your vehicles to be more durable. We would like to introduce you to a product which is called “Oil Additives”. As you all may know, oil is one of the most necessary components in pushing the engine forward smoothly as it enhances the lubricant performance of your engine. It also cleanses the bad particles and other chemicals remaining in the engine to go away and brings a cleaner engine to your vehicles.

Buying Guides Of Best Oil Additive

Oil Additives are something that you need to be accurate and precise about before choosing any one of them. Selecting the right one for your engine could enhance the performance for it, while in contrast if you choose the wrong one, it could cause more damage to your motor. Hence, we have written this paragraph to help you along the way with your decision making:

Compatibility: We must ensure that the treatment method is compatible with our engine

Capacity: How much engine oil it is able to treat

Corrosion Protection: Is it able to clean the engine and keep it clean

Friction Control: How much it is able to keep give a smoother operation to the engine for the longevity of vehicle parts

8. Archoil AR9100 Oil Additives

Archoil AR9100 Oil Additives
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Coming off with a well-known oil additive brand that has been admired by all customers for a number of years, which is an Archoil ARThis model is highly recommended to be used for bigger cars that are frequently used under a long road trip. With a 6.0 Powerstroke, this oil additive just works like magic in retrieving back your engine to work well and strong as new.

Not to mention that this oil can be worked with various kinds of liquids including gasoline, hydraulics, Diesel, and others. This oil performs by lubricating your engine in the machine operation while reducing the drench of the gasoline as well. On top of that, it helps decrease the heat in your motor and makes it run smoothly without any hassle, and cleanses the contaminants in it too. Also, the capacity of this oil is up to 7.3liters in total which is sufficient enough for a single-use.

7. Lucas Oil 10002 Oil Additives

Lucas Oil 10002 Oil Additives
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If you are having an old vehicle that needs to be fixed by its rapid drops in oil wear or emissions coming out right out of the car, not to worry Lucas Oil 10002 might be one of your favorite choices for you to consider. Lucas Oil 10002 is an oil stabilizer that comes in a set to help you in various ways. A significant heat caused by dry engines and frictions would definitely be reduced by at least 50% after the first use.

In addition to this, due to its high and interesting features, this model could extend the oil cycle and the engine’s life after long use as well. As for the compatibility of this oil, Lucas Oil 10002 works like strawberry jam and bread in diesel and gasoline. A noteworthy feature is that this model doesn’t cooperate with Ford strokes. Enjoy your long ride with this baby boy and you’ll be delving into it.

6. Resurs Oil Additives

Resurs Oil Additives
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This next product of our review is a bit of a different form of oil additive which is Resurs the oil additive and engine restorer. This model is highly suggested for whose cars are having troubles in high-fuel usage as it helps decrease the consumption by 10% right after the usage.

Moreover, it regains the engine power back to life and makes it run like a leopard within a blink of an eye. While being utmost in its performance, Resurs also decreases the heat of the motor that leads to low oil usage and less smoke produced. Apart from that, it lengthens the life cycle of the engine and saves you money by preventing over budget repairs as well.

5. Gumout 510011 Oil Additives

Gumout 510011 Oil Additives
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Another best oil additive that can’t be missed on our list is a Gumout This is perfect for those who are short on money but still looking for a high-quality oil additive to use for their engines. Not only it acts as an oil additive, but also a great oil stabilizer that helps your engine in so many ways. This model complements well with motors that use ethanol, gas, biodiesel, and also diesel.

Thanks to the PEA that eliminates all of the carbon deposits remaining in your engine well. Additionally, it also boosts the performance of your engine and makes it run smoothly at a low temperature. Gumout 510011 helps lubricate cylinders on the upper part and cleanses your engine too. Another point is that it prevents your engine part from corroding and rusting along with the 16oz of capacity.


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If your engine has the oil with a maximum capacity of 6quarts or 2oz, REV X ZDDP would be one of the best choices to take into consideration. This model consists of spectacular features that could turn an old engine to be as good as new. Not to mention that this model consists of an engine that has the engine power between 3200-3400ppm.

It has also received many positive feedbacks so far about how good it is in reducing the frictions occurring in the motor. Furthermore, REV X ZDDP is compatible with machines that come in a flat tappet form. REV X ZDDP in a zinc lube texture really provides a smooth and high-functioned process to your engine.

3. Hot Shot:

Hot Shot:
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This oil additive is for those who are having a concern about clogged engine processes and dried out engines just like a Sahara desert. Not to worry anymore, Hot Shot finally got your back. This model is perfect for worn-out engines by helping improve the life cycle of the oil as well as decrease the consumption of the gas as well. The vital part that it does to your engine is that it cleanses the dirt and debris in your fuel.

On top of that, it cools down the engine’s temperature and omits all of the smoke away effortlessly. Other than that, it helps restore the error throttle to be good as new.

2. Everglide EGS:

Everglide EGS:
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Car lovers should really look into the Everglide EGS engine oil treatment for their vehicles, as this treatment fluid can help ensure the quality and the driving experience of their vehicle. Firstly, this fluid uses a nano-based treatment method that allows it to provide a low friction driving experience. Moreover, it helps the engine produce lower noise during operation, even when under a lot of loads.

What most people are impressed by when using this to treat their oil is the higher mileage that they are able to achieve with their vehicles, as well as producing lower emissions than before when compared to using lower or average quality engine oils. Therefore, this engine oil not only provides a smoother, low friction drive, it can also help cut down on costs. On top of this, one unit of this product contains 7 ounces of engine oil treatment from Everglide.


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A smart investment for those who want to ensure the life span and engine quality of their vehicles is the STA-BIL 360 engine oil treatment fluid. When taking a look at the advantages that this oil treatment has for people’s vehicle engines, STA-BIL claims that their fluid is able to clean up the vehicle engine, as well as preventing corrosion from happening.

Furthermore, it uses a 3360 marine ethanol treatment method that is very effective in providing better engine emission quality. Additionally, the bottle of the STA-BIL is 32Oz and has a design that is ergonomic to hold and pour into the engine, also being able to treat up to 320 gallons of engine oil.


Since all of the oil additives being reviewed above all come in different capacities and functions based on different models, it would make it way easier for everyone with different motors. Therefore, we are sure you might have at least picked one in mind among 8 of them.

To sum up, an oil additive is a must-have component for your bikes or cars as it helps smoothen out the motor while calming the engine to run smoothly as well. Moreover, choosing the right oil additive with the right amount could extend your engine’s life cycle to be better too.

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