Top 8 Disc Golf Bag 2021 Reviews

Having a nice disc golf bag is very important as it allows you to have safe storage to keep your golf discs and other belongings. Disc golf bags are designed to have different sizes and designs, so you may need to look at each one before making the purchase. We also want to make things easier for you. Hence, in this article, we are going to look into the top 8 disc golf bags of the year and some buying advice.

Buying Guides Of Disc Golf Bag

Not all disc golf bags come in reliable qualities and performance. Thus, here are a few buying tips you should keep in mind when buying any disc golf bag.

Capacity: The first factor is to get the bag that can hold enough discs that you will need. Most small to medium size bags can hold up to 10 discs. However, if you need to store more discs, then go for a larger bag. A large bag has the room to keep up to 30 discs for you.

Compartment: The next important thing to look at is the compartments of the bag. More than just having enough room for discs, it is nice if you can store other small belongings like wallets, phones, cards, and keys, too.

Adjustable: Most of the best disc golf bags come with an adjustable bag. Some even come with a belt strap, which means you can use the bag as a belt bag. So, determine if this is a feature you will need.

8. FITactic Disc Golf Bag

FITactic Disc Golf Bag
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This disc golf bag is designed to have a large capacity; therefore, you can store the discs as much as 30 in the bag. More than this, it aims to ensure your convenience by giving you the compartment for storing other belongings too. The total pockets of this golf bag are up to 11 pockets. If you take a look at the bottom part of the bag, you will that it is attached to the rubber for increasing stability. It is also good to know that the material used for producing this bag is the 600D Nylon Fabric.

You can enjoy storing the disc and belongings without any concern since the maximum weight it can support is up to 50 lbs. You should only go out with this bag to make sure that you have everything you need.

7. Franklin Sports Disc Golf Bag

Franklin Sports Disc Golf Bag
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This is the showtime of the next top-rated disc golf backpack, and it is brought to you by Franklin Sports. This one is here to give you much space for keeping the disc golf and valuable belonging with ease. There are many compartments in this bag, so you can store and organize your items well. Next, the capacity of this product is up to 18 discs, allowing you to carry it around during the game day with ease. You can also store water and snacks easily too. The bag is designed to have 2 bottle storage pouches.

Please note that it comes with a zipper as well. More than this, you will get the ultimate comfort when you are carrying the bag around. Handy straps are attached to the cushion for keeping you comfortable all the time. Last but not least, the bottom part of the backpack is waterproof.

6. Prodigy Disc Disc Golf Bag

Prodigy Disc Disc Golf Bag
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When we talk about a disc golf bag, an outstanding option you should choose is this product. First of all, this one is the product from Prodigy Disc and it has a large capacity. It can store up to 30 discs as it is designed to have large pockets. More awesome than this, you will sure to have more space for other small items too. If you take a closer look at the design of it, it has main and side pockets.

Next, the quality of the product should not be a concern for you too as it is designed from the durable material. You can also keep the water bottle by your side when you are going out too. With this bag, we guarantee that you can take it everywhere with you during both dry and rainy days.

5. Athletico Disc Golf Bag

Athletico Disc Golf Bag
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The next best product you can get at an affordable price is the one from the Athletico brand. This product is well-recognized as the perfect disc golf bag. This bag is creatively designed to give you the golf equipment you need. Since the bag can hold up to 14 discs, you can conveniently access it whenever needed. The design of the bag is very stylish, too. As a great point, it will also enhance your beauty when you are on your golf field.

The straps are totally adjustable; therefore, you can get the length and position you like. The quality of it is built to last since it is built from 600D polyester fabric. On top of that, the metal hooks and shoulder straps are added to the bag too. Lastly, it is a wide choice to get this backpack since it comes with a reliable warranty.

4. Athletico

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This one is exactly the product you need if you are looking for the best backpack for the golf time. As one of the products from the Athletico brand, it has both quality and large capacity. This one can store up to 20+ discs, and it allows you to access it easily. There are many compartments and pockets for small belongings. More than just giving you the space to keep the disc, it aims to enhance the beauty of yours when you carry it around as well. The style and size of the bag are very easy to carry around. The pad and cushion are added, so it will keep you comfortable all the time.

It is also good to know that the bottom part of the bag is well protected. You can place it anywhere you want since it is very stable. Another good news is, you will get a money-back warranty when you make a purchase.

3. Fit Active Sports

Fit Active Sports
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This one is recommended if you want to fit many items in just one bag. First of all, it is a product from Fit Active Sports, and it is an awesome bag that can store up to 28 discs. For making your items more organized, the bag is divided into main and small compartments. If you take a look at the design of the bag, we bet that you will love its design too. The bag is known for the multifunctional use it. You can use it as a travel and sports bag too. No matter what activities you are doing, having this bag by your side is the best way to keep belongings at your fingertip.

In terms of quality, you can have trust in it since it is made from durable materials. The bag is attached with nice padding too, so you will not need to worry about the bumps and bruises when you are using it. Don’t hesitate anymore, this one is what you need for storing all the items when you are going out. Make yours today, and you will get a money-back warranty too.

2. Disc Living

Disc Living
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Here, we have another durable disc golf bag that you can have faith in. It is a product from Disc Living, and it is made from high-quality canvas. The first great quality of it will make the bag lightweight yet durable. In order to give you comfort when you are carrying it around, the bag is attached with a shoulder strap. More than this, you can also choose to attach the bag to your waist too as the belt strap is also given. This is great if you like to enjoy golfing with your free hand.

If you take a look at the style of the bag, you’ll see that it is very stylish for everyone. For your information, the maximum disc gift it can hold is up to 10 discs. Don’t wait anymore, your golfing time will be prepared and well-organized if you have everything you need in this bag.

1. Kestrel

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Kestrel is here as the last product on the list today and we are thrilled to introduce to you such a high-quality disc golf bag. First and foremost, this bag has the capacity to hold up to 20 discs at the same time. It is also designed to have extra space for you to keep your valuable belongings, too. What makes this bag different is the feature and function of the bag itself. As an illustration, it has a larger capacity than other bags. The front and side of the bag offer the room for a bottle, wallet, key, and more.

With this bag, we bet that there is nothing to worry about since it is made from high-quality material. It is good to know that it is made from durable canvas and it is very easy to carry around. More than just allowing you to make adjustments to the strap, the inside compartment can be adjusted too. This one is what you should get if you like a timeless design that stays stylish overtime.


This is the end of the top 8 best disc golf bags review today, and we bet that you have spotted a product you like already. These bags in the list above are known to be great in quality. Thank you for your time.

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