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Top 10 Best Gymnastic Mats | Gym Mats Reviews in 2024

In this modern world, physical fitness is quite crucial if you’re to stay fit and healthy.  This means visiting the gym regularly or building your gym at home. Whatever your choice, one piece of equipment that looks simple but quite crucial in the gymnasium is the gymnastic mats. Gymnastic mats are important whether you’re a gym owner or simply a regular person looking to work out from the comfort of your home. However, selecting the best gymnastic mat can be challenging due to the high number of brands and varieties on the market.

To help you with the selection, we have reviewed some of the best picks on the market. Take a deep look at our top picks and find one that best suits your needs and desires.

Table of the best Gymnastic Mats Reviews

10. We Sell Mats Gymnastic Tumbling Exercise Folding Martial Arts Mats

The Tumbling Exercise mat starts our list and rightfully so with tons of features. This is one of the best-selling gymnastic mats on the market, ideal for martial arts, tumbling, gymnastics, parkour, pilates, yoga, stretching, and general exercise. They are heavily constructed using cross-linked polyethylene foam and an outer vinyl coating that is resistant to fire, mildew, and puncture. Connecting more mats is made easier with Velcro straps on either side. This makes tumbling a lot easier as you need a larger surface area.


  • The mats fold allowing for ease of storage and transport
  • They are constructed of high-quality crosslink polyethylene foam and an outer vinyl coating
  • The coating is non-absorbent, mildew-resistant, fire and puncture-resistant
  • It has Velcro straps on all sides for easy connection to other mats whenever you want a larger surface area

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9. Best Choice Products 6’ Exercise Tri-Fold Gym Mat

Products from Best Choice are among the best on the market with a good history of quality. The Tri-Fold Gym mat is a non-absorbent and long-lasting pick made of top-quality materials. It is made of thick 2” density foam and an outer PU leather covering that makes cleaning a breeze. The thick foam provides users with support and comfort whenever there are hard falls. These mats fold into three parts and feature carrying handles for easy storage and transportation. You can also pair it with other mats with ease and increase the surface area.


  • 3-panel folding design for easy transportation and storage
  • Carrying handles
  • Made of thick EPE foam for support and comfort
  • PU leather for easy cleaning

8. We Sell Mats Folding Exercise Gym Mat

This is another top-quality gym mat and a great choice on our list. It is a portable and foldable gymnastic mat ideal for cheerleading, yoga, martial arts, pilates, and much more. The mat is two inches thick to provide you with a smooth and soft landing place whenever there are hard falls. You can choose from a wide variety of colors available. Portability is further enhanced through carrying handles on each mat.


  • Made of the non-toxic and lead-free ECO 18 oz vinyl and the standard cross-link polyethylene foam
  • Mats come in different colors
  • Foldable and portable with carrying handles
  • Velcro straps on the sides for easy connectivity to other mats

7. ProSource Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

ProSource is an easy-to-carry folding mat that comes with a tri-fold design for easy storage and transportation.  It also has two carrying handles to allow you to take the mat everywhere you go with ease. It provides a comfortable working space for martial arts, stretching, yoga, and general exercise. The resilient foam helps keep this mat in good shape for long protecting your knees, back, elbow, and wrists. The outer surface is a durable vinyl that resists stretching and tearing. It is also easy to clean with just a single wipe.


  • A durable vinyl outer cover that is easy to clean
  • Resilient foam materials that are long-lasting and great for protection of your knees, wrist, back, and elbows
  • A large comfortable working surface area
  • Tri-fold design for easy storage and transport

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6. 4’X10’X2” Gymnastic Gym Folding Exercise mat by Best Choice Products

This is a four-panel design folding mat made of strong and durable density foam mats and PU leather covers. It is cushioned with a thick 2-inch EPE foam that provides users with enough support when exercising.  The outer PU leather cover is non-absorbent and long-lasting. It also allows for easy cleaning with just a wipe. Other great features include carrying handles and built-in Velcro straps to allow easy connection to other mats.


  • Built-in Velcro latches for connectivity to other mats
  • Two carrying handles
  • Four-panel foldable design for easy storage and transport
  • High-quality EPE foam and PU leather materials

5. Soozier 6’X4’X2” PU Leather Folding gymnastic Mat

The Soozier is a multifunctional gymnastic mat that can greatly transform your training space into a safe place for gymnastics, wrestling, martial arts, yoga, pilates, stretching, tumbling, exercise programs, and day-to-day general workout. It is a safe 4-panel design that meets the CPSIA safety standards for lead. The construction is quality made of EPE foam and outer PU leather. The leather is non-absorbent, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Overall, the mat is lightweight, portable, and easy to roll, store, and carry.


  • Four-panel design for easy storage and transport
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High-quality EPE foam and PU leather construction
  • Multifunctional and ideal for a wide range of activities

4. 4’X10’2” Gymnastic Gym Folding Exercise Aerobics mat by Best Choice

Best Choice Products gives us another great gym mat with a four-panel design which seems to be the ideal choice allowing for easy transport and storage. It is a two-inch thick high-density EPE foam mat ideal for a wide range of activities. The mat provides a comfortable surface area to protect your elbows, back, wrist, and knees. Its surface is further constructed of high-quality PU leather which is non-absorbent and long-lasting. Velcro straps and carrying straps are other additional features that make this mat a quality pick on our list.


  • Puncture-resistant and non-absorbent PU leather cover
  • Velcro straps for attaching to other mats
  • Carrying handles
  • 2-inch high-density EPE foam

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3. 4’X10’X2” Gymnastic Folding Mat by Best Choice, black

Best Choice Products take their deserved place on our list with great features, and this mat is another quality addition that comes in the famous four-panel design.  It is a durable mat made of thick 2-inch EPE high-density foam and a durable PU leather cover. The upholstered is not only long-lasting but also allows for easy cleaning. Carrying handles and the four-panel design allow for easy transportation and storage. Velcro straps that are built-in further allow for easy attachment to other mats


  • Built-in Velcro straps to connect to other mats
  • Absorbent PU leather
  • 2-inch thick EPE foam
  • Carrying handles
  • 4-panel design

2. Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

This is a leading gym mat and a top-notch product that is highly rated and recommended online.  It is one of the best picks on our list coming in a range of colours. It is a four-panel design with each mat 2ft wide folding panels. There are Velcro straps on each side of the mat for attaching to other mats. This mat is heavily constructed using 18oz knife-coated vinyl and EVA foam material for durability. It is a firm mat ideal for tumbling, cheerleading, yoga, pilates, martial arts, exercise, and kids’ special needs. It has also been tested and certified safe by CPSIA 2008.


  • 2ft wide folding panels for easy storage and transport
  • Made of high-quality EVA foam and 18oz knife coating
  • Tested and passed the CPSIA 2008
  • Velcro straps on each side

1. 4’X8’X2” PU Leather Gymnastic Mat by Best Choice

This is a cheaper alternative but one that meets the requirements of some of the high-end gymnastic mats on the market.  It is a great pick for people on a budget looking to perform yoga, floor exercises, martial arts, tumbling, and a lot more. It has a 2-inch thick EVA foam that easily folds down for easy storage and transport. The foam further includes a durable PU leather cover for easy cleaning and handling. It is constructed of four panels and made of safe Eco-Friendly materials that are also fire retardant.


  • 2-inch thick density EVA foam mat
  • PU leather cover for easy handling and cleaning
  • Four panels that fold easily for storage
  • Eco-friendly and fire-retardant materials


If you love to exercise, then don’t risk working out or performing any form of exercise on bare hard floors. Get one of these amazing gymnastic mats today and enjoy the experience of working on a safe, comfortable, and soft surface.






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