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For professional photography of small objects, you will need a quality photo studio. However, if you are planning to take the photo studio with you for different purposes, you have to opt for a portable one. The photos taken inside the photo studios will be professional and picture-perfect. They will be like studio type photography with proper light and background. Check out the following list of the top 10 best portable photo studios to pick from.

Table of the Best Portable Photo Studios Reviews

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10. AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light

Portable Photo Studios

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Make shooting photo lot easier by using this portable photo studio. The collapsible frame also lets you carry this structure almost anywhere. Moreover, the front 3-door system helps you to make limitless capture angles to increase the flexibility of photographs. From product shooting to food photography, this shooting tent is an ideal choice for both professionals and newbie.

The tent also simply folds down into a compact folio to save a lot of space while traveling. Furthermore, the top hole lets you capture photographs from the top of this shooting studio. This system includes inbuilt LED lights. Therefore, you can capture high-quality images from cameras and smartphones. This lighting system produces a uniform 5600K color temperature.


  • Ultra weight creation for easy and comfortable mobility.
  • Sturdy construction of long-lasting performance.
  • Advanced multifunctional design for consumer comfort.

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9. Emart Photography Table Top Light Box – Portable LED Photo Studio Shooting Tent

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The beginner’s package includes all the necessary tools for perfect product photography on the fly. This portable photo studio also comes along with multiple colors of backdrops to match your needs. Moreover, people with different levels of photography skills can use this set like a pro. This set brings a mini tripod stand for your smartphone.

You can also use the power back instead of the provided power plug whenever you need it. Furthermore, this professional light box consists of 26 of LED light strips. Therefore, this system produces up to 5500K color temperature. The shooting tent is perfect for capturing tabletop photographs. The top hole is easily removable for capturing top angle images.


  • Unique supple construction for added mobility.
  • Modifiable multi-shade scenery for proficient photography.
  • Easy portable construction for hassle-free transferability.

8. PULUZ 20cm Portable Photography Shooting Light Tent Kit – Mini Photo Studio Box

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This portable photo studio eliminates the needs of complicated installation processes. The 5-volt energy-saving USB charging system also supports faster and reliable charging. Moreover, the customizable integrated light-bar structure lets you adjust the lighting pattern for your individual shooting purposes. The lighting system consists of 20 pieces of premium-quality SMD LED beads.

Therefore, the system also simply lets you have the optimal lighting for professional-style shooting. Furthermore, you can use your unprofessional shooting devices, like a smartphone for capturing professional-quality images. These pictures will have strobe-free, high-quality output every time. The Velcro straps make installation like a breeze. The colorful background sheets help you to capture the desired photographs all the time.


  • Effortless assembly with easy movable construction.
  • Detachable features for added maneuverability.
  • Multi-purpose structure for added comfort.

7. DUCLUS Portable Photography Lighting Softbox – Adjustable Light Photo Studio Box

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This mini portable photo studio is the perfect equipment for small-scale businesspersons. Therefore, they can also capture the brilliant quality photographs of their products. Moreover, the shooting box flawlessly captures the photos of small accessories, like jewelry, toys, gadgets, food, and more. The lighting system includes 64 pieces of premium-quality LED light beads.

The uniform illumination of this shooting tent also never leaves a spot over or underexposed. Furthermore, the 3-way open space helps photographers with countless photographic angles. The lighting system allows you to adjust the color temperature from 3200K to 6500K. Even, this system has a wide range of brightness dimming options. You can capture images from smartphones without any stroboscopic effect.


  • Advanced durable and easy assemble design.
  • Dynamic amendable system for realistic photography.
  • Ultra weight construction with added safety features.

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6. ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box – Professional Booth Table Top Photography Lighting Kit 

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This purchase includes an LED power adapter, PVC backgrounds, diffuser cloth, and a portable photo studio. From beginners to experts, the box is also purposeful for everyone. Moreover, the LED lighting system includes 100 pieces of light beads. Altogether, these beads are responsible for producing up to 5500K color temperature. With the help of a higher CRI rate, you will get true color in your images.

The inner layer of this tent also consists of a silver film reflective fabric. Therefore, the fabric does not leave any dark space inside the tent. Furthermore, the Velcro straps help you to set up the studio without further ado. The dimmer rotary knob lets you control the brightness as per your photographic needs.


