Top 10 Best Battery-Powered and Electric Grease Guns Reviews In 2021

If you have a grease gun, then there can be perfect lubrication. It comes in innovative design and allows you to choose from different styles and designs. Grease guns will let you have better convenience making it ideal for professional applications. You can easily combine it with various types of grease fittings and make the maximum out of it. It offers you ample options and can come in either battery-operated design or with manual operation. Check out the following list of the top 10 best grease guns to pick from.

Table of the Best Electric Grease Guns Reviews

10. Lincoln 1884 20V Li-Ion Battery-Powered Grease Gun with Charger & Carrying Case

Grease Guns

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This purchase includes a battery charger, 20-Volt lithium-ion batteries, and a powerluber. The equipment also allows users to adjust the grease outputs up to two different speed levels. Moreover, the three-point base helps you to place the machine in an upright position. You can keep the grease gun in a proper condition to prevent mess.

The included carrying case also helps you to carry this set along with you to your workspaces. Furthermore, the upright position of the gun makes cleaning convenient for individuals. The inbuilt LED light lets you keep the workspace well illuminated for hassle-free working. The single toggle switch lets you choose between low and high-volume dispensing.


  • Multi-purpose design for consumer comfort.
  • Dynamic control setup for a comfortable experience.
  • Advanced design handles for enhanced maneuverability.

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9. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Cordless Grease Gun Bare Tool

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This grease gun comes with dual speed adjustment functions. The motor of this tool also works within the operating pressure range of 10,000-PSI. Moreover, the tool comes along with an innovative preset grease counter. Therefore, this special feature helps professional service and maintenance experts dispense the proper amount to grease. This tool works with a clear barrel accessory.

The 2-speed adjustable function of this model also lets you precisely choose between maximum flow rate and pressure. Furthermore, the 48-inch long hose helps you to lubricate the hard to reach spots. The tool has an onboard LED light to illuminate dark spaces. The marking on the plunger rod helps you to monitor the levels of left grease in the tank.


  • Highly adaptable design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Cost-effective and easy operable design for comfort.
  • The advanced designed mechanism for superior performance.

8. Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Battery Cordless Grease Guns

Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Battery Cordless Grease Guns

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The grease gun runs on a 12-volt battery system. This cordless tool also makes operation convenient for individuals. Moreover, the lightweight pressure washer does not cause any trouble during operation. Moreover, the machine produces up to 7000-PSI of air pressure. Therefore, with a single charge, the tool can deliver up to five cartridges of grease.

The slip-resistant handle also delivers a comfortable grip over the pressure washer. Furthermore, this gun tool comes with a maximum flow rate of 3.5-oz per minute. The barrel of this power tool has the construction of heavy-duty chrome-plated steel material. Therefore, the barrel offers resistance against rust and corrosion. This machine has a drip-resistant cap and a 30-inch super flexible hose with spring guards.


  • Tangle-free construction for enhanced comfort.
  • Highly galvanized material for the rust-free experience.
  • Enhanced designed hold for safety and maneuverability.

7. Lincoln Industrial Battery-Operated Grease Guns

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The grease gun comes along with a powerful, high-capacity 18-volt battery. Therefore, the functional battery system is also effective enough to deliver 10-grease cartridges. Moreover, the machine comes along with a durable high-torque motor. Therefore, the gun simply handles the tough greasing tasks. The strengthened composite body makes this power tool extremely hard-wearing.

The gun also comes with a 2-speed transmission. Therefore, you can conveniently alter the low to high-volume pressure output accordingly. Furthermore, with the help of dual overload protection, the tool makes operation safe for everyone. The lightweight casting makes operation hassle-free and fatigue-free for workers. The combination valve releases the trapped air. All parts of this tool come in a blow-molded carrying case.


  • Customizable controls for consumer comfort.
  • Premium grade material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Environment-friendly construction for superior performance.

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6. Ryobi 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun

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This 18-volt grease gun runs on a high capacity, rechargeable lithium battery. The motor of this power tool produces up to 10,000-PSI of air pressure. Moreover, the air bleeder valve of this model effectively diminishes air pockets. The onboard LED light perfectly illuminates a large, dark space. This machine works on the high flow rate up to 7.5-oz in a minute.

The lock on/off model also helps you to keep your workspace free of mess. Furthermore, this power tool comes along with a 30-inch long stretchable hose. The durable battery delivers up to 19 grease cartridges. The plunger rod markings help users to monitor the grease level of the tank.


  • Advanced quality mechanics for superior functioning.
  • Wire-free construction for improved handling.
  • Ergonomically designed grip for easy maneuverability.

5. Bare-Tool Milwaukee Cordless Grease Gun

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The grease gun comes along with a 36-inch flexible hose. The 12-volt cordless model also helps you to move with the tool without any problem. Moreover, this handy power tool feels ultra-light in weight. Therefore, you can operate this gun without stressing your back. The machine delivers up to 8000-PSI of air pressure. The hose storage organizer keeps your floor space clutter-free.

The spring guard also increases the functionality of this gun. Furthermore, the overload protection extends the lifespan of this power tool. The LED fuel gauge notifies the tank refilling time. The air bleeder valve kills the trapped air. This power tool with a single charge simply pumps up seven grease cartridges.


  • Improved backup support for uninterrupted service.
  • Easy function configuration for user comfort.
  • Cost-efficient design for consumer satisfaction.

4. Ingersoll Rand Lithium-Ion Cordless Grease Gun

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This grease gun comes along with a tough and high-torque motor. With the help of an all-metal drivetrain, the motor also runs more smoothly. Moreover, the machine requires a 20-volt lithium-ion battery. Therefore, the rechargeable battery system makes this model run with no hassle. This lightweight power tool helps you to work without hurting your back.

The high-torque motor also produces smooth runtime and operating pressure. Furthermore, the shoulder strap hook helps you to operate this machine hands-freely. The molded grip handle offers a vibration-free grip for comfortable operation. The cordless model allows users to adjust the grease fittings accordingly. This handy tool easily fits the tight space of your car trunk or tight garage space.


  • High-performance construction for superlative performance.
  • Easy weight with sturdy grip for effortless operation.
  • Highly adaptable design for enhanced satisfaction.

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3. Workforce MEGA POWER 12V Battery Operated Grease Gun

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This grease gun comes along with a 30-inch flexible hose. Therefore, the power tool also does not limit your movement while using it. Moreover, the head of this machine has the construction of durable die-cast material. The rechargeable battery of this model offers one hour of quick charging. The plated steel barrel makes this power tool exceptionally hardwearing.

This purchase also includes a pair of 12-volt batteries. Furthermore, the planetary gear drive motor increases rotary speed and accuracy. The gun works with a maximum working pressure of 6000-PSI. This machine does not require manual pumping. The model pumps up to 14-oz grease cartridges. This machine works with the Mega Lube greasing system.


  • Finest grade material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Enhanced flexible design for effective performance.
  • Portable construction for transferability and storage.

2. LockNLube Pneumatic Grease Guns – LockNLube Grease Coupler

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This grease gun has a dual delivery mode. Therefore, you can also simply choose between continuous and single-shot modes. Moreover, this power tool comes along with a 30-inch long, flexible hose. The inline hose design does not let the hose easily tangle. The grease coupler of this machine does not leak grease. The re-buildable construction helps you to use this tool repeatedly.

The gun also works with a maximum air pressure of 6000-PSI. Furthermore, the tool has a working flow rate of 5-oz just in a minute at continuous spray mode. The model pumps up fourteen grease cartridges. This tool comes with loop-and-lock technology for convenient storage, transportation, and utility.


  • Easy weight construction for enhanced mobility.
  • Advanced rust-free design for durability.
  • Bendable configuration for added comfort.

1. Milwaukee 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Cordless Grease Gun Kit

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The grease gun produces up to 10,000-PSI of air pressure. This cordless model also allows you to choose the speed from two different levels. Moreover, this set has a high-pressure grease coupler, multi-voltage charger, and a compact battery. You will get a 48-inch long flexible hose and a shoulder strap. The carrying case keeps all parts of the gun in a proper place.

The air bleeder valve also diminishes trapped air. Furthermore, the powerful machine works with a maximum flow rate of 10-oz just in a minute. The 48-inch hose helps you to extend your reach to the tight spaces. On every charge, the gun pumps up ten grease cartridges.


  • Ergonomically designed handle for superior performance.
  • Advanced function mechanism for improved effectiveness.
  • Wire-free design for comfort and maneuverability.


You have seen the various types of grease guns, and getting the right one is a user preference. Always see your usage and then make your purchase. Select the one that comes with grease meter that lets you know the lubricant quantity. Apart from this, you will have to consider the technical aspects like pressure and strokes. Go for the one that allows you to have a hassle-free operation and come with easy maintenance.

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