BEST Electric Air Pump for Inflatable in 2022 – Buyers’ Guide

Since its innovation, electric air pumps have been one of the most useful daily household tools that can be used to inflate anything from inflatable swimming pool, toys, balloons, ball, mattress to many more. On top of this, this electric air plump can also be used to deflate those things back for easy storage.

Hence, owning a high quality electric air pump is super handy. For anyone who is looking to get an electric air pump, we have prepared a list of top 9 best electric air pump that is a compilation of top rated products reviewed by real consumers. Keep reading to find out all the brands and the products’ specialty.

List Of Top 9 best electric air pump for inflatable in 2022

9. Sun Pleasure

Sun Pleasure Upgraded

First one in the list, we have No. 9 best electric air pump from Sun Pleasure. This top 9th best electric air pump is known for its dual functionality which it can smoothly inflate and deflate the items using just this pump alone. Moreover, it is ideal for any large inflatable item because Sun Pleasure has a high-volume air pump; that is 1.5 PSI.

Also, it has pressure control function that prevent the item from exploding because of over-inflating, too. Another special point about this electric air pump is that it is super portable and lightweight which is what makes it easy to be carried along whenever you go. You can also keep it in your car in case you are going to a road trip and need to inflate something, you can have it ready to use anytime.

Plus, this Sun Pleasure electric air pump also comes with 3 universal nozzles that you can use to pump with different type of items. Last but not least, this high quality product also comes with a 1-year warranty, so if you have any problem or question after purchasing this, you can always come back to the team for helpful customer support.

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8. Omont

Omont Electric Air Pump

Another high quality electric air pump that you should check out is from Omont. Omont is another electric air pump that has very high volume of air pumping; measuring up to 1.2PSI speed that is fast enough to pump any item with a quick glance of eye.

Moreover, it is also compatible to pump big inflatable items like mattress, pool, sofa, boat, or even water bed. Besides, Omont also dual functionality which means it can both inflate and deflate with the same tool, so you don’t have to spend money on other tool to deflate your item.

On top of this, Omont is also designed to be lightweight and compact in order to ensure portability of the product. To add on, this electric air pump also uses ergonomic concept that makes it super easy and convenient to use and operate.

If these still hold you back from choosing Omont, Omont also offers generous 12-month warranty on its electric air pump. Therefore, you can now shop confidently knowing that you can always call back for support from Omont team anytime.

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7. Olar Hike

 OlarHike Portable

Moving onthe No. 7, we have this 2 in 1 electric air pump from Olar Hike. By 2 in 1, it simply refers the dual functionality of this electric air pump in term of deflating and inflating capability. Olar Hike is also applicable to pump big inflatable items; from camping air mattress to toys and more.

Besides, this electric air pump from Olar Hike is rechargeable using AC and DC with the adapters included in the package when purchasing. Such flexibility allows you to use this electric air pump anywhere you go without any concern.

What is more, Olar Hike also offers 3 different size of nozzles to complement its lightweight electric air pump, so you can use it to pump any items. When operating, this air pump works very easily and quietly, so you don’t have to worry about bearing with the noise when pumping the air in or out the item.

Finally, this electric air pump also comes with 100% lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee which you can get the product exchange or return it for refund. So it is obvious that there is nothing you would lose when purchasing this.

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GLOSSE Electric Air

Following by top 6th, here is another superior performance electric air pump supplied by GLOSSE. Using super high quality motor, this electric pump can supply high volume air while produces very little sound. Also, with the bottom air ventilation design, this electric air pump won’t get overheating although it’s operating simultaneously.

With 3 types of nozzles included in the package, this electric air pump has two blowholes that allows it to inflate and deflate the items very smoothly. In terms of power supply, there are two different power supplies you can choose to use with this; including AC which can be used with the power outlet at home and DC which can be used with your vehicle. Such design allows this to be handy anywhere you go.

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5. Gifts Sources

Gifts Sources Electric

What’s special here at the top 5th is the superior performance electric air pump from Gifts Sources. Known for its performance, Gifts Sources electric air pump is ETL approved product and it is both durable and functional. In terms of its functionality, this electric air pump can produce super high volume air pressure with is measured up to 1.6 PSI; flowing 26 cfm or 45m³/h; hence, it is obvious that Gifts Sources electric air pump can inflates better than most of the typical electric and traditional air pump you can find on the market.

With dual functionality, Gifts Sources also included 3 additional nozzles in the package for more convenient use with different type of inflatable objects. Also, it is compatible to pump even the big object like air mattress or air sofa. It can also be used to vacuum the compressed food bag to store in the fridge.

