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Top 10 Best Roll Top Desk in 2024 Reviews

A roll-up desk is a traditional working desk, and they were extremely popular in the 19th century. These desks are made up of wood and plywood, and there are so many drawers and compartments to keep everything in the right place. It is the handiest desk that working people can buy and keep their computers and dedicate different drawers for different items for easy retrieval and faster processing in work. The following is the list of the top 10 best roll-up desks in 2024 that you can consider buying.

Here Are The 10 Best Choice Roll Top Desk For You

10. Coaster Palmetto Roll Top Secretary Desk

This is a traditional-looking roll-up desk with a warm honey oak color. Just like the traditional roll-up desks, there are two side drawers and one large front drawer. The front part has a pull-up design, and you can shut it off when not in use. The construction is very sturdy, and it is easy to clean and maintain. The desk is slightly on the higher side in terms of overall weight which is 99 pounds and therefore, somewhat inconvenient to move from one place to another.

9. International Caravan Carved Wood Roll Top Desk

This roll-top desk is made up of hardwood with a satin finish, and there are three drawers available with one at the top and two on the sides. Additionally, there are two letter slots, and one can pull down the front when not in use. The straight tapered legs provide stability, and the maximum weight capacity is 48 pounds. The size of the desk is compact 42 x 17 x 31 inches.

8. Chelsea Home Marlin Deluxe Roll Top Desk

This is one of the most gorgeous and versatile roll-up desks, and the design is rustic while the color is bright and shiny. There are 4 drawers on each side of the protruding front, and additionally, there is a large middle drawer in between. The writing space is fixed and quite large, and following that, there are more drawers of different sizes. It is a true secretary desk, and some assembling is required for the same. It is one of the heaviest desks with 132 pounds, and the dimensions are 54 x 28.5 x 49 inches.

7. Chelsea Home Mylan Roll Top Desk

This is another product from the popular brand, and just like the previous product, the construction is on a similar line. The only difference is that the color which is slightly dark and precisely burnished walnut. The dimensions are the same, and so is the weight. The height is slightly lower, but the base is heavy such that it does not get replaced easily on minor impact. Assembling is easy, and you can keep everything organized way.

6. Chelsea Home Moon Student Roll Top Desk

This is a complete student roll-up desk, and there is enough space on one side to keep their feet comfortable. The front desks are on one side, and the other side is empty except for a large pull-out drawer. The writing space is generous, and there are further compartments after the writing space for easy and organized storage of items. The product weighs 99 pounds, and the dimensions are 40.5 x 24 x 45 inches. The color is burnished walnut, and the surface is well-polished for glossiness.

5. Chelsea Home Furniture Deluxe Roll Top Desk

This is the most crowded roll-up desk in terms of drawers available. The frame is made up of oak, and the locking file drawer in the middle is the largest. Moreover, there is a locking roll top, and the design is very traditional and timeless. It can become the centerpiece of your room, and some parts have hardwood plywood and wood Veneer for a smooth surface finish. The bottom vertical file cabinet drawers and the relatively small drawers on the top inside are enough to dedicate different drawers in different spaces.

4. Design Toscano Roll Top Desk Roll top desk antique

This is a compact roll-up desk with one center cabinet, and there are multiple side drawers on both sides. The color of the desk is slightly on the darker side and it will go well if you place it around the antiques you have at home. The support pillars are beautifully designed to make the desk look premium. The top part has locking pull-up space, and this is a complete hard-carved solid hardwood desk.

3. Roll Top Desk by Coaster Furniture

This is the ultimate office or workplace roll-up desk where you can place your monitor, CPU, keyboard, and other accessories and work in the most organized way. The top part is spacious for keeping decorative objects. There is no dearth of drawers and open compartments for easily accessing the objects. The desk is quite large with the dimensions of 54 x 29 x 51 inches and is made up of hardwood and Veneer finishes for smoothness and glossiness.

2. Roll Top Home Office Computer Desk

This is a covered roll-up desk that will help to keep the dust away from the computer and other electronic parts you keep in it. There are vertical cabinets on the front side of both ends where you can keep the cabinet and other large objects. There are many open compartments on the top side for easily accessing the objects anytime without any need for opening or closing the drawers. The top part can be used as a bookshelf, and it is the heaviest desk with 302 pounds of weight.

1. Chelsea Home Marlin Roll Top Desk

This is a rustic-style deluxe roll-up desk that will fulfill all the requirements you may have as a student, secretary, or other office worker. There is an endless number of drawers, and the base is extremely strong to survive impact without moving much. Some of the compartments are open for keeping small items for easy access. The finish is glossy, and its assembling is rather easy.


While buying a roll-up desk, you should consider the fact that whether you will keep a computer on your desk or not. Not all roll-up desks are tailor-made for placing computers comfortably. Moreover, you should be clear about space availability and the number of drawers you need. There are complete roll-up desks as well as semi-roll-up desks available. Depending on your budget and requirements you should choose accordingly.






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