If you are land on this page, we are sure you are looking for the best smart glasses that you can use to track communication or for security purpose. Smart glasses or what we can call digital eyeglasses will display more information for you even if you are doing something else.

Many models of smart glasses are offered on the market, so choosing the best one must give you a hard time. To make your shopping hassle-free,

check out our reviews on the Top 10 Best Smart Glasses in 2018 for some useful information.

10. ThirdEye Gen X1 Smart Glasses

ThirdEye Gen X1 Smart Glasses-TOP 10 BEST SMART GLASSES IN 2018 REVIEWS

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The first smart glasses that we are going to review is one of the models from ThirdEye. You can enjoy the wide view for up to 40 degrees which is around a 90-inch screen at 10 feet much easier than before. You do not need to carry any wire or packs with you since you just wear it on your face and you can work on anything else you want. It features a 13-megapixel camera with a battery of long life.

9.  OLSUS Super Smart Glasses

HD 3D FPV IMAX Retina Super Smart Glasses - Titanium

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These stylish smart glasses (HD 3D FPV IMAX Retina Super Smart Glasses – Titanium) from OLSUS will allow you to enjoy your favorite video anytime and anywhere you want. It is capable of displaying most types of multimedia formats under wide view with the buttons that require a simple operation. There is another pair of detachable headphones coming along with the pack as well. Anyway, you can carry it around and store this one very easily.

8. Gogloo Camera Glasses

Gogloo Camera Glasses Hands Free Action Camera Full HD 720P-1080P Tiltable 8MP Sony Camera with Polarized Lens Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Designed by Swedish engineers, this Gogloo smart glasses guarantees to be light in weight, durable and offers the comfortable feeling to the users. It captures up to 110 degrees wide angle in full HD (720P/1080P) with 2 microphones added for loud and clear sound. This one also supports both low light and night recording as well. With just one button control, you will find it easy to operate this camera glasses.

7. Spardar Online Live Stream Camera Glasses

Online Live Stream Camera Glasses 32GB

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The Spardar multifunctional smart glasses can make your life cool, simpler and more magical. You can use it to take photos, storage as a USB, make a call by Bluetooth, listen to music and such. This one will record the videos in HD 720P quality and you can stream and playback the video every time you want to.

It allows you to carry around and take photos easily with no hand needed. You can easily pair your smart glasses to your smartphone and once it is paired, feel free to take the calls and enjoy working at the same time.

6. Google Glass Explorer Edition XE V2 Cotton

Google Glass Explorer Edition XE V2 Cotton White - Deluxe Bundle

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Google glasses are made to show the information the users need to know much faster than your smartphone can do. This pair of smart glasses will provide many benefits to the users and one of which is hands-free photo taking. You will see the micro USB port that is used for charging or plugging your optional earbud accessories while needed. It is designed with slick and comfortable construction, making the investment worth your money.

5. Vuzix Wrap 310XL Widescreen Eyewear Glasses

Vuzix Wrap 310XL Widescreen Video Iwear Eyewear Glasses

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Here, we are going to show you the Wrap 310XLsmart glasses available on the market. This one will let you watch your favorite movies perfectly with a 55-inch screen. This unit has tiny LCD displays about putting best display experience that you would view from about 10 feet away. You can connect this to pretty much any kinds of a portable media device. You can take this one with you wherever you go.

4.  Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses (White)

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This is also the new smart glasses from Vizix, the M100. This is a pair of glasses that actually has a lot of the same capabilities of a regular smartphone. It features an HD camera that can record the high-quality videos. This glasses also supports Android operating system, WIFI, and Bluetooth. You can answer your phone and hear it through earphones via a Bluetooth connection between your smart glasses and smart device. M100 is the hand free wearable device that makes life more convenient.

3. Oakley Radar Pace Smart Glasses

Oakley Polished Black-Prizm Road Radar Pace Sunglasses

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Here is also one of the brand new amazing pieces of wearable technology, the Radar Pace. It is from Oakley, which is very unique and cool. This is the pair of sunglasses that can play music, collect data and also analyze it as a training program. You can as well monitor your heart rate, speed, or distance by using these glasses, too.

It has full Bluetooth connectivity with a three-point fit system that stays on your easy really well. It is made of high-quality materials that make this one durable and lightweight.

2. GOOVIS g2 Cinego Personal Travel Theater VR Glasses

GOOVIS g2 cinego real 4K Personal Travel Theater VR Glasses with Sony M-OLED 1920x1080x2 HD Giant Screen

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Enjoy your favorite movies and clips on an ultra HD display from the comfort in your house. This pair of smart glasses offers 1080P video quality with optical imaging technology that allows the users to experience the real like scene. It is specially designed to protect the eyes and give you the greatest comfort with the adjustable distance from 56mm to 72mm.

You can use this one to watch movies, play games and make video calls through the Bluetooth feature. With this one, you can enjoy connecting to your favorite streaming like Netflix and YouTube.

1. Epson BT-300FPV Smart Glasses

Epson Moverio BT-300FPV Smart Glasses for DJI Drones (FPV-Drone Edition)

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Besides printer and projector inventions, Epson also makes the best smart glasses as well. It is designed with the transparent display that lets the drone pilot keep the clear line of sight. You can record your drone easily with 1080P video footage with the extra dark shade that offers the pilots clear visual in the bright sunlight. Epson BT300 is known as one of the comfortable smart glasses that is very easy to wear, easy to operate and has a long lifespan.


With these advanced smart glasses, you do not need to take a professional camera along to achieve the stunning photo or video results. You can enjoy listening to music easily during your work out time or jogging time.

All of the smart glasses above work so well and offer most comfortable feeling and fun to the users. Without spending money on random products you have found, consider all of these frontiers reviewed above to see the world with a pair of your magical glasses.

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