Are you on the market for the best wheelchair lift for your van? The world might not be the perfect fit for disabled people, but that does not mean you can’t go wherever you want. You can easily travel with your wheelchair everywhere you go. This is where wheelchair lifts come into place to help give your wheelchair a lift. They help you carry your wheelchair everywhere you go with ease. In this post, we are going to look at the best wheelchair lifts on the market to buy.

Make sure you read our wheelchair lift reviews before buying one. This guarantees you quality and good value for your money.

Table of the Best Wheelchair Lifts Reviews

10. Silver Spring Wheelchair Carrier with Tilting Platform

Wheelchair Lifts

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The Silver Spring Manual wheelchair lift is an excellent pick to start our list with a simple platform that allows for easy loading and unloading. It is a quality wheelchair lift that transports a single manual wheelchair. The lift attaches to the existing vehicle hitch mount. It features an adjustable, stable arm that secures the wheelchair firmly into place. Overall, it is one of the best picks on the market currently carrying a maximum weight of 100lbs. It also folds upright for easy storage between uses.


  • Folds upright for easy storage
  • Tilting platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Mounts to existing vehicle hitch ball
  • Heavy-duty steel construction that holds 100lbs

9. GoPlus Foldable Wheelchair Carrier Mobility Scooter – 500 Lbs

Goplus Wheelchair Carrier Mobility Scooter Loading Ramp Heavy Duty Strong Hitch Cargo

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GoPlus is one of the best brands out there, and you can’t go wrong choosing the GoPlus wheelchair lift. It is a pretty simple design that folds with ease and takes minimal storage space. The design of the lift allows for easy loading and transportation of many equipment. It is a versatile lift that applies to a wide range of vehicles like vans SUVs, trucks and much more. The construction of this lift is the heavy duty steel. Overall, the lift can hold a maximum of 500lbs.


  • Features three integrated ramps for easy folding in three different positions
  • Large loading capacity of 500lbs
  • Durable, heavy-duty steel construction
  • Applicable to a variety of vehicles

8. Wheelchair Power Electric Medical Mobility Scooter Carrier

Wheelchair Power Electric Medical Mobility Scooter Carrier

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This is another pretty simple lift with a wide platform measuring 28 by 48 inches to carry a variety of equipment. It is an excellent choice that can reach a length of 42.25 inches when expended.  The lift weighs75lbs and can carry a maximum load of 400lbs. It is a versatile ramp that locks flat when not in use.  The heavy-duty folding hitch makes this lift pretty solid and durable. Other features include the heavy-duty internal spring, locking upright and the anti-wobble design.


  • Heavy duty folding ramp
  • Anti-wobble design
  • Expendable platform
  • Three-inch safety rail

7. 400lb Heavy Duty Electric Power Wheelchair Carrier

Electric Power Wheelchair Carrier with Loading Ramp

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This is a powerful electric power wheelchair carrier with a maximum load capacity of 400lbs. It is an excellent lift for taking your wheelchair and other equipment everywhere you go. The scooter features a long 42-inch ramp for easy loading and unloading. Built-in reflectors help enhance safety for safe driving at night. The design of the ramp allows it to fold fully towards the vehicle for safe transportation when not in use.


  • Built-in reflectors for safe driving
  • 42-inch long loading ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • 400lbs maximum load
  • Entire wheelchair easily folds towards the vehicle for easy storage and transportation when not in use

6. Wheelchair Carriers Lift N Go

Wheelchair Carriers Lift

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This is another great wheelchair or scooter lift with a black powder finish to resist weather damage. It is a quality pick that comes in two designs for class 2 and 3 vehicle receiver hitches. Make sure you choose a model that matches with your vehicle receiver hitch. The hitch attachment is easily adjustable for easy fitting on tall vehicles. Overall, this lift is pretty easy to operate with a push button for raising or lowering the lift. The carrier is however manually lifted to the ideal storage position.


  • Easy operation through a push button
  • Weather resistant black powder coat finish
  • Available in class 2 and 3 receiver hitches
  • Adjustable hitch attachment

5. Folding Wheelchair Scooter Carrier Rack

Folding Wheelchair Scooter Carrier Rack

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This is a heavy-duty steel constructed wheelchair lift with a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. It is a sturdy and durable option that will handle most of your lift needs. The lift further features a black powder finish to prevent corrosion and rust. It is a foldable ramp that easily folds flat for storage when not in use. It fits all the class III and IV two-inch receiver hitches. The locks are pulled by a heavy-duty internal spring.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Durable black powder finish
  • 40lbs weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty internal locking spring

4. Best SKY1700 Electric Mobility Wheelchair Carrier

Mobility Wheelchair Carrier

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Best Choice Products are well-known for their amazing qualities, and this wheelchair lift from Best Choice makes a great addition to our list. It is a durable lift with heavy-duty steel construction to serve you for long. The lift features a 3-inch safety rail and a black powder coated finish. The hitch receiver on this lift is 2 inches which perfect for class III and IV vehicles. Pull locks helps secure your wheelchair during transportation.


  • 3-inch safety rails
  • Pull locks
  • 3-position carrier
  • Durable black powder finish

3. Silver Spring Electric Powerchair Scooter Lift and Carrier

Silver Spring Electric Universal Powerchair Scooter Lift and Carrier

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This is a perfect scooter or powerchair lift with a wide base measuring 42 by 27 inches. It is a versatile lift that works for vehicles in class II, III and IV hitch receivers. The lift safely holds a maximum of 350lbs. The construction of this lift is durable and reliable with everything made in the USA. Other features in the lift include a license plate holder, manual crank back up, and self-tension retractors.


  • Supports 350lbs
  • Reliable and durable construction
  • Self-tension retractors
  • Manual crank backup

2. Harmar Micro Scooter Lift

Harmar Micro Scooter Lift

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The Harmar is another quality wheelchair and scooter lifts with a platform that folds manual for easy storage. It is an excellent addition to the list compatible with a wide range of vehicles in class I, II, III and IV trailers. When not use, the lift platform will fold against the vehicle giving good visibility to other drivers.


  • Compatible with several vehicle hitch receivers
  • Folds flat against the vehicle
  • Simple design

1. Freedom Mobility Automatic Fully Universal Scooter Lift

Freedom Mobility Universal Scooter Lift Fully Automatic Platform Carrier

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The Freedom mobility scooter lift is another quality selection with a 27.5 x 39 inches aluminum platform. The lift features an adjustable cradle that extends up to 46 inches to adapt to different scooter types. It is one of those few advanced lifts with a weight-sensor platform to prevent overloading. The lift folds easily when there is no scooter on top for easy transportation and storage. Overall, it is a great pick that installs and adjusts easily. It can hold a maximum of 35lbs. It also includes a license plate mount.


  • Weighs 350lbs
  • License plate mount
  • Aluminum deck
  • Weight sensitive platform]


If you always have problems transporting your wheelchair, scooter or any other mobility equipment, then you need to select one wheelchair lift from our list above. These are the best wheelchair lifts on the market currently. You can be sure of getting a quality lift with good features when you choose from our narrowed list.

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