TOP 10 Best Inflatable Bumper Balls in 2022 – Buyers’ Guide

Inflatable bumper balls are now becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities for retreat or any group reunion activities. Since the game is super fun and engaging, a lot of people will include it in their game agenda.

However, as this bumper ball involves a lot physical interaction, to make sure that it’s safe for you to play such game, it is vital that you have the best inflatable bumper ball that has all the safety standard and features.

To help you with such product’s knowledge, we have prepared a list of top 10 best inflatable bumper balls that are reviewed and rated super high by the users. Keep reading to find out what these lovable items are.

List Of Top 10 best inflatable bumper balls in 2022

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10. Drfeify inflatable bumper balls

 Inflatable Bumper

First one in the list, we have the top 10th best inflatable bumper ball from Drfeify. Talking about the safety feature of this ball, it is made from the non-toxic and odorless PVC; hence, it is totally okay for anyone with sensitive skin to play with it.

Moreover, it is also sealed very cleanly for it to be durable and long lasting. Inside the ball, there is also internal handle and shoulder strap to give extra convenient when playing with it. In addition, Drfeify is super easy to set up as all you need is to follow a simple step and you can have it in less than 5 minutes.

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9. HAPPY DAY inflatable bubble balls

HAPPYDAY Inflatable

Moving on to the top 9th, we have another high quality inflatable bumper ball that is from HAPPY DAY. Similar to the previous brand on top 10, this top 9 product is made from a completely safe and heavy duty PVC material; that is not only durable but also toxic-free.

Such material also allows this bumper ball to withstand long hour of playing without deflating during the game. It is compact and lightweight, so even a 6 year-old kids can safely play it. Moreover, it is also suitable to play anywhere; at the beach, in the park, on the lawn or even at your own backyard.

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8. HI SUYI inflatable bumper balls


Here at the top 8th, we have another gigantic and premium quality inflatable bumper ball from HI SUYI. For this brand, there are many available size to choose, so all you have to make sure when getting this is whether your shoulders can fit in the width of this ball.

Anyway, talking about the material, it is made from a strong and heavy duty Plato PVC material that is safe and explosion-resistant. Moreover, on the inside, there are also handles where you can grip when playing to give extra comfortability when you are inside it. With HI SUYI bumper ball, going out and play will be the preferable plan for every weekend and holidays.

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7. Theefun inflatable bubble balls

Theefun Sumo

Next on in the list, we have the top 7th best inflatable bumper ball from Theefun. Theefun ball is suitable to be a perfect game for any gathering; from birthday party and camping to weekend playing in the backyard. It is designed to fit all ages and all genders, so once you got one, everyone can use it.

Besides, this bumper ball is also safe and eco-friendly because it uses non-toxic PVC vinyl as its material. Such material is super tough that it almost gets no tearing problem ever. However, even if it may get punctured, Theefan has included 2 repair patches that can fix at least 6 puncture holes. Hence, such problem should never be your concern. Last but not least, this bumper ball can be inflated in less than a minute, so it’s super easy to bring or store it.

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6. Yaekoo bubble ball soccer

YaeKoo PVC Transparent

Another high quality inflatable bumper ball that you can trust is from Yaekoo. Made from 0.8MM PVC toxic-free material, Yaekoo is not only super tough and durable, but it is also colorless, tasteless and odorless; making it a perfectly safe tool to play with. Designed for both adult and kids, its diameter is 5’ feet, with 4.16’ feet for the inside, so pretty much anyone can fit in.

Moreover, Yaekoo is in transparent color, so it is sight-friendly even after wearing this. Hence, you don’t have to worry if you or your kid couldn’t see anything when playing inside it.

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5. Ludosport giant inflatable bumper balls

Ludosport Inflatable

Moving on to the top 5th, we have Ludosport as a supplier for another highly rated inflatable bumper ball in 2022. Similar to the other, this bumper ball is also made from a non-toxic and tasteless 1mm PVC material, so it has everything from durability and waterproof to antistatic. Moreover, it is also designed with 7 fasteners a row so that it can provide a great tolerance to make the game last longer.

