Top 10 Best Mechanical Pencils in 2020

Most of the things we do in life revolves around writing and reading. Whether we’re in school, university or working and are writing manually or digitally, writing takes up a huge part of our lives. In this day and age, we mostly write using mechanical pencils, as they are more convenient and less prone to breakage of the leads.

For this list, we’ve compiled 10 mechanical pencils as recommendations and a buying guide for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Mechanical Pencils in 2020

10. Paper Mate

Paper Mate

Let’s kick off the list with a mechanical pencil from Paper Mate. Paper Mate is an iconic stationary brand, producing very reliable products. They’ve been on the market for over 50 years and has been a helpful hand ever since.

The “Paper Mate ComfortMate Ultra Mechanical Pencils” is suitable for everyone in any situation. This pencil is equipped with a neat and comfortable discharge button, and a high quality eraser for advanced fixes on your work. Each unit also comes with a large, soft grip for a more comfortable long-hours usage. Their exterior is curved and is decorated with metal accents. Furthermore, its #2 pencil leads (0.7mm) allow you to use it for any test, as they are designed for standardized tests, bringing you the neatest writing.

This pack includes 12 mechanical pencils, each with their own leads included.

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9. Pilot


Moving on, we have the Pilot G2 from Pilot. Pilot has been making writing equipments for over a hundred years, so you best bet they make one of the best pencils on the market. Their craftsmanship, such as ballpoint pens, markers, mechanical pencils, erasable pens, gel pens and many more are both trust-worthy and timeless.

Pilot G2 is a great choice for anyone who does a lot of writing with pencils. They are designed for both professionals and students. This model comes with high-quality refillable 0.7mm HB leads and a curve shaped rubber grip, ideal and they are comfortable for long writing processes.

This product weighs 1.28oz (approx 36g), has the dimension of 3in x 1in x 5.8in (approx 7.62cm x 2.54cm x 14.7cm) and comes in a pack of 12 units.

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8. rOtring

rOtring 600

rOtring originated from Germany and has been in the market since the early 1900’s, 1928. They are beautifully designed with unique shapes and colors, and have been amazed by countless people. From students, office worker to artists, architects, their mechanical pencils have been in the hands of all shapes and sizes. If you love to possess the minimalistic aesthetics, their products are ideal for you.

In this list, we will talk about the “rOting 600 Mechanical Pencil.” This mechanical pencil is designed for all uses, but they are mostly ideal for professional usage, such as drawing, sketching, and writing. Its unique hexagon shape makes it one of a kind and each of them are built for balance, comfort and long life period.

They are built from strong metal. Its brass mechanism is designed to eject leads without any breakage. This model comes in 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead, and black or silver accents. rOtring also offers a 2 years warranty after the purchase date.

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18 PCS Mechanical

AIYUE’s AMZ1101 is a 0.7mm mechanical pencil; very comfortable, sturdy and durable. Each package of this product comes with 6 units of mechanical pencils, 6 tubes of refill leads, 5 gradient jelly erasers and a see-through mesh pencil case. Their design is simple and colorful; each unit in the package comes with its own bright color and metal accents. Furthermore, the provided leads are smooth and high-quality; their lead case is transparent and looks like a mini bottle.

When each of the included products is put into the mesh pencil bag, the total weight would still remain light. This allows you to be able to carry them around much easier.

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6. Pentel

Pentel Twist Erase

Next on our list we have a mechanical pencil from the iconic Pentel. Pentel has been around for a long while and they’ve earned their place in the market. They provide trust-worthy stationeries in a wide range of price point and are accessible everywhere around the world.

Pentel’s “Twist-Erase CLICK” mechanical pencils are designed o be quick, durable and lightweight. Each unit comes with a twistable head that ejects out their own Hi-Polymer erasers. Its erasers are refillable and provide easy and clean erasing, with no smudge, tears and marks. Not only that they come with good erasers, they also include good HB leads. They come with a variable of lead sizes; 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm.

This product comes in a pack of 12 units and is backed by Pentel’s lifetime warranty.