On top of this, this electric air pump also has the safety feature which it will automatically power off itself when the temperature is surpassing the set limit. However, you can reuse it again after the motor cools down. Also, Gifts Sources is recommended for indoor use only. To boost more confidence for shopping with Gifts Sources, this company offers 90-days cash back policies and a 18-month warranty along with lifetime support for its customer.

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4. Intex

intex electric air pump

Another highly rated electric air pump is from Intex. What’s special about this electric air pump is that it is super affordable for such high quality product. Using Thermo-protector, Intex is made for absolute safety where it can prevent the electric air pump from overheating when operating it continuously.

Moreover, it is designed with ergonomic shape that users to be able to carry and use it. What is more, Intex also offers 3 interconnecting nozzles with hose so it is compatible to pump almost with any inflatable objects. Such simplicity makes Intex very practical and functional for every household.

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Electric Air Pump

Here at the top 3rd, we have this electric air pump for inflatable objects from BOMPOW. Most recommended as the best indoor air pump, BOMPOW uses AC socket as the power supply. Technically speaking, this electric air pump has the air pressure measured as 0.58 PSI which allows you to inflates any big inflatable items like kind size air mattress in just a few minute.

Designed to ergonomically fit in human’s palm, this electric air pump is very easy and convenient to handle and use. What is more, there are also 3 detachable nozzles which gives the flexibility of inflate and deflate various types of objects. Besides, despite its high performance, it works very silently, too. So you don’t have to worry about bearing with the noise when operating it. Last but not least, BOMPOW also comes with a lifetime warranty on the products.

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Electric Air Pump

Standing on the top 2nd, this is a premium quality electric air pump from WALLE. Known for its user friendly design that lies on the portability and size of it; so it is very convenient to operate. Moreover, such small size is also easy for you to bring it along. For WALLE, it can pump the air with the pressure measured as 0.58 PSI/400Pa, which simply means it can inflate or deflate very fast.

In addition, it also comes with 3 free nozzles where you can choose to connect with different inflatable objects that you have. However, there is one thing about this electric air pump that you need to be aware about is that it should not be used to inflate any high pressure items including type, ball or balloon.

Asides from the mentioned items here, everything else can be inflated with this electric air pump. Last but not least, WALLE also offer 30-day cash back guarantee and a 18-month warranty; hence, you can also shop with confidence with WALLE.

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1. Etekcity

Etekcity Electric

Here at the top 1, we have this incredible and super functional electric air pump from Etekcity. There are countless reasons of why Etekcity deserves to be in this highest rank. First of all, in terms of performance, Etekcity possesses super high pressure in order to ensure a fast and smooth inflating experience for uses. With 0.55PSI (3800Pa), Etekcity is one of a few electric air pump with the highest air pressure compares to most of the likes products on the market. Such high performance allows Etekcity to be applicable to use with most of the inflatable items including Kind size air mattress.

Moreover, this electric air pump also comes with interlocking nozzles that can be used to inflate and deflates every types of object. Using the interlocking nozzles also allows a secure pumping operation. Aside from this, it also works very silently, too.

For Etekcity, because its main design also focuses on lightweight concept, this electric air pump is super compact; so you can easily bring it anywhere you go. Last but not least, this ETL listed electric air pump also offers a 1-year warranty and lifetime support to their customers; hence, once you purchase this, you enter in a special privilege where you will be taking a very great care from the customer team.

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Buying Guide for Electric Air Pump

To get the best electric air pump, there are also a few guides that you can take note which can help you to choose the produce wisely. First of all, you need to check in term of the produce capability as relevant to what are those inflatable objects can it pump and what it cannot. It is important that you make sure of this point because if your demand is more what an electric air pump can you are looking for could do, you need to look for other options.

Besides, it is also essential that you double confirm if the electric air pump that you are looking for has dual functionality. In other word, the most recommended electric air pump is the one that can do both inflating and deflating. Hence, for the comfort of using, you should always look for this function in the product.

The last point that you should also look for before purchasing the product is what sort of power supply that the electric air pump could be powered from. The most flexible electric air pump would be the one that can be use with AC socket and DC outlet in the vehicle; so you can use the air pump anywhere you go. Moreover, for any type of power supplier in particular, you can also want to check if your power supply capacity is compatible with the electric air pump that you are going to purchase.


In conclusion, when you are looking for the best electric air pump for inflatables item in the market, do not forget to check out this article as it will help you with everything you would need to know about this handy household tool.


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