Also, on the inside, there are also 2 handles along with 2 adjustable shoulder strap to give tightly grab for the user, so it’s safe for them to play with it. Ludosport is suitable for anyone to play anywhere; its maximum loading point is 200 pound, so all kids and most adults can play with it.

The inflation and deflation of this bumper ball are quite easy, too. All you need is to do is follow the step; using an electric air pump for the process and you will get it on and off in less than 3 minutes.

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4. Happybuy giant bubble balls

Happybuy Inflatable

Going closer to the ultimate best product, here at the top 4th, we have another outstanding inflatable bubble ball from Happybuy. There are many colors options for this bumper ball which you can choose from half blue, half red, transparent and many more.

Made from very high quality plastic, this ball is super strong and durable that it can accommodate every physical game; including soccer. Moreover, it is made for all. That is everyone easily play with this ball no matter in what age or gender they are; hence, everyone can benefit from this.

Specially for kids, it is a great tool to get them away from TV, computer game or phone because they will enjoy staying outdoor and increase interaction and bonds with their friends.

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3. ANCHEER body bubble

ANCHEER Inflatable

Moving on to the top 3rd, here we have a giant human hamster ball from ANCHEER. In term of color, this inflatable bubble soccer ball has many varieties that you can choose; including half color mixed, transparent with dot and completely transparent.

What’s great about this bubble ball is that it has all the safety features including the interior handles and shoulder straps to make sure that anyone who plays with it is safe and comfortable. Thousands of people have shown their great experiences with this bumper ball and claims that it is super durable and high quality, so you don’t have to worry whether or not it’s going to worth your money.

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2. Keenstone human bumper ball

Keenstone Two Bumper

On to the top 2nd, we have a supreme quality bumper ball from Keenstone. This inflatable bumper ball is most recommended for kids whose age is from 8 year-old to adult. In terms of material, this ball is made from highly certified PVC material that has approved to be non-toxic, color and odor less. Moreover, it is also known for being durable and strong, so you don’t have to worry if it’s going to explode when playing.

On top of that, the bumper ball can be inflated or deflated super quickly and easily by using the electric air pump. Its average lifespan is from 3 to 5 years, so once you purchase it, you can play with it all years. Keenstone comes in 2 bumper ball in a packages, so you don’t have to look for more. Also, it is perfect for any outdoor parties like reunion, bonding or even retreat.

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1. Anfan bumper 2 bumper


Finally, at the top 1 which is also the best of the best inflatable bumper ball is known to be from Anfan. Using TPU as the material, it is super healthy and toxic/color/taste-free. Hence, even someone with sensitive skin can use it. Such durable material allows this bumper ball to stands up to 200 pound of player’s weight.

Moreover, Anfan is also designed for extra safety by adding 2 handles for user to hold and two adjustable straps for users to wear to secure the ball position. Such features are strongly guaranteed for the safe play. Moreover, inflating and deflating is ball is super easy too because all you need is an electric air pump and it can form and deform in 30 second. With these positives reasons, Anfan bubble ball is perfect for everyone.

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Buying Guide:

To select or purchase the best inflatable bumper ball, there are a few things to need to take a careful look for. First of all, it is important that you check the size capacity. Every bumper ball will have different size capacity like how wide is the diameter, how big is the inner space, or how much weight is the user can the ball stand. These are the questions that you need to get answer from the product to see it would fit you or your kids. Moreover, it is essential that you also purchase complement accessories since of the bumper ball usually don’t come with other important stuffs like helmet, electric air pump accessory, or legs and arms protection. Especially, if you buy this for your kids, it is better that you also purchase these in one go.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the best inflatable bumper ball to increase the joy of your outdoor gathering, this article is made for you. Get yours while it lasts.

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