  • Effortless setup and easily movable creation.
  • Finest class material for enhanced stability.
  • Versatile configuration with unique flexible features.

5. FOSITAN Photo Box – Photo Light Studio Box LED Light Photo Shooting Tent 

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The oversized portable photo studio will never slow down your work speed while traveling on the go. This purchase also has 8 corner pieces, backdrops, 12 pieces of frame tubes, lighting bands, and a bag. Moreover, the flexible design of this shooting tent offers three open sides with countless angles for photography. The handy design makes traveling hassle-free with this set.

The reflective fabric also illuminates the inner space uniformly. Therefore, you can have professional-style images without any difficulty. The roomy interior accommodates small to large size accessories for multipurpose shooting. The lighting system has 126 pieces of dimmable LED beads. Therefore, you can capture perfect images all the time.


  • Trouble-free setup and easily storable design.
  • Featherweight construction and efficiently moveable.
  • Robust design for improved robustness.

4. Travor Photo Studio Light Box – Photography Lighting Kit with LED Lights

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This 35-inch portable photo studio is big enough for placing different small and large accessories. This functional shooting tent set also includes 4 pieces of backdrops and a brightness dimmer. Moreover, the dimmer lets you optimize the brightness as per your photography requirements. The lighting system is capable of producing a 5500K color temperature to illuminate the tent interior.

This tabletop shooting tent also comes with high CRI. Therefore, you can simply restore the natural colors in your images without any color rendition. Furthermore, you can capture images with non-professional equipment, like smartphones without leaving any stroboscopic effect in images. Even, multi-angle shooting is possible with this tent.


  • Space-saving structure with a transformable pattern.
  • Advanced foldaway design for improved storage.
  • Multi-purpose arrangement for superior comfort.

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3. FOSITAN Portable Photo Studio Professional Light Box

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The portable photo studio comes with a reflective liner on the inside. Therefore, this shooting tent also effectively diminishes dark spots. Moreover, you can capture vivid and ultra-clear images from your smartphones without any strobe. This shooting tent works like magic for capturing professional-style product photographs. The set includes high-quality PVC backgrounds. You can capture different objects, like shoes, bags, watches, and more.

The brightness dimmer also allows you to control the brightness from 1% to 100%. From DSLR cameras to point-n-shoot cameras, you can capture high to good-quality images by using this tent. Furthermore, the lighting system has powerful 126 pieces of LED beads. The clip-type storage design allows you to install this box in no time.


  • Advanced safety dynamics for improved protection.
  • Featherweight design for easy mobility.
  • Sturdy material for long-lasting performance.

2. Konseen Professional Photo Light Box Large LED Dimmable Shooting Tent

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This super-big portable photo studio makes model or costume photography convenient from photographers or sellers. You will also get three pieces of PVC backdrops and a sturdy frame. Moreover, the silver reflector soaks up the heat. Therefore, people inside this shooting box will feel comfortable while shooting. Even the reflective liner lets light distribute equally for perfect photography.

The AC dimmable adapter also helps you to adjust the brightness with ease. Furthermore, the LED light strips have 96 pieces of beads. The professional-quality box leaves no spoiling reflective glare in your photographs. The lighting system delivers up to 5500K of color temperature. With the help of two shooting holes, you can capture photographs from different angles.


  • Dynamically design configuration for professional experience.
  • Unique bendable structure for easy transport.
  • Detachable construction for consumer comfort.

1. SAMTIAN Portable LED Light Photo Studio Shooting Tent

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This portable photo studio comes with a top hole, front center window, and a front open window. The set also includes a travel-friendly carry bag. Therefore, you can move with the set with no hassle. Moreover, you can use this shooting tent for capturing the photographs of both small and large accessories. The inbuilt zippers help you to install and collapse the frame with no delay.

The lighting system also consists of 126 pieces of LED beads. Therefore, the tent produces a 5500K color temperature. Furthermore, the high-quality reflective liner keeps the interior space properly illuminated. Therefore, the interior space stays free of over and underexposed corners. You can easily control the brightness of the light with the help of a brightness dimmer.


  • Multifunctional design for user comfort.
  • Easy setup and mobile design for easy mobility.
  • Ultra dynamic modifiable features for superior comfort.


There are a few considerations you have to keep in mind while purchasing. The portability is a major point and you have to check the dimensions and overall design for easy portability. The amount of light availability is quite important in terms of better picture quality and you should compare all the products before choosing one.

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