Top 10 best surgical masks in 2021 Review

Surgical Mask is nothing but a piece of cloth that acts as a physical block to prevent picking up germs into our bodies. The basic purpose of such masks is to prevent pollutants from entering our respiratory tract through the use of shielding material. Meanwhile, it doesn’t allow germs from your body to enter into the air.

Medical professionals including surgeons are required to wear such masks in operation theatre. According to some experts, a healthy person should not consider wearing masks unless recommended by a health care worker.

A surgical mask must have certain filtration standards that ensure its effectiveness. Such guidelines are helpful in the regulation of the quality of such masks. A good quality shielding material should be used in these masks to avoid the release of contaminants from the person’s body into the atmosphere.

American Society of Testing and Materials(ASTM), an international organization that develops technical standards related to various products and services including surgical masks, evaluated five essential components of any surgical mask namely bacterial filtration efficiency, particulate filtration efficiency, fluid resistance, pressure differential, and flammability.

Due to COVID-19, the world is experiencing a shortage of surgical masks. Apparently, black marketing resulted in poor quality masks being available to many people. That is why we are presenting a list of top 10 best surgical masks in 2021 to make you aware of these products.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Choices Surgical Masks in 2021

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10- Walgreens Ear Loop Face Mask

Walgreens-Loop-Mask-Small-Count surgical masks

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Produced by a top manufacturing company, Walgreens, these masks are one of the best earloop masks available on the market. These Thailand made masks are comfortable to use without causing much irritation. Listed 2 months ago i.e. on 26th January 2021, this product has a 3-star rating with just 3 reviews. Other features include:

  • Very soft and lightweight.
  • Allows breathing easily.
  • 20 masks available in a single pack.

9- Mydent MK 7320 Level 3 Dual Fit Ear-loop Face Mask


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Manufactured by Mydent International, this is one of the best face masks available for sensitive skin. Earloops are quite soft and rounded. With a rating of 3.5 stars, this product holds 342nd rank in the list of best sellers. Some other features are:

  • The inner layer is made up of cellulose.
  • Level 3 high barrier of ASTM.
  • More breathing space due to 4 fold pleat.

8- Crosstex GCIBL Latex Free Isofluid Earloop Mask


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This blue coloured mask, manufactured by Crosstex International, contains an outer layer that is fluid-resistant. With facial tissue in the inner layer, this product has 842th best seller rank. Other silent features are:

  • 80mmHg of fluid resistance.
  • Extra-long.
  • Nose piece made of aluminum.
  • High ASTM performance.

7- Disposable Face Mask with Surgical, Medical, Dental, and Industrial quality


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Listed in January 2021, this product is currently the best seller in the category of surgical mask. This Chinese product has 3-star ratings with the best seller rank of 33. Other characteristics are:

  • Useful in medical as well as the industrial field.
  • Easy to be disposed of.
  • 1 pack contains 50 masks.

6- INTCO Disposable Surgical Face Mask


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Having multilayer protection, this face mask is latex-free. It is equipped with an adjustable nose. With a product rating of 2.9 stars, this product holds 195th rank in the list of best sellers. Other important features are:

  • Has elastic earloops.
  • 5% particle filtration.
  • 7% bacterial filtration.
  • ASTM level 3.

5- Earloop Face Masks, Sanitary Surgical Face Shields, Dust Mask


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Made with comfortable and breathable materials, the disposable earloop face mask helps to protect individuals working in various fields such as medical, gardening and construction. Easy to use mask contains 3 layer design. Other features are:

  • Cover maximum surface.
  • Extra soft with elastic earloop.
  • Large filtering area available.
  • Has soft inner facepiece.

4- Disposable Earloop Face Mask


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This blue coloured face mask is currently the best mask for medical, surgical, industrial and construction workers. Having some extra softness, this mask has a 5-star rating. Other worth mentioning features are:

  • Lightweight blue coloured mask.
  • Skin-friendly.
  • No stiffness due to elastic.
  • 1 pack contains 100 masks.

3- Disposable Face Masks – 50 PCS – For Home & Office – 3-Ply Breathable


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Manufactured by a Chinese company, Monitor, this is an ideal mask for medical,  workers. It ensures to protect from contaminants and germs present in the atmosphere. Listed on 2 march 2021, this product has a 3.5-star rating with 405th rank in the list of best sellers. Other features are:

  • 3 layer design.
  • Anti-dust properties.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Disposable Face Masks
  • 3-Ply Breathable & Comfortable Filter Safety Mask

2- Disposable Pink Face Mask and Earloop Mouth Cover


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Distributed under the network of a leading distributing company, Tronics, this mask holds 2nd spot in the list of best surgical masks in 2021. Listed just a month ago, this disposable mask possesses anti-dust qualities. Some other important characteristics are:

  • Pink-coloured mask.
  • Large breathing space.
  • Lightweight respiratory mask.
  • 1 pack contains 50 pieces.

1- 3 Ply Disposable Mask with Elastic Ear Loops – Mask 50 PCS


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Currently, the best surgical face mask is manufactured by Live Shop. Ideal to use at both medical as well as industrial field. Having a three-layer design, the blue coloured mask is listed on 1 February 2021. Some worth mentioning characteristics are:

  • Disposable Face Mask
  • 3 Ply Disposable Mask with Elastic Ear Loops
  • Soft & Comfortable Filter Safety Mask for Dust Protection

Provided such a large variety of masks available, it seems like a challenging task choosing the right one for yourself. But to curb various communicable diseases, it is quite necessary to opt for the best mask available. Apparently, you should elect for a mask according to your comfort. But always remember to keep some points in your mind before buying any. It is advised to use those masks which obey the standards set by ASTM. Stop using wet or torn masks as they may lose their filtration ability. And most importantly, avoid using any mask unless advised by a medical expert.

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