Volleyball Knee Pads

Top 7 Best Volleyball Knee Pads – Reviews In 2024

It can be fun to play volleyball but more comfortable if you have the right size of knee pads on. The knee pads are a must-have for serious volleyballers. The knee gives sufficient protection to the knee as well as making it comfortable for you.

With the knee pad on, injuries will be a thing of the past.  The many knee pads in the market can be confusing to a potential buyer. Follow the review keenly as I unravel the best knee pads on the market. You can use the information for decision-making.

Top 7 Best Volleyball Knee Pads in 2024

#7 Mizuno T10 Plus Kneepad

By: Mizuno

Why is it worth buying?

  • It is a slim design featuring the Mizuno logo on it.
  • For protection, it has enhanced high-density foam.

Save time while looking for a great volleyball knee pad by choosing this Mizuno product. Just one size fits many people. This is a new design that appears to be slim with the Mizuno run bird logo on it. Moreover, it has quality foam that will protect your knees in case of an awkward landing. This is a great asset for those who are playing volleyball. The presence of ventilation will eliminate any heat and humidity thereby making you comfortable throughout when playing volleyball. All is now for you to get one and wait for the great playing experience.

#6 VolleyCountry Volleyball Knee Pads – Black

By: VolleyCountry

Why is it worth buying?

  • It has a thermal stabilizer that ensures you feel warmth throughout.
  • Your knee is protected all around with these well-designed knee pads.

For exceptional comfort when playing, use these knee pads. When landing anyhow your knee will be well protected. And yes, the knee pad is well-constructed for mobility and durability. Furthermore, It has a thermal stabilizer that makes it stay warm. You shouldn’t have any doubts about his product as it has a satisfaction guarantee. For the best of uses get one today and you will get an amazing feeling when playing football.

#5 Mikasa Volleyball Knee Pad

By: Mikasa Sports

Why is it worth buying?

  • It fights both infections and eliminates any bad odor.
  • Jump and spike have been made very comfortable with this knee design.

For indoor use, you can use these ever-reliable Mikasa knee pads.  This one is recommended for use by adults. The cushion will protect your knees from bumps and scratches. Jump and serve or spike is very comfortable with this Mikasa design.  In addition, it fights the staph infection on the knees. A good ventilation system ensures that it eliminates the odor. There is no doubt having such equipment will boost your performance on the pitch.

#4 Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads


Why is it worth buying?

  • It has an improved DRI-fit liner that makes it more comfortable for you.
  • The knee pad has a high-density protective foam pad.

Are you tired of the bruises all over your knee?  This Nike product will prevent any further injuries to your knee. Boasting the high-density-protecting foam pad will cushion your knee against any impact. Its outer design has been simplified to give it a great look. While on the pitch you will appear fashionable. Besides this, it has a length of 6.7” and a width of 6.25”.  The outer knit stand has been improved for you to pay at the highest level. Finally, it is more comfortable to use with the improved interior dry-fit liner.

#3 Mizuno VS-1 Volleyball Kneepad

By: Mizuno

Why is it worth buying?

  • The D.F. cut makes the pad fit you easily.
  • For increased protection, it has VS-1 padding.

When you talk about knee pads you sincerely cannot overlook the Mizuno product. For years now it has been a consistent performer in the market. It’s made of 100% polyester and will last for ages. Additionally, it has vs-1 padding just for lateral, patella, and medical care. It boasts an incredible 9-sleeve length. Besides this, it has a D.F cut for it to fit you easily. The presence of the intercooler ventilation system will ensure you are comfortable throughout as it reduces the heat and humidity.

#2 ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pad


Why is it worth buying?

  • It has dual-density padding for more protection.
  • It has an anti-odor that keeps the smell fresh.

There is no better way to protect your knee when playing than with this ASICS product. It’s made of 43% cotton, 33% rubber, and 24% nylon this will get you through many games. The 6-inch sleeve side will surely be enough for you even if you have tall legs. Moreover, it has a dual-density padding that will cushion any impact just in case you fall. The low-profile knee pad features an anti-odor that will ensure it doesn’t smell bad with continuous sweat. When you purchase it you must be aware that it comes in pairs. Hurry and grab yours and wait for a great playing experience.

#1 Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

By: Mizuno

Why is it worth buying?

  • They offer complete support to the patella, lateral, and medial protection.
  • It has a DF cut for greater freedom when moving.

Get the protection you need with this playing knee pad. Boasting  50% polyester with 22 % rayon and 28% elastic this will perform the best when it comes to playing. Furthermore, it has a D.F. cut that gives you the freedom of movement while on the pitch. With the length of 6,” this will with no doubt fit your legs. It also has a padding that will cushion the impact in case of an impact. Finally, the knee pad has complete medial protection, lateral and patella.

Before Buying Volleyball Knee Pad – Consider

  • Price: You will always get the knee pad that fits well within your budget range. However, if you want the best one with a high-density foam that will last for decades then don’t hesitate to pay more. A Knee Pad that lasts for ages costs considerably more.
  • Size:  The size of the knee pad is very important. You have to buy a knee pad that fits your size well. It will be comfortable to fit on the knee pad that fits you well.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Quality knee pads look new no matter how many games you have played them with. You have to look for a knee pad that can withstand rough conditions for a long time.
  • Design: The knee pads come in different designs so you have to choose the one you are comfortable with. If you like the tight fitting designs then you have to look for one. Some pads cover very large surfaces.


For you to play volleyball for years you need to have the necessary attire on. All the knee pads here are the best volleyball knee pads in the market and they will not only protect your knees but also will make it comfortable for you when playing volleyball. You can choose any and start playing for your volleyball team.






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