Top 10 Best Floor Polisher Machine Reviews in 2022

How to use a floor polisher machine?

For those who never use the floor polisher machine, it is not what you think it is. To use the machine, First of all, you need to choose the right pad or brushes depend on what kind of surface you are working on and attach it to the pad holder. Next, lay the pad side toward the floor and lock the handle to the upright position. Then, Plug the cord, lower the handle to your comfortable position, and turn it on.

After that, lower the handle to move the machine to the left, lift it up to move to the right, and let it go to stop. Last but not least, turn it off to stop, unplug and cleaning your pad if it is cleanable.

How to buy the best floor polisher machine?

First of all, you need to know what type of floor and area you want to use it for. If it is for huge building, you need to go for industrial use. If you are using it at home, you can go to the small one. Then, you need to know the type of power that runs at the place that you wish to polish.

All the products come with 110V and 220V but most of them are not dual voltage, so be aware of that because it might lead to a mechanical problem. Some polisher comes with the tank that allows you to put cleaning solution in. Finally, get the right pad for your cleaning purpose and make sure to read all of its information before buying one.

List Of Top 10 Best Floor Polisher Machine Reviews in 2022

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10. Koblenz P-1800 commercial floor scrubber

Koblenz P-1800 Rug

In the development of over 40 years, Koblenz has become one of the recognized brands that provide floor cleaner and polisher machines. They create these machines to solve real cleaner needs both at home or in industrial markets.

One of the latest products from Koblenz is Koblenz P-1800, the floor polisher and also can proceed as rug shampooer. This machine is a cleaning machine that can scrub to clean up carpets and it use to polishing rough floors. The design of this machine includes quality since its concept. That is why the quality of this machine is astonishing. This machine can polish, wax, scrub, buff, and shampoo all types of carpet and floors with its 12” cleaning path featured rotated dual brushes that spin in a different direction. These brushes allow the stability of the machine for best handling as well as the ideal cleaning.

Koblenz P-1800 equipped with an effective strong motor of 4.2A and weighs about 14 pounds. This machine comes with a pair of scrubbing brushes, 2 green scrubbing pads, 2 tan cleaning or polishing pads and one pair of the lambswool buffing pad. For the scrub brushes, they not recommend you use it with wood floors and carpet in view of the fact that it will be destroyed.

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9. Farag Janitorial hardwood floor polisher machine

Industrial Floor

Farag Janitorial is a strong industrial machine for floor cleaning. This machine can clean almost every type of floor from marble to cement. The brush for floor cleaning of this machine is changeable depend on what type of floor you are cleaning. It will come with a brush for cleaning the hard floor, one for carpet and a pad holder. With these brushes, you can clean all the dirty grout and as well as polish even on the ceramic tiles floor. Moreover, you can wash and scrub your carpet with this machine but with water and shampoo.

Do not scrub it dry because Farag Janitorial is a strong and heavy machine. By using some additional tools, you can use this machine to sand the hardwood floor as well. Besides, this machine has a base plate of 17 inches which uses the electricity of 110v that can produce the power of 1100W or 1.5HP. This amount of power can make the motor spin up to 175rpm. However, this machine is still powered by a 40 feet power line. Furthermore, it has wheels behind the plate for easy mobility since this machine weighs about 106lbs.

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8. Koblenz P-820B floor scrubber machine


Cleaning your house is completely complicated and exhausted when you are using the wrong tools especially with the floor. The machine that uses for floor cleaning is usually heavy and most of them are for industrial use. This is Koblenz P-820B, a polishing and cleaning machine for household use. This machine can scrub the floor, remove mold stains on most of any surface including the composite decking, floor waxing as well as buffing, and carpet shampooing. Moreover, this cleaning machine has a 4.2Amp motor that can spin the twin brushes 1100rpm with the rotary motion.

Furthermore, the motor of this machine equipped with bronze gear that allows this machine to produce the power at 3 different speeds and make the machine an extra-long life. Besides, this household floor cleaning machine weight only 20pound with its empty tank. The tank is detachable and can use any liquid cleaner with the capacity of 120oz to clean your floor. However, this machine cannot extract the water from the floor or carpet. This machine comes with a pair of brushes, a pair polishing pad, and a lamb wool pad for buffing.

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7. Gladwell floor cleaning machine

Gladwell Cordless

Mopping the floor is not an easy activity for hundreds of decades but thank modern

technology, now we can mop the floor without using a lot of force and water with Gladwell. Gladwell is an electronic cordless mop that capable of remove grime, stains, bacteria, and dirt. This mop machine has the ultra-thin 3inches base with the modern design equipped with a dual microfiber pad that attaches to a dual motor. Moreover, this machine has multiple settings to choose from the wax, mop, and quick spray to accomplish with the user’s need. Furthermore, Gladwell is cordless, quiet,  and featured a 180-degree ergonomic handle rotating which makes it really convenient to work around the house. With 2 Hours charging from 110V charger, you can use this to clean the floor multiple times.

Additionally, this mopping machine is equipped with Dual Spray Technology that supplied the liquid from the 330ml tank, LED control panel, and weight only 15pounds. You can use this mop on marble, tile, and wood floor. However, this machine is not capable of cleaning the carpet and cement floor. There are 2 colors to choose from, blue and black with the 1-year warranty.

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6. Clarke CFP Pro

 Clarke CFP Pro

Clarke CFP Pro 17 HD is a heavy-duty polisher popular for industrial use. This metal machine is made for polish almost every type of floor because of a durable motor with its 17 inches base. This strong motor produces enough amount of power from its electricity consumption of 110V to make this motor spin clockwise. However, this heavy-duty machine creates the noise slightly louder than a typical conversation because of its huge amount of power. Moreover, this machine can polish on almost all types of floor surfaces and work as floor stripping and carpet bonnet cleaning as well.

Despite that, this machine can not be used for scrubbing and sanding because this machine is made specifically for polishing only. Because of its industrial use, this machine weight 120 pounds and come with two different colors, silver, and black.

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5. Bissell BGEM9000 industrial floor cleaner Machine


A 48” tall industrial orbiter and buffer machine from BISSELL is a heavy-duty machine that capable of cleaning all most every kind of floor and carpet. This cleaning machine can do an astonishing job like dry-cleaning carpet, remove allergens, sand, buff, scrub, clean, polish, and strips the hardwood floor, ceramic tile, concrete, vinyl, marble, brick, and porcelain tile.etc. Moreover, it can remove wax and oil on the floor. This machine is made of metal with its powerful motor that can produce about 1.5HP to its 12” cleaning pad to spin up to 175rpm.

Furthermore, the BGEM9000 model has 30 feet 3 wire of power cord with the electricity consumption of 110V. Besides, this model from Bissell includes a 2.4L tank that can store pretty much every cleaning solution and a pad holder. Although this machine is made out of metal, it only weighs 27 pounds. There are 2 different styles of color to choose from, green and black. This machine comes with a drive pad and a pad holder. However, this machine doesn’t come with the pad and brushes as well as the water vacuum attach.

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4. Koblenz P-2600 floor polisher machine

Koblenz P-2600

A popular brand Koblenz has been around for almost 40 years. It has so many cleaning and polishing product already on the market. P-2600 is another powerful model that Koblenz made. This machine can polish all kinds of floors, deep clean the floor and carpet as well as the concrete floor. This powerful cleaning came from a twin 12 inches pad with its twin motor that produces the power from the electricity consumption of 4.2amps and 120v out of the 18 feet power cord. Moreover, this machine features the width bronze gears to make it produce the power in different stages and make the machine an extra-long life. It comes with a 144-ounce tank and 5 pairs of brushes and pad.

Furthermore, the shampoo brushes that come with the machine are made of polyethylene bristles that are capable of cleaning gently on the carpet fiber and can scrub on the soiled floor perfectly as well as remove wax. On top of that, this powerful machine weight only 12.4 pounds. Besides the high-quality clean from this cleaner, it can’t vacuum the leftover water from the floor and the tank.

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3. ELECTO ES-500N tile floor cleaning machine

 Elicto Electronic

Electo is an electronic mopping that spins for floor cleaning. This floor cleaner can perform many tasks such as cleaning, scrubbing, buffing, mopping, polishing, and sanitize on sealed wood, hard floor, linoleum, marble, ceramic, tile, and granite. The power that completes these duties is from the Dual Spin Technology motor that can generate an impressive speed of 250rpm. Moreover, this tile floor scrubber is equipped with the 3 in 1 tough mechanism which is mopping, scrubbing, and polishing at the same time. Furthermore, this machine is power by 25 feet cord to the twin 9 inches rotating pad.

This model has an adjustable handle feature and weighs only 10 pounds that makes it convenient to work on every place of the house or building, especially under the furniture. On top of that, the pad that comes with this machine is eco-friendly because it is washable which can save you money and as well as the environment. Plus, this machine has a build-in 250ml tank for spraying that can store almost every kind of cleaning solution but not with bleach because it will reduce the tank quality.

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2. Oreck Orbiter ORB700MB floor polisher

Oreck Orbiter

Orbiter model ORB700MB is the multi-purpose floor cleaning machine that can work on all kinds of tasks. You can use this machine to sand, refinish the floor, scrub, strip, wax, deep clean the carpet, polish, remove grout and oil. This machine work on every surface even marble, concrete, and asphalt. The orbiter is power by a 0.5hp motor that can produce a speed of 175rpm to make the cleaning pad spin in random orbit which is able to clean the floor of 13 inches path. This powerful motor doesn’t have any gear or belt which needs frequent maintenance and it is power through the 30ft cord with the electricity consumption of 120v.

Moreover, this machine is weight 22.2 pounds and feature a fingertip control to make it easier to control while working with this machine. If you purchase the complete clean kit, you will get the pad holder and the pad for cleaning. On top of that, Oreck has 10 years limited warranty on this model.

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1. Ewbank EP170 floor cleaning machines

Ewbank EP170

Ewbank EP170 is all in one cleaner that works on almost the floor surface. This machine can clean scrub and polish at the same time. Moreover, this machine can work as well on the laminate wood, granite, marble, vinyl, tile, and linoleum. However, this machine cannot be used with the carpet due to its powerful motor. This machine is powered by a 160W motor that can produce an impressive rotation speed of 2200rpm to the twin disc.

Furthermore, It has a 9.5 inches cleaning path from the reusable cleaning pad. It powers through a 23-foot power cord with the electricity consumption of 110v. On top of that, this machine weighs really light only 8 pounds and features the adjustable handle with the butterfly’s grip to make it easier to use this machine at a very tiny place, especially under the furniture. Besides, this machine has a red finish with the innovative design including the 1-year limited warranty.

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