Top 8 Best Rotary Peelers in 2021 – Buyers’ Guide

Are you looking to improve your cooking life? Do you find it tricky to peel veggies using a knife? It may be time consuming, and harmful as you can easily cut yourself as well. Moreover, you may feel dull as your cut veggie would not look nice and even.

Don’t  you worry just yet as we are here to introduce you to the best top 8 rotary peelers of the year 2021 to be your perfect kitchen assistant that makes your meal cooking process and outcome better and fun. Let’s not wait any longer, below are what you are looking for.

List Of Top 8 Best Rotary Peelers in 2021

8. ZG

If you are looking for one of the most amazing rotatory peelers that helps you make perfect meals, get yourself a ZG, the top best number 8th peeler of the year. The peeling blade is made from stainless steel that is sharp, and erosions-resistant. The handle is made from plastic which makes it light and easy to hold. It is designed with the size of 6.5 x 1.2 x 0.6 inches.

Its blades come equipped with 3 different patterns which are peeling, cutting and slicing. These functions help you peel your veggies with different styles you want. You will find it very convenient and easy to clean manually or by a dishwasher. This peeler will make a perfect cooking partner for you.

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LUTER 3 in 1 Peeler

Now it is time to introduce you to another peeler brand, Luter, the top best number 7th peeler of the year, that helps you peel or cut any type of vegetables or fruits quickly and safe. It is designed with 3 functions blades that allow you to safely peel, slice, while offer you 360 degrees rotation. Being very useful, the blade materials are made from stainless steel that is erosion-resistant and durable.

Its handle is made from ABS plastic that is light and easy to hold. The handle also is designed with holes that allow you to hang in order to save storage space. Now you can enjoy your veggies slices the way you like.

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6. Leonnnnn

Choosing Leonnnnn, the top best number 6th rotatory peeler of year 2021, will assist you improve your kitchen life, make it more fun and easier. Leonnnnn peeler is designed with multi-functions, 3 in 1, that offer you ease in peeling, cutting and slicing your vegetables and fruits. With its rotatory function, you can change to different blades easily in no time.

The blades are made from stainless steel material making it durable, worry-free and resistant to erosion. Its handle is made from good quality plastic and designed in Y shape with holes for hanging to save storage space. Now just by one click, you can achieve desirable cutting style you want.

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5. Hello22

Hello22 Hot 3 in 1 Rotary

The top best number 5th peeler of the year by Hello22 may meet your needs if you still have not found the one you like. Designed with 3 in 1 function, you can cut , slice or peel your vegetables and fruit by just clicking and switch. Your switching is easy due to its clockwise rotation of 360 degrees.

The razor blade is made from high quality stainless steel materials that promise durability and resistance to erosions while it is sharp enough to peel or cut all type of veggies and fruits. Its handle is made from plastic that is light and easy to hold. It is designed to be easily washed by dishwasher, safe and friendly so you can easily clean it.

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4. AmazonBasics

If you are looking for a cooler rotatory peeler of the year, say yes to AmazonBasics, the top best number 4th peeler. Uniquely designed, this peeler comes in three separate tools with multi-functions blades that help you slice, peel or shred veggies and fruits. Moreover, you can dig out unwanted pieces on your veggies or fruits by using the both sides of the bulge.

This double layer planer blade is made from stainless steel materials, which is rust-resistant, durable and worry-free to wash. Its handle is ergonomically designed with high quality steel and equipped with holes. This makes it easy to be handled and hanged. Plus , it is dishwasher safