Top 8 Best Projector Under 200 2022 Reviews

If the smart devices and television still cannot satisfy your home theater demand, maybe it’s time for you to get a mini projector for a wide range of purposes. They are so useful that you will never run out of display functions for them to do. In this article, we would like to invite you to explore more about the top 8 best projector under Please read through the reviews one by one, so that you can get the best one at the most affordable price for your future usage.

Buying Guides Of Best Projector Under 200

Never let your budget limit the quality of the products you use. To get a good projector, below are some considerations that you need to take into accounts.

Display resolution: although the projector is mini and portable, it should provide a high definition resolution for the display. The videos and movies should be displayed in 1080P resolution.

Input devices and methods: a good projector supports both the USB and Wi-Fi inputs. This enables you to have a stable connection no matter if you are within a Wi-Fi environment or not. Also, the projector should include a wide range of input ports, which include HDMI, USB, and Type c. This means that the projector can be paired with various devices, including smartphones, laptops, and other smart devices.

Lifespan: although many of us would want this projector for home use, it should still come with a long lifespan, which should be at least 50,000 hours to serve our demands.

8. PONER SAUND Projector Under 200

PONER SAUND Projector Under 200
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First of all, we have this projector from PONER SAUND. It comes with a high-quality display since it features the picture quality at up to 1080P resolution. It is suitable for videos, movies, presentations as well as other graphic design projects. It is equipped with LED lighting technology, and the bulbs can last for up to 52000 hours of display. The display result is much brighter than any other LED projectors on the market.

It features a big-screen display as the display size can be adjusted between 40 and 210 inches. Therefore, you can also make adjustments to the watching distance, ranging between 5 and 15 feet. The weight of this project is only about 2.86lbs, which makes it portable and convenient enough to bring outdoors with convenience.

It enables multiple interfaces with various input ports, including USB, HDMI, and headphone.

7. vankyo Projector Under 200

vankyo Projector Under 200
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Next, we should take a look at this projector from vankyo. It is a portable projector which enables you to enjoy a wonderful experience with a big-screen display. It features a display ratio of 16:It allows various types of inputs, including type c and HDMI. This is ideal if you would like to integrate a home theater system.

It features high quality of clarity and brightness. The pictures and videos are guaranteed to display in vivid colors with the contrasting ration of 2000:It use the LED light for display which helps you to avoid eye fatigue and strain in all conditions. However, this small projector is suitable for various home usage, but it is not recommended for presentations in the office.

Still, it can display clear sound quality with the stereo speaker to minimize the effects of surrounding noise.

6. TOPVISION Projector Under 200

TOPVISION Projector Under 200
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Moving onto the next projector from TOPVISION, it enables you to synchronize with your smart devices, including smartphone, laptop as well as other devices through USB cable. This does not require you to stay in the Wi-Fi environment all the time. This projector comes with 3600lux video quality, which provides better clarity and brightness if compared to a 2800lux projector.

This projector is highly recommended for home use as it comes in a portable and mini size. the projection size can be adjusted between 50 and 176 inches according to your demand. It takes only a few simple steps to set up this projector as there are only 2 steps to make the image clear for your demands.

It comes with a 2-year warranty to support the quality of the product in case there are any technical issues.

5. POYANK Projector Under 200

POYANK Projector Under 200
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POYANK is another reliable choice. It supports wireless connection so that you can transfer the videos, movies, and games on your smartphone to the projector screen in order to get a better view experience.
There is no need for any adapters to ensure a stable connection. However, if you are not staying in a Wi-Fi environment, you can connect a USB cable to get the operation done very easily.

This is the newest design in 2022, which has already upgraded the resolution of the display for you. It supports the highest resolution at up to 1080P. It also features a high contrasting ration of 2000:You can use this projector for up to 50,000 hours before you need to change the lamp.

For these reasons, this projector is recommended for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


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Here comes another projector from TOPVISION. It comes with a 4500lux video quality to support you with better brightness quality. It is very convenient for you to have a movie night with your loved ones, including family and friends. This projector can work well with a wide range of devices, including laptop DVD as well as a TV stick. All you need is simply an HDMI adapter to get the connection ready.

Thanks to the advanced technology design, it supports large screen views. The display size ranges from 32 to 200 inches, and therefore, the projection distance can be adjusted from 4.9 feet to 18 feet as well. This makes it compatible with a wide range of functions, including movies, games as well as TV series.

This projector is operated on a silent operation as there is a cooling fan to reduce the noise of the projector.

3. Vamvo

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This projector from Vamvo is also worth taking into consideration. It is a high-quality projector which is made ideally for home theater. It is equipped with LED lighting technology which can give us better clarity and brightness quality with less energy used in the operation. It is also made with a portable size at only 2.75lbs.

This projector is a 3800lux projector, and it includes 50,000 hours of lamp life. This means that you do not need to replace the lamps frequently. In addition, this projector can be paired with a variety of devices because there are multiple ports. The ports include HDMI, AV interfaces, and USB cable.

It is also built-in with a speaker that gives us stereo sound quality. The sound quality is guaranteed to be crystal clear in a well-balanced transmission. A 2-year warranty comes with this projector to serve you in the long run.


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What about this projector from COOAU? It is designed with a variety of great features. First of all, it is made with high brightness to give you an extra clear quality image. The highest resolution that it supports is up to 1080P. It is compatible with a wide range of input formats, including USB, HDMI, and VGA.

The contrasting quality of this projector features a ratio of 4000:It can display a large viewing screen with the size varying between 45 and 200 inches. Therefore, users can choose the best projection distance based on their demands. The distance ranges between 4.6 and 18 feet.

Thanks to the advanced cooling system, the projector will not trap heat, which is very essential in getting the best performance. The maximum lifespan of this projector reaches its maximum at 70,000 hours.

1. Jinhoo

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Last but not least, we should not miss this projector from Jinhoo. It supports both the Wi-Fi and USB connections so that you can choose either one of them to connect with your devices. This projector is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. The brightness level of this projector has been upgraded to 4500lux. Therefore, it supports up to 1080 resolution in the display.

This projector is compatible with a variety of purposes, including home theater, online classes as well as video games. As long as you are staying in a dark room, this projector is all you need to serve your demand for all types of views. Moreover, there is a 3-year warranty to support this purchase. In case there are any defects, there should not be any worries since you can claim for a refund or replacement from Jinhoo to get the best customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, above is a display and reviews of the top 8 best projectors under Although they come at an affordable price, they are ideal for home use in case you would like to have your own home theater system. You can also use it for online classes, video games as well as graphic displays.

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