10 Best Wooden Dollhouses – Modern Wooden Dollhouses in 2022

Are you a kid lover? Looking for something to win a kids’ adorable heart? Check out the 10 best wooden dollhouses as ideal gifts for them. These modern wooden dollhouses will not only help enhance your kids’ enjoyment, imagination and creativity, but also live their dream. It is also one of the best gaming toys to help encourage kids to shape their dreaming future house. You might also consider Police Car Toys as an option. Yet, let’s first check out the top 10 best wooden dollhouses for kids below.

List of the Best Wooden Dollhouses for Kids in 2022

10. A Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse With 2 Dolls

Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse

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As the name may speak for itself, this Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse is a readily-assembled dollhouse which you can conveniently carry on for your kids to enjoy, even on a holiday trip. You buy it, fold it open and let your kids play it. The dollhouse looks fancy and is made of wood with two functioning doors, two moveable dolls (one girl, one boy), and 11 pieces of wooden furniture such as chairs, armchair, table, bathtub, sink, toilet, TV stand, TV, bed, and stove. When the kids fold the house open, they can also organize their house by rearranging or placing the furniture and the dolls based on their own imagination and enjoyment. The product is suitable for the kid of 3 years old and above. This dollhouse was positively reviewed on Amazon by parents who claimed that the dollhouse looks adorable with their kids, and their kids love playing with it a lot.

9. All Seasons Kid’s Wooden DollHouse Furnished with Accessories

All Seasons Kid's Wooden Doll House

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The All Seasons Kid’s Wooden DollHouse comes with an open-structure style house which offers your kids an opportunity to imaginatively design and decorate the house of their dream. The Doll House has three levels, and the kids can either play alone or with other kids to decorate their house from the back, the front, the sides or even from the roof. The dollhouse is designed to encourage kids’ imagination and creativity. It is easy to assemble, and made of non-toxic and child safe materials. The dollhouse’s features include bathroom set, living room set, dining room set, kid’s room set, baby’s room set and outdoor sets. However, you can either order furnished or unfurnished dollhouse depending on your choice. If you have a kid who is active, imaginative and creative, this dollhouse might be the right choice for her or him to play with.

8. Majestic Mansion Best Dollhouse by KidKraft

Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

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The Majestic Mansion Dollhouse is large size dollhouse which is 4.5 feet tall, providing plenty space for the big brain kid. The house is manufactured in a large mansion structure, providing 8 room spaces, gliding elevator between the second and the third floor, a two-swinging door garage, wide windows from both sides for doll view and other 34 pieces of portable furniture and accessories which allow your kid to spend hours to explore and decorate their dreaming mansion house. The materials are composed of wood products. This Majestic Mansion Dollhouse is fitting for the kid to play alone, play with their siblings or share the fun with their beloved friends.

7. Wooden Handmade Best Dollhouse Miniature DIY Kit by Rylai

Wooden Handmade Dollhouse Miniature

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The Wooden Handmade Dollhouse is known for enhancing your kid’s creativity. It is a kind of DIY toys, coming along with the manual which allow you and your kid to work together to build your imaginary house. It also helps improve your kid’s brain as it can be cooperated in many ways and styles. The materials are non-toxic and harmless. Actually, the ideal of this Wooden DIY house is not just for kids but also as a loving gift for friends, loving partner and relatives. As it comes with the kit, anyone can enjoy it regardless of their age.

6. Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse With 19 pcs Furniture


Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse

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The Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse comes with 19 different pieces of furniture which can be built as a three-floor house. It features the real house with five rooms, operational doors and window, two staircases, and two classy terraces which make the house looks lively. More importantly, there are full set of houseware which let your kids to enjoy organizing them and decorating the dollhouse like the real house. Even though there are 19 diversified pieces, the dollhouse is easy to assemble and stable. With its pink painted wall and purple roof, I would say the dollhouse is the best ideal gift for all adorable female kids.

5. Girl’s Uptown Best Dollhouse with Furniture by KidKraft

Girl's Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

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This girl’s uptown dollhouse is a more challenging toy which comes with more than 30 accessories. It might not a great option for a kid to assemble the house alone, but it is a perfect idea for a nanny or parents who are looking for the toy that allow them to play together with their loving kid. There are various pieces and signified housewares, including a beautiful piano keyboard and a fancy swimming pool as shown in the picture. The house looks modern and fashioned, which can bring all the fun within your family. Playing this toy with your kid will not only help improve your kid’s intelligence but also bring you closer to each other everyday.

4. Paris Apartment Wooden Dollhouse & Furniture – a DIY Dollhouse Kit

Wooden Handmade Dollhouse Miniature DIY Kit

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A DIY thing is known for encouraging imagination and creativity. So does this Rylai wooden dollhouse kit. The dollhouse embraces a Paris apartment model and structure which help expand your kids’ imagination beyond the boundary. With its beautiful and adorable design, this apartment wooden dollhouse is an excellent architype for your adorable children or a gift for your niece/nephew. But if you are just in a relationship, this dollhouse might be a very sweet and romantic gift for your partner as well. The product material is nontoxic and safe.

3. Heritage Playset Rose Cottage – Wooden DollHouse by Bigjigs Toys

Heritage Playset Rose Cottage - Wooden Doll House

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This wooden dollhouse comes with 27 pieces of wooden furniture, and a loving dog and a cat. If you or your kids are pet lovers, this dollhouse will make a perfect company for you. The house’s door can be slid to open which allow your children to touch the inside of the house. All the rooms are well furnished and ready just for your children to play with it. All pieces of the wooden dollhouse are made of a high quality but responsible source of materials. However, it requires an adult person for the first installation. Doesn’t it look fancy to you? It is to me.

2. Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray

Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray

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This is a wooden dollhouse blocks. It assembles like a brick dollhouse, simple but awesome! I find it a perfect option your boys to play with. If your boy is a big dreamer or want to be an architecture, then this solid-wooden building block dollhouse is a great toy for him to walk his dream and his imagination. Each piece is made of good quality material and easy to assemble. Your boy will have fun assembling, and then dispersing the pieces to build the house in many other ways they like. This is a loving one for all boys.

1. Best Choice Products Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture

Best Choice Products Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture

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This Wooden Dollhouse is designed for your adorable daughter who loves decorating. It comes with 17 colorful wooden pieces of furniture which allow your lovely daughter to decorate and design her own dreaming house. It is simple but swanky, and for single or multiple players. The product is made of echo-friendly and safe material. What else do you want for your adorable daughter?


All products have their own beautiy and uniqueness. Therefore, it might or might not fit your favor. However, I hope this review will give you an sense to choose the right toy for your lovely children. All the best 🙂


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