Top 10 Best Medicine Ball Exercises | Slam Ball Workouts Reviews In 2020

For people who are looking to have a perfect workout, a medicine ball can serve as the right product. It offers you multiple weight options that can be ideal for strength and endurance training. Medicine balls are easy to use and can be suitable for both men and women. It comes with many features and can be ideal for having multiple types of exercises. You can you will use it for pilates and yoga and offer additional intensity. Here is the list of the top 10 best medicine ball exercises to pick from.

Table of the Best Medicine Ball Exercises Reviews

10. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball for Workouts Exercise Balance Training

Medicine Ball Exercises

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The medicine ball exercises improve your muscle strength. Therefore, you can also improve your resistance and stamina. Moreover, the textured finish of the weighted ball offers a skid-resistant and comfortable grip. The ball weighs 10-pounds, and you can use this equipment for lifting weight. The exercise balance-training tool is perfect for lower and upper body exercises.

The medical ball requires even heavy-duty rubber construction. Hence, even after years of use, the ball remains deformation-free. You may also use this fitness tool to do aerobics. This ball, on the other hand, increases hand-and-eye coordination. The weighted rubber ball falls back. So you can use this tool for wall and floor exercises.


  • Finest grade material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Ergonomic design with a superior grip for comfort.
  • Enhanced benefit design for improved health.

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9. Yes4All 10-40lbs Slam Medicine Balls for Strength and Crossfit Workout 

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This medicine ball makes exercises more intense. You can also develop your muscle strength. Moreover, the full-body training tool also comes with the construction of heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride. The bounce-free weighted ball makes your cross-fit training, wood chops, and other exercises convenient for individuals. You can even use this equipment for regular athletic training.

The high-density exercise ball also comes with sand filling. Therefore, the equipment does not bounce or roll. Furthermore, the soft shell does not deform easily, even after years of use. The ball exercises increase your muscle mass and help your body to maintain a proper heart rate. The textured PVC shell offers a good grip over this ball.


  • Highly rugged design with advanced grip.
  • Multiple-usage design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Advanced-grade material for durability.

8. F2C Medicine Ball Workout – Med Ball Exercise for Core Strength, Balance, Coordination Exercise 

F2C Medicine Ball Workout

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The medicine ball comes with the construction of thick rubber material. The weighted ball also improves your resistance skills. Moreover, the eco-friendly and odorless rubber material does not easily deform even after regular use. This 6-pound fitness accessory comes with a textured grip. Therefore, you can have a safe and comfortable grip over this ball.

The body-training tool also increases your core muscle strength and perfectly tones your body. Furthermore, you can effectively increase your hand-and-eye coordination. The basketball-like surface gives you the best grip while performing stretches and other exercises. This ball effectively improves your stability and balance. You can conveniently build your muscle strength. This equipment is perfect for Polymetric training.


  • Highly resistant design for enhanced sustainability.
  • Multi-functional design for improved satisfaction.
  • Effortlessly transferable design for added comfort.

7. SPRI Xerball Thick-Walled Durable Medicine Ball with Textured Surface 

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The medicine ball exercises are the perfect choices for beginners and athletes. The 10-pound weighted ball also helps you to improve both stamina and strength. Moreover, the equipment perfectly matches the step of your aerobics. The body-training tool comes with individual color-coding for quick identification. However, the thick walls of this ball prolong the lifespan of this entire construction.

The weighted ball also retains its shape for years, even after repeated uses. Furthermore, the bouncing ball simply blends with the floor or wall exercises. You can refill this ball with air to enhance the bouncy feature to add variation to your exercises. The textured upper layer offers a secure grip over the ball during workouts.


  • Multiple weight construction for user comfort.
  • Versatile use design for superior performance.
  • Advanced-grade material for enhanced durability.

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6. Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Balls for Weighted Med Ball Set for Weight Training, Stability, Plyometrics, Cross-Training

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The heavy-duty leather construction makes this medicine ball exceptionally durable. The 4.4-lbs strength-training equipment is also perfect for basic resistant training. Moreover, these medicine ball exercises develop core muscle strength and hand-and-eye coordination. The durable stitching extends the lifespan of the weighted ball.

The skid-resistant synthetic leather exterior also lets you have a comfortable grip over this equipment. Furthermore, the multipurpose ball simply fits the exercise styles of cross-fits, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and more. You can perform weight-lifting exercises by using this tool. This strength training equipment improves your full-body muscle strength. The weighted ball does not burst or leak while performing different exercises. This equipment simply matches the heavy workout needs.