Top of Form

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5. Pentel

Pentel Twist-Erase

Right in the middle of our list, we have another product from Pentel. This product is also from the same series as our number 6, but its model name is the “Pentel Twist-Erase III” mechanical pencil or the QE519C.

This model has a very soft and comfortable latex grip on its blue etterior. Plus, it also has a protective brass, giving your leads extra shield from any external impact and 3 lead size selections of 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm. It is preloaded with Pentel’s strong HB leads, giving you the smoothest and clearest dark glide when you are doing your work. In addition, each pencil comes with Pentel’s Hi-Polymer eraser. These erasers are longer and stronger than most erasers; they are designed to last long while also providing you the best erasure ability. They leave no smudge, no ghosts and most importantly, no tear.

Furthermore, Pentel provides a lifetime warranty after the purchase date. Whether it’s writing, drawing or sketching, they’ve got your back.

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4. Nicpro

Nicpro Mechanical

If you’re looking for a mechanical pencil that looks, feels and IS as strong as your steel pipe, this one is for you. This model of Nicpro’s mechanical pencils is built from sturdy metal and has a threaded design on the gripping area, giving you an anti-skidding surface to grip on when you’re writing, sketching or drawing. Even though you don’t have to worry about dropping and breaking your pencil, its metal exterior is designed with a hexagon shape to help you keep your pencil still on your desk without rolling away.

When purchasing this product, the package includes 2 mechanical pencils (each of different lead size, one 0.5mm and one 0.7mm), 2 tubes of leads for refilling and 2 pieces of soft 4B erasers.

If your order comes with any flaw or breakage, Nicpro will happily provide refunds and/or replacements.

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3. Paper Mate

Paper Mate Clearpoint

You know Paper Mate is cool when we have 2 of their mechanical pencils on our list. This model from Paper Mate, the “Clearpoint” mechanical pencil is made from strong plastic and has a cute blue color scheme and design. They are equipped with a comfortable soft grip, enabling you to have a congenial long-term writing process.  Furthermore, its design includes a convenient side-click.

This pack of mechanical pencil has 12 pencils and each pencil has a 0.7mm lead size. Plus, on its head, there is a refillable larger-than-normal eraser, which can be twist up and use with ease.

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2. Nicpro

Nicpro 12 PCS

Nicpro is a trust-worthy brand, which (of course) provides great mechanical pencils. Although it may look like the other Nicpro’s pencil on our list, this model is a slightly better version.

This model, with the manufacururer part number of MG028, comes with a threaded grip design, overall strong metal body and a 0.7mm lead size. Since its weight balances well between light and heavy, this mechanical pencil is used by many artists all around the globe. Each parcel comes with 3 mechanical pencils, 3 high-quality soft 4B erasers, 6 tubes of extra HB lead for refill and a promise to refund/provide replacement for any fault found on the order.

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1. WSD

Aviation Aluminium

For the top spot of our list, is the “Aviation Mechanical Pencil” from WSD. This product has a very minimalistic, yet very innovative design. It may look confusing, but the instruction is very simple. When using, you can simply just loosen the pencil head, then adjust the magnetic ring accordingly to your preferred lead length, and finally tighten the pencil head back in and you’re ready to roll.

This pencil is made from Aviation Aluminum 6061-T6, hence the name, and has a 0.9mm lead size. They come in silver, rose, blue, gold and black. Each parcel includes a magnetic mechanical pencil, a box pencil cores and one small sharpener for its lead/core. Suitable for many uses on rough or normal surfaces, including sketching, mapping, drawing, writing and more.

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Buying Guide:

Material: obviously, mechanical pencils’ prices vary on its material. Some are more affordable due to its lower quality material. However, do select a pencil that is best suitable for most of your usages.

Lead: most mechanical pencils have a 0.5mm lead size, but many companies provide bigger sizes as well. Again, please remember to choose a pencil with the most suitable lead size for your occupation or most of your usages.

Functionality: the click buttons sometimes are designed to be on the side of the pencil and sometimes, it is on the head of pencil. If you prefer to use a pencil which comes with a built-in eraser, the ones that comes with side-click is better suitable for you.

Warranty: warranty on each product depends on the company.

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