Top 10 Best Water Guns in 2022 Reviews

Water guns are interesting toys that come in handy especially in warm weather. They are designed to release jets of water for you to soak your foes and subdue them whenever you can. When purchasing a water gun, it is important to go for a good quality and large capacity blaster that will last longer in the battlefield. It should also shoot over long distances and must allow for quicker refilling and easier operation.

List of Best water guns based on 2022 reviews:

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10. STR-75 Saturator Uzi Water-Blaster

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This is another highly efficient water gun that is designed to subdue foes with minimal effort from your side. It is a battery-operated water-gun that uses the motorized jet-propulsion mechanism to shoot water up to six meters away. The gun is powered by 4 AA batteries and is suitable for children from 8 years and above. Moreover, it normally comes in a wide array of colors for you to choose from.

9. Toysmith Wave-Thrower Pump Action Toy

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This is a special kind of water gun that allows you to use any standard water bottle as its tank. This eliminates the need for purchasing clips. It is a pump-action water gun whose design allows you to blast your foes faster and longer. It is a high-performance gun that can shoot as far as twenty eight feet away. The product is recommended for children that are four years old and more. You can use a larger water bottle as your water tank if you want to stay in the game for longer.

8. The Nerf Super-Soaker Arctic Shock

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If you want to literally freeze your enemies to their core with an icy blast, this is the water gun to purchase. It is a cool water gun with a great look. Moreover, the unit can hold up to twenty five ounces of water and can shoot foes up to thirty feet away. It is a pump-action blaster that does not require any batteries to operate. Note that its drum is compatible with many other Nerf water guns.

7. Super Soaker Switch Shot-Blaster from SUPERSOAKER

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Featuring the STG-44 design, this water gun comes with a high-performance removable banana clip cartridge which can quickly be refilled or even replaced while in battle. Each clip can hold a maximum of twenty ounces of water and can fire up to twenty five feet away. Moreover, the water gun boasts of four different shot types which can be achieved by simply rotating the nozzle that is at the front part.

6. Sky Rocket Fuze-Cyclone Bike Water Blaster

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This is a bike-mounted water gun that allows you to shoot while riding. It normally comes with a handle-mounted control, which will allow you to blast your foes without even removing your hand from the handlebar. The unit can shoot water up to twenty five feet away. As a rider you will be able to control your aiming as well as firing in a 180 degrees spectrum without even taking your eyes off the road. It is operated by four AA batteries.

5. Water Gun Blaster Yosoo Child Fire Backpack Nozzle

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If you are looking for the best way to intimidate your foes while on the battlefield, this will be the best water gun to buy. It has cannon with an alien-esque design that features a handy handle at the top and a giant barrel at the back. The unit can hold up to 1100 milliliters of water and shoots more than 20 feet away. It is a mega capacity pump-action water blaster that is designed to keep you on the battlefield much longer than your enemies.

4. Super Soaker Max Infusion Overload


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This is another great mid-sized water pistol that allows you to blast a continuous stream of water to your foes. Alternatively, you can pull the trigger back in order to create the quick flash flood. The unit has two water tanks and normally uses Hasbro’s constant-pressure system, which allows you to hit targets that are up to five feet away. The system ensures that the water gushes out with the same amount of pressure right from the beginning up to the end.

3. The Stream-Machine Water Launcher

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If you need a great quality water gun that has quick reload capabilities, this is the product to buy. It can pull water from just about any water source and can shoot enemies up to seventy meters away. Its high-powered stream can intensify a water-war situation. The gun can reload in just two or three seconds hence you will enjoy using it near a pool of water. Moreover, you can add a shoulder strap for convenience.

2. The Nerf Zombie-Strike Extinguisher Blaster Water-Soaking Gun from SuperSoaker

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This is another high-quality toy that is ideal for children of all ages. It is made of top quality materials, which have been tested for safety, quality as well as durability. The one-handed water-blaster will allow you to soak your target up to twenty feet away. Moreover the water tank normally lights up for effective night battles. The product can hold up to four fluid ounces, which is enough to soak your enemy before refilling.

1. NERF Super-Soaker Scatter-blast Blaster

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This is the best water gun based on 2022 review. It is a simple yet effective gun that can shoot up to five streams of water all at once. Moreover, it is a pump-action blaster with a shotgun design that looks great and works quite well. It is a solid unit that does not require any batteries to operate. In fact it is the best water gun for close-quarter combats. Its 22-ounce water tank will enable you to stay in the battlefield for longer.


There are so many water guns available on the market and choosing the best one may not be an easy task. However, the above water gun reviews can be of help if you want to purchase the best unit, one that will last longer in the battle field and is easy to operate.

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