  • Advanced grip design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Versatile usage configuration for a comfortable experience.
  • Color variant and multi-weight design for comfort.

5. ZELUS Weighted Medicine Ball with Dual Grip

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Made from heavy-duty, eco-friendly rubber, the medicine ball does not emit bad smell. You can also use this fitness accessory for developing good hand-and-eye coordination. Moreover, the 10-lbs ball makes your core muscle groups well-built and toned. The thick rubber construction offers resistance against bursting. With the help of the weight coding, this equipment is ideal for performing targeted exercises.

The double grip handles also offer a perfect grip over this exercise tool. Furthermore, the skid-resistant texture of this ball does not fall off from your hand easily. The sturdy rubber construction offers resistance against wearing and tearing. You can involve this ball for cross-fit training or basic moves.


  • Ergonomic construction with an improved designed grip.
  • Advanced resistant design for enhanced durability.
  • Multi-purpose design and effortlessly maneuverable.

4. DYNAPRO Durable Rubber Medicine Ball Exercises

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The medicine ball exercises are perfect for improving strength without using critical gym equipment. You can also perform exercises with your dear ones by sharing this ball. Moreover, the 6-lbs ball is a perfect tool for intermediates. The bouncing ball is just the right thing for doing wall or floor exercises. The exercise tool improves your basic moves, like pushups, squats, shoulder presses, and more.

The strength-training ball also builds up your core muscle strength and improves your speed. Furthermore, the rubber casing of this ball offers resistance against bursting. The equipment is a combination of marble and diamond textures. Therefore, this ball offers a steady grip. The bouncy ball is suitable for tossing, slamming, and bouncing.


  • Sturdy construction for enhanced durability.
  • Slip-resistant design for superior performance.
  • Easy weight design for effortless transferability.

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3. MaxKare Indoor/Outdoor 10 lbs Medicine Ball for Workout Rehabilitation Exercise

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This 10-lbs medicine ball helps you to perform different resistance training exercises at home. The dual-grip design of this equipment also offers a comfortable and safe grip. Moreover, you can use the accessory for improving your hand-and-eye coordination. This ball is functional enough for improving muscle strength. The classic-style dumbbell ball is suitable to get rid of limb injury.

By including this equipment to your exercise schedule, you can also add stability to your core muscle groups. Furthermore, the anti-leak gas-filling valve helps you to refill the ball without any hassle. With the help of an anti-slick pattern, you can have a comfortable grip over this fitness accessory. This ball involves the construction of a strengthened natural rubber.


  • Versatile use design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Advanced benefit design for a healthy experience.
  • Dynamic resistant construction for improved durability.

2. Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

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This classic-style dumbbell ball is suitable for performing different medicine ball exercises. The 4-pound fitness accessory is also the perfect equipment for beginners. Moreover, the ball comes with skid-resistant, single rubber texture. The thick rubber ball makes this ball exceptionally durable and rigid. You can use the fitness tool for developing your coordination. By improving core strength, you can get a perfectly toned body with the help of this ball.

This dumbbell-style fitness accessory also improves your stamina and strength. Furthermore, the bouncing ball helps you to do the couple exercises or wall exercises with no hassle. The tacky grip of this exercise accessory lets you perform exercises with proper safety.


  • Multi-functional design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Easy weight design with a superior grip for comfort.
  • High-performance configuration for enhanced longevity.

1. SPRI Dual Grip Xerball / Medicine Balls

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With an ergonomic design, you can safely perform medicine ball exercises by using this equipment. The dual inbuilt handles also help you to have a good grip over this exercise accessory. Moreover, the easy-grip fitness accessory lets you perform full-body workout even at home. The equipment is just the right thing to perform rotational abdominal exercises.

The exercising tool also helps you to build up your muscle strength. Furthermore, the rubber handles offer skid-resistant and sweat-proof grip. However, this equipment is safer and better than the traditional weighted balls. You can single-handedly practice lower body exercises. This ball helps you to do upper extremity cross-body patterns, lower-body dynamic exercises, and more.


  • Easy-grip design for safety and comfort.
  • Effortlessly maneuverable design for a comfortable experience.
  • Multi-benefit construction for enhanced satisfaction.


We have seen how a medicine ball will let you have an effective workout. However, you will have to see if it is the right one for you. You need to invest in the one that is composed of high-quality rubber making it perfect for slamming activities. Go for the one that is available in durable design and look at the weight and size of the ball carefully before making your purchase.

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