Top 8 Massage Table Sheets 2021 Reviews

To achieve the most relaxing full body massaging experience, you will need to seek a service from the therapist at the spa centers as they have a massage table for the customer to rest and enjoy a refreshing full body massage. However, the bed alone is not enough, if you are running a spa and massaging business and planning to purchase a massaging bed cover for your massage table, we would recommend you these top 8 best massage bed sheets below.

Buying Guides Of Massage Table Sheet

But, before we dive into the best product reviews, here are some buying tips you should check out first.

Material: choosing the right material is very important especially if you are purchasing for commercial use. Besides comfortable material, you should also consider whether it can cause allergy or irritation to the skin. Additionally, keep in mind that it is very costly to replace the sheet once it gets stained, so it is also a wise idea to purchase the sheet with water and oil stain resistance to ensure that the sheet can accommodate you for the long term.

Size: before making the purchase, it is important to measure the size of your massaging bed as you do not want the sheet to be too small and cannot completely cover the massaging bed. The size should be wide enough to also cover the whole bed so you can keep the massaging oil underneath.

8. YXLJYH massage table sheets

YXLJYH massage table sheets
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This salon bed sheet is the most comfortable one you can find on the market. It is made from polyester fiber which is super soft and gentle. The overall qualities are very promising, which means you do not have to worry that the color will fade after prolonged use. Additionally, we can guarantee that the material will not shrink or deform after washing, making it an ideal massage bed sheet to serve you in the long run.

Moreover, this is also a very functional set as it comes with a long and wide skirt that perfectly covers all the spa items such as the tools and oils underneath the bed which save space and make it look tidier but still have all the items close to your reach. It also comes with a nice and thick blanket for regulating body temperature and privacy. This package includes a massage bed sheet, blanket, and chair cover. For care instruction, these attached materials are all machine washable.

7. ForPro Professional Collection massage table sheets

ForPro Professional Collection massage table sheets
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If you are looking for an ultra-light option, check out this grey premium sheet from ForPro Professional Collection. You will be impressed by the gentleness that it can offer as the material is made from microfiber which is known as a super-light material used in most expensive bedding. Despite the softness, you do not have to worry that the sheet will become shabby after a few washes as the texture is very durable and applicable for both professional and home use. You can secure this sheet to any size of the massaging table as it comes with an elastic band around its hem making it very easy to apply onto your table.

This specialized sheet was designed especially for professional use in the salon or spa as its fabric can offer a cooling sensation with the ability to withstand wrinkles and stains caused by massaging oils. Inside this package, there are 3 pieces such as the main sheet, fitted sheet, and face rest sheet with the size of 63 W x 100 L, 36 W x 77L x 7 H respectively.

6. LONDON LINENS massage table sheets

LONDON LINENS massage table sheets
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For those who favor thick material, we have here a bedsheet from London Linens. Thick material is highly preferred for commercial use as it can stand the test of time before it wears out. The whole construction of the sheet is composed of 100% well-brushed cotton which is very soft to touch because the fabric will not allow the heat to trap inside so you will not feel uncomfortable even lying on the bed continuously for a long time. However, keep in mind that this material will weigh 15%-20% more than the regular massage table sheet.

This sheet set has a navy-blue color and can be extended into the size of 13 x 8.8 x 4 inches which can fit most sizes of the bed. Its color will not fade so you do not have to worry when washing it using the washing machine. On top of that, it comes with a strong elastic band sewed to its hem for long-term use.

5. EARTHLITE massage table sheets

EARTHLITE massage table sheets
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For the best massage therapy supplies, check out this massage table sheet from Earthlite. This set was made from natural cotton that can guarantee no subsequent allergy after having direct contact with the material. With this massage bedding sheet, you will experience a very relaxing sensation with extra comfort as the material is super soft that can almost make you feel like you are sleeping on the cloud. For other products you might expect shrinkage after washing, this one is totally different as the size will remain the same no matter how many times you wash it.

Around its 360-degree hems, there is an elastic band double-stitched inside making the application even much easier and faster. The material is very durable and can withstand repeated washing which is highly recommended for commercial use.

4. Saloniture

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Here we have a commercial standard massaging table sheet from Saloniture. It is the most comfortable set you can find on the market as it was crafted from 100% double-brushed cotton flannel which makes it very soft and pleasant to rest on allowing you to achieve the maximum relaxation experience during the massage. On top of that, the material is very long-lasting and can serve you all year-round with repeated wash without premature wear out. With this purchase, you do not have to worry that it does not fit the table you already have at home as the size was designed to fit most massaging tables whether it has square or round edges.

The fitted sheet can be easily slipped onto your table and it will remain in place as there is a stretchy elastic band sewed at its hems. With this package, you will also receive a headrest cover and one oversized sheet which makes it an ideal option as it comes with a complete set of massage table supplies.

3. Utopia Bedding

Utopia Bedding
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If you are looking for a white set of massage table sheets, let us walk you through this one from Utopia Bedding. This set has even more pieces up to 6 that you can use interchangeably. Each one has a size of 81 – 96 inches given 2 inches for the hem making it very elegant to wrap around your massaging table. Talking about the material, it was made from brushed microfiber for better breathability and comfort. Adding to that, the white sheet is a great complement to the room making it feel fresh and clean.

This set is highly recommended for commercial use as the material is super durable. After the first wash, you will notice that the sheet will not deform or shrink, and the color will not fade easily. For care instruction, you can wash this sheet by the washing machine using a cold option up to 40c. To keep the sheet in good condition in the long term, make sure you properly follow the instructions.


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Now let’s take a look at this spa table sheet from Aqueenly. You definitely do not have to question the quality that it will offer as the brand delivers only the standard bedding materials to the market. If we take a look at the compositions, this sheet was crafted from non-woven fabric that was properly tested to prove that the material does not cause disinfection or allergy to the skin. What makes it a great set for massaging tables is it comes with 2 layers, one is the fabric and another one is the plastic film which is the material formulated to withstand oil and water so your sheet will remain stainless even if it contacts with the massage oil.

Additionally, the material is super lightweight and breathable which is an option to choose if you want to gain your customer’s trust.


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This massage table sheet from Earthlite has many great features to offer. If we take a look at the materials, it is padded by a double flannel which is made of 100% cotton to give the customer an exceptionally relaxing experience when they sleep on it. Different from other materials that gradually wear out, this one will become softer each time you wash it. The stitching was double reinforced to ensure its strength and durability for commercial use. On top of that, you will see the fitted sheet has an elastic band sewed to its hem for the purpose of easy application and make it stay in place once you put it on your massaging table.

Additionally, it has water and oil-proof ability which is super ideal to use for your salon business. Its size is very wide and can be measured as 58 x 88 that can perfectly cover your massage table making the room look nice and neat.


A successful salon and spa business mainly depend on how well you equip your shop with the right and comfortable spa equipment and material. With the recommended table sheets and the buying guide above, we can guarantee that your guests will be very satisfied.

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