Best Truck Bed Tents Review In 2020

In recent years, the truck bed tents have increased their popularity because they offer all of the benefits of a truck bed, and a full-size tent, with none of the downsides. Majority campers already enjoy driving their trucks out to a certain camping site and simply sleeping in the bed of it.

The truck beds don’t need to lie on the hard ground and risk having weird insects and other creepy crawlies slithering into their sleeping bags.

Truck beds may be compromised and make you vulnerable when the rainfall arrives, the wind, and other natural elements from which a full-size tent protects a camper.

The tent bed on a trick solves both of these problems, hence, abandoning all of the security breaches of a tent on the safe and elevated platform.

Best Truck Bed Tents of 2020

Often the tents on the trucks typically catch considerably less time to set up than a conventional one, too. The full-size tents need to be secured into the ground via a hammer and peg nails but the truck bed ones can usually just be tied to the vehicle and that’s it.

The bed tent for the truck is more stable than the ground as it can shift if it’s damp, causing a regular tent’s pegs to become loosened. Hazards like snake bites and poisonous insect bites are major concerns for campers.

In fact, between 7,000 and 8,000 people in the United States are bitten by venomous snakes each year. Reptiles can’t escalate the side of a truck, so sleeping in a truck bed tent instead of on the ground could save a camper a trip to the hospital.

1- Rightline Gear TruckRightline Gear Truck

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There’s always intimidation of pitching a proper tent keeps you from camping out under summer stars, fear no more the Tent takes the fuss out of outdoor adventure. The protective heavy-duty straps and nylon buckles won’t damage vehicle finishes, either.

Periods of sleep, two adults. Choose from available sizes. the floorless design makes set up easy. Straps and buckles won’t damage the vehicle finish. Sleeps 2 adults w=ater-resistant fabric with taped sealed seams.

Tuff Stuff Overland has several customer reports (as well as our own) of our tents withstanding the most severe inclement weather storms from +70MPH winds, hail, rain and even snow with zero failures!

What we like:

  • Rear Pockets
  • Included Straps

2- Sportz NapierSportz Napier

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Sleep 4 more in your truck tent! Nothing beats the convenience of truck camping. The convenient tent for your truck saves your time.

Full rainfly with taped seams for added rain protection; Polyethylene floor comes in with comfortably sleepable 4 Gear storage loft and 2 gear pockets.

A Lantern holder with 3 shock-corded fibreglass poles are there as the Attachment sleeve seamlessly connects the Sportz Link Ground Tent to any Napier Sportz truck tent. Includes expandable carry bag;

Measures 8′ x 8′ x 6.5’h.; Weighs 17 lbs.; Material: Polyester taffeta; MFG Number: 51000.

What we like:

  • 2 Rear Pockets
  • Polythene floors

3- Hasika Waterproof DoubleHasika Waterproof Double

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Polyester Imported truck bed tent This roomy tent sleeps 2-3 people with over 5.6 feet of headroom and is the only truck tent on the market with a sewn-in floor and shelter as the large rear access panels allow the access to the truck’s cab for more convenient storage while the large entrance door, 2 mesh windows and side vents allow for great ventilation Additional Awning:

The 5′ x 6.5′ shade awning provide large shade, Large enough to cover table, chairs, coolers, kids and pets alike to shield from sun, rain, and wind. Excellent Compatibility:

Fit for truck tent with 5.5 Ft-6.7 ft bed and easy setup.

What we like:

  • Wide Area
  • Durable

4- Offroading Gear PickupOffroading Gear Pickup

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Features an integrated waterproof floor to keep you dry and clean when resting soundly in your truck. The Granville II is the easiest to set up truck tent in the world with colour coded poles, elasticized straps, scratch-free clips, and more.

Each window also features bug-free mesh windows. They are amongst the most rugged tents on the market today.

They include rugged 5/8” anodized aluminium tent poles along with stainless steel hinges and are built to withstand anything that you, the weather, or your kids can throw at it.

What we like:

  • Rear Pockets
  • Code poles

5- Rightline Gear TruckRightline Gear Truck

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Crafted out from water-resistant fabric which is reinforced by tape-sealed seams, this tent attaches to any dry truck bed, keeping campers off the ground and free of wrangling complicated tarps, stakes, and guy lines.

Unique floorless design allows you to set up the tent without removing your gear from the truck bed, too, so you can set up sleeping bags ahead of time. Sleep, two adults.

Several size options are available. Choose from available sizes. The floorless design makes set up easy. Straps and buckles won’t damage the vehicle finish. Sleeps 2 adults. Water-resistant fabric with taped sealed seams.

What we like:

  • water-resistant
  • Included Straps

6- Kodiak Canvas MidKodiak Canvas Mid

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Sturdy, 3/4-inch, steel tube frame. Tunnel shaped design maximizes interior space. Tall 5 ft. ceiling height. Packed Size: L:47 W:10 H:10″ Weight: 41 lbs 5 windows provide excellent ventilation and openness.

Cab access window. Clamp-on rails easily mount on truck bed for secure fit Keeps you off the ground, high and dry, and away from critters. Pitch a tent anywhere your truck can go.

The ultra-thick 2.25” foam mattress will give you the best sleep of you’ve ever experienced camping. At night, unroll the window enclosures to keep the tent perfectly dim throughout the morning.

What we like:

  • Rear Pockets
  • Clamp-on rails

7- North East Harbor PickupNorth East Harbor Pickup

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Sleep Off The Ground – Creates the Perfect Off Ground Camp Site in the Back of your Open-Bed Pick-Up Truck Keeps you Clean and Dry – Features a Full Tent Floor that Keeps you Clean and Dry from the Elements 2-Person Sleeping Capacity – Comfortably Sleeps 2x Adults on the Bed of Your Truck Gear Pocket – The Internal Gear Pocket is the Perfect Place to Stow your Phone, Glasses, Wallet, Keys, etc.

Lantern Hook – Easily Hang your Lantern or Flashlight from this Conveniently Located Hook. With the broad interiors, the tent dimensions and it’s lower annexe room the tent provides a total combined interior space.

What we like:

  • Rear Pockets
  • Lantern Hooks

8- Footbox TopperFootbox Topper

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Truck camping made easy! The tent extends its bed for any truck with a canopy installed to allow you to sleep stretched out and makes you comfy!

If you are like many of us that camp in our trucks, you wish you had a bit more room to stretch your feet out when your tailgate is closed.

The foot box solves this problem by extending your canopy over your tailgate when it’s folded down, giving you the room to roll out your sleeping bag or bedroll and sleep comfortably. The foot box folds up small to store in you.

What we like:

  • Canopy Concept
  • Included Straps

9- Tuff Stuff RangerTuff Stuff Ranger

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The durable Tent is made from a heavy-duty 280g cotton mixed with poly fabric and a 420D polyester-oxford rain fly and a thick 1000D PVC driving cover and has been built to last!

The sleeping area is more than large enough for 2 full-sized adults, plus the annexe room can also accommodate a queen size mattress, air mattress, folding cot or a small dining table & chairs.

The retractable ladder in the annexe room can also be folded away for increased space inside of the annexe room while it’s not in use.

The Tuff Stuff Ranger sets itself apart due to its convenient size and ability to expand after installing the lower annexe room (included).

What we like:

  • Rear Pockets
  • Included Straps

10- Offroading Gear RooftopOffroading Gear Rooftop

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Elevate yourself from the ground by using this tent. The Granville 3 is our lightest and most compact tent but doesn’t sacrifice on roominess. It’s an ideal choice for two adults as it can hold upto1000 lbs easily.

It’s great for smaller SUVs, wagons, vans, or nearly any other vehicle. Installation is easy for anyone (no professional assistance needed) and includes all the necessary hardware and accessories.

The Granville III brings luxury to camping. As you ascend the included 6.5 aluminium ladder you’ll be greeted by a spacious room for up to 2 large adults.

Feel the breeze come in through the multiple over-sized windows with mesh enclosures to keep the bugs out.

What we like:

  • Rear Pockets
  • Included Straps

Best Truck Bed Tents – Buyer’s GuideBest Truck Bed Tents


When buying Truck Bed Tents, you need to select the best design that will fit your truck and meet your needs. Ensure that it’s waterproof to keep your room dry besides having a durable and robust construction.

Buying Truck Bed Tents requires you to ensure that it features a sturdy construction that will serve you for long. It is always necessary that you consider ventilation, tent strength, windows, and provision of adequate lighting when needed.

The design is considered to be a vital factor as the outdoors also deserve some aesthetics alongside your truck that assures the strength.

The design choices are many out there and some are just random colours with which the tents are painted with and hence can be a supportive extension to your truck.

The colour option will best fit as you will only need to select the one that matches your trucking scheme as much military-inspired personnel will go for a camouflaged design.

The interiors can be decorated too as there are tents that are simple from the outside but have a Nothern-Lights theme on the insides, even few tents are made of glow in the dark material hence the interiors including the holding pockets of the tents may glow when the sun goes down.


You need to ensure that the Truck Bed Tent that you buy offers flexibility where you can install easily, set up fast. Select a lightweight tent that you can easily fold and carry with durable straps for adjustability.

You need to ensure that you purchase a Truck Bed Tent that has sturdy construction to last you for long. Similarly, you can select a tent that will fit your different trucks.

The durability may be the best option as the tent maybe mostly used outdoors and especially in the jungles there are various tree branches and bats that usually fly at night hence clawing the tent in ways thus the strong base will assure the protective concept.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that along with the exteriors of the tent the interiors should also be able to endure as by holding down a warm coffee cup or a cold water bottle.

Even the pockets that are made for holding in the hand-held devices and the possessions should be strong enough to hold on.

The accessories that you may carry for your use may sometimes be heavy anyway so you need something is strong and can bare enough by holding down your torch, power bank etc.


In this article, we discussed important details about the designated product. We tried to provide you with reviews of products based upon customer ratings and replies upon the products.

We try our best to ensure that you get helped easily. This article has been written to ease you while buying products online, providing you with the proper links, images, and prices.

We will be very obliged if you give a thorough glance and skim our buyer’s guide because it will help you select a product basing upon your requirements, something which meets your needs better than any other product.

This article contains multiple types and designs made by different makers to help you select the best for you. You can select any kind of product depending upon your requirements, your desires, or the space you have at home.

These are very simple and easy to use secure products enlisted together to help you get the best out of the best. We hope this article helped you along with all the needs and requirements you wished to discover.

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