Top 10 Best Toothbrushes in 2020

Choosing the right toothbrush is critical to good hygiene and health. It will eliminate the germs, bacteria, food remnants, stains, plaque and other things more effectively. It requires less effort or energy to handle and operate.

Toothbrush will come with an ergonomic design for maximum comfort and will feel smooth and light on the hands. It will also eliminate bad odor and without harming the gums or mouth’s interior. Other things that need to be looked at when searching for the right toothbrush include the material of construction, size, weight, cleaning & maintenance ease, bristle type, length, and cost.

The following are the top 10 toothbrushes in 2020:

10. Colgate, 360 Full Head Soft Toothbrushes for Adults

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This set of brushes come with a full head and are recommended for adults. They are made from a strong and flexible material and feature smooth and soft bristles. According to the manufacturer, the item eliminates 151% more bacteria than other brushes and also gets rid of bad odor more effectively. They are very ergonomic, feel nice on the hands are easy to use thanks to their lightweight. The toothbrush gets rid of food remnants, stains, plaque and also cleans the tongue.

9. Dr. Collins, Perio Toothbrush

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With these toothbrushes, you’ll have cleaner teeth and a better breathe. Thanks to their high-quality ultra-soft polyester bristles, they will effectively get rid of food particles, plaque, stains, bad odor and much more. The super slim tapered brush is flexible and will tolerate water, toothpaste, and regular use. They are lightweight for easy handling and help to gently massage the gums as well as minimize chances of bleeding

8. Oral-B, Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush

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This toothbrush from Oral-B is one of the top toothbrushes on the market. It is made of high-quality and hygienic materials that keep you safe throughout. The toothbrush has flexing sides for improved performance, and 40S – soft bristles for effective cleaning and safety. The handle is very smooth and flexible and can easily reach inside the mouth whereas the quality bristles thoroughly clean between the gaps and also eliminate stains and reduce gingivitis. You can use one toothbrush and keep the other for later use or buy them for yourself and your partner.

7. Colgate, Slim Ultra Soft Charcoal Toothbrush

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This is one of the most innovative toothbrushes from the Colgate brand and in the market as well. It’s designed for most users and comes in a nice and easy-to-handle design. The toothbrush is known for the activated charcoal that improves the cleaning without damaging the enamel or harming the gums. It also combats gingivitis, bad smell, and eliminates stains. The brush’s handle is comfortable and feels very light in the hands.

6. Fairywill, Electric Toothbrush

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Boasting of 40,000 micro-brushes per minute, this electric brush from Fairywill will leave your teeth, gums, and tongue. It cleanses effectively as a Dentist’s sonic toothbrush but is more affordable. Thanks to the Dupont nylon-made tooth-waved bristles, it easily gets rid of food particles, stains, plague, bad odor, and gingivitis. The brush is fully waterproof and won’t be affected by moisture or water and is perfect for shower or bath use. A single charge delivers up to 4 hours.

5. Oral-B, Pro 5000 Smart Series Rechargeable Power Electric Toothbrush

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This has to be one of the smartest electric toothbrushes on the market. It features Bluetooth that allows it to communicate with a smartphone. This comes handy to help you stick to a good habit. The decently-sized toothbrush delivers good results thanks to the micropulse brushes and the 3D cleaning action. It’s very safe on the gums and won’t cause bleeding, reduces gingivitis and maintains the right pressure to eliminate stains, food bits, and plaque. The toothbrush has 5 modes (Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Gum Care, and Deep Clean) for improved functionality.

4. Oral-B, Pro 1000 Electric Power Rechargeable Battery Toothbrush

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Thanks to the superior 2D cleaning, this toothbrush will get rid of 300% more plaque compared to other brushes. It also oscillates smoothly to prevent harming the gums. It features angled CrossAction bristles for precise cleaning and is clinically-proven to eliminate plaque, stains, gingivitis and much more. This is credited to the quality bristles, 3D cleaning, and good handles that also provide a nice and firm grip. To assist you in effectively cleaning the teeth and mouth, it comes with an In-handle timer that pulses after 30 seconds.

3. Philips Sonicare, (HX6211/04) 2 Series Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush,

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By using this electric rechargeable toothbrush, you are assured of cleaner teeth and better oral hygiene. It delivers up to 31,000 brush strokes every minute ensuring that even the most hidden particles are eliminated. The thin and flexible bristles penetrate deep in the gaps for a thorough clean and eliminate 6 times more plaque compared to the normal manual brush. The easy start feature improves operation and also protects your gum whereas the two-color indicator lets you know the charge status and when to charge it. The charge can last for 2 weeks. It has a smooth and ergonomic handle for better handling and is easy to clean.

2. Oral-B, Pro 6000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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The Oral-Br Pro 6000 is suitable for most users and comes with a handy design for easy operation. It boasts of a customizable multicolor SmartRing and also helps to control the pressure applied to the teeth and gums. The head rotates, oscillates, and pulsates to break down the germs, bacteria, food remnants, stains, dirt, and plaque. To prevent bleeding or painful gums, it boasts of pressure sensor technology that automatically varies the speed. It is very simple to use thanks to its simple design and also easy in the hands courtesy of the ergonomic design.

1. Philips Sonicare, Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush

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This electric rechargeable toothbrush is regarded as the best by many people. It has a very user-friendly design for easy handling and is based on patented sonic technology that delivers as many as 31,000 brush strokes every minute. It thoroughly cleans the teeth and mouth without harming the gums. The brush is very flexible for easy and safer reach and requires minimal effort. According to the manufacturer, it eliminates 6 times more plaque than the manual types and has 5 settings to suit different needs. The battery is long-lasting and can keep a charge for up to 3 weeks.

Final Word!

Many people take toothbrushes for granted and pay little attention when buying. Usually, they end results are never good as the handle may feel a little rough, the bristles may be too stiff or too soft, the toothbrush may make their gums to bleed or irritate their tongue, or may feel a little heavy or too light. The above review has singled out the top 10 best toothbrushes on the market. They are well made, ergonomically-designed, easy to handle and operate, flexible, comfortable, and reliable. By using any of the toothbrushes you are certain of cleaner teeth, better oral hygiene, and good health in general.

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