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Top 10 Best Outdoor Portable Folding Picnic Tables Reviews in 2024

Folding picnic tables remain one of the best ways to bring the convenience of modern life to the wild. These tables are ideal for setting outdoor camping and enjoying a cool experience outdoors with the same comfort you get at home. The fact that they are foldable means they can easily be folded and transported with ease. Choosing the best foldable picnic tables is never easy with the hundreds of brands and designs out there. What you need is a lightweight, foldable picnic table with advanced features like cup holders and attached settings.

This article reviews the ten best such tables so that you can choose with ease. Go through our honest review and pick a foldable picnic table that best suits your outdoor needs.

Top of the Best Folding Picnic Tables Reviews

10. Lifetime Portable Folding Picnic Tables

This is a unique design folding picnic table 6 feet tall with UV-protected seats and a great choice on our list. The table has stain-resistant benches that can seat up to 8 people. Cleaning is quite easy with just a single wipe using a clean damp cloth. The polyethylene construction further assures you of the durability and strength of the table. The table folds flat to allow for easy storage and transportation. This is an important feature for picnic tables as you have to carry them there.

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9. Outsunny Portable Camping Picnic Table with Seats and Umbrella Hole –  Travel Foldable Picnic Table

Just from the name, the Otsunny picnic table folds into the size of a briefcase allowing for easy storage and transport. This is the outdoor table you can always bring with you when on the go. It is an ideal choice for a family of four with four seats for each member. The construction is smartly made of ultra-weight materials that are convenient, portable, and versatile for different areas. You can use the table to serve meals, play games, and simply sit around as a family. All components of the table are connected allowing for a simple setup in seconds.


  • Sets up easily in seconds
  • Highly portable
  • Smart design allows for versatile use
  • Comes with four seats

8. Outry Lightweight Folding Table with Cup Holders – Portable Camp Table

The OUTCRY picnic table is a heavy-duty pick with a 600D nylon top fabric and aluminum frames. The table is pretty light and can be folded flat to allow for easy transportation and storage. Overall, the table folds into   23.6” by 3” by 30” which is quite small while it weighs only 1.7 pounds. Four bottle holders allow users to easily place their drinks on the holders without the worry of them falling. It sets up quickly and folds in seconds making it a top choice for people on the go. It is versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors too.


  • Folds easily into a small compact size
  • Heavily built with a strong 600D fabric and aluminum frames
  • Lightweight
  • Sets up in seconds

7. INTEY Folding Picnic table

INTEY is a highly-rated table with well-structured cup holders, connectors, and sturdy joints giving you strong stability.  Every part of this table is made using high-quality materials that rarely break up. The 600D ripstop Oxford top material will resist sun damage and serve you well in both indoor and outdoor use. Aluminum alloy frames allow for lightweight and easy transportation. The design is portable making this table the ideal camping table. It comes with a durable nylon bag for carrying it. Overall, it is easy to set up a picnic table that comes with 24 24-month warranty.


  • Easily sets up in seconds
  • Great portable design that allows for easy transportation and storage
  • Made of highly durable materials
  • It has great advanced features like cup holders

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6. Giantex Portable Folding Picnic table

Giantex is one of the most widely used picnic tables and comes with four seats ideal for family, buffets, camping trips, and barbecues. It is a sturdy table heavily built but still lightweight enough to allow for easy transportation and storage. You can easily fold the tables flat and pack them up for transport. The top of the table is a durable high-impact plastic with a hole in the center for placing an umbrella. You can use it on hot sunny days by placing an umbrella on the middle hole for shade.


  • Quite easy to use
  • Folds flat for easy transport
  • Durable plastic top with an umbrella hole in the middle
  • Heavily built but lightweight
  • Four seats for wide use

5. Lifetime Kid’s Plastic Picnic Tables for Camping

This is a 32.5” picnic table for kids and a durable choice constructed of durable polyethylene materials. It has high-impact resistant corners that increase its durability and make it a good value for money. It has ample space to sit up to four kids comfortably. The tabletop is UV protected from the harsh sun rays while the benches are stain-resistant. It is a strong table that will not crack or chip easily and one that comes backed by a two-year limited warranty. Transportation of the table is so simple as it folds flat. Read more camping shower tents


  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Made of durable high-impact resistant materials
  • UV protected top
  • Stain-resistant benches

4. Stansport Heavy Duty Folding Picnic Table Bench

This is a rugged picnic table and bench ideal for tailgating or camping and a must-have if you like spending time outdoors. The table benches fold flat and rest inside that table’s interior making it pretty easy to carry. It also sets up in seconds by simply unfolding the tables. The table and bench frames and legs are made of high-quality telescopic steel to last you for a long. The tabletop is also durable and made of high-density polyethylene HDPE, which has little branching.


  • Heavily built with a durable top
  • Strong legs made of high-quality telescopic steel metal
  • Large enough and easily accommodates up to four people
  • Folds flat and sets up in seconds

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3. Magshion Furniture Portable Folding Aluminum Picnic table

Magshion is 100% made of the durable, strong, and lightweight material aluminum which is an ideal choice when you want something portable. The table has a maximum weight of 33 lbs. The seats, on the other hand, have a max weight of 265 lbs. This weight can easily be carried on your track considering the table, and seats fold flat and take up very little space. There is a further umbrella hole in the middle of the table to create shade on hot sunny days.


  • Made of aluminum
  • Tables and seats fold flat
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to transport

2. Best Choice Products Portable Folding Picnic Table

This is a classic choice that comes in three pieces and is an ideal choice when you want to relax outside. It is a versatile table that can be set in the backyard or be folded and transported for any camping trip.  The design is simple with a wooden top and sturdy iron frames. The smooth fir wood boards will serve you for long without damage. The legs of the table and benches have been designed with a foldable design to allow them to fold flat for easy transportation. The length of the table and bench allows more people than any other picnic table.


  • Folding bench and table to promote relaxation
  • Made of sturdy and durable iron frames and smooth wooden fir
  • Long-length table and benches at 69.5 inches

1. Stansport 615 Metal Picnic Table with Umbrella Hole

The 615 Stansport gets a full package of seats, a table, and an umbrella so that you can get started right away. It is a portable and folding table that can easily be transported and stored with ease. The table features a locking and anodized aluminum construction. The plastic top area is heavy-duty, high impact, and height-adjustable up to 75 inches. It is strong and blocks UV rays that damage most tabletops. The table comes with a one-year warranty for any manufacturer defects.


  • Adjustable table heights
  • Portable and folding
  • Strong and anodized aluminum construction
  • One-year warranty


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then one of these picnic tables is exactly what you need to bring those modern luxuries to your outdoor adventures.  They are strong, durable, highly portable, and above all, well-priced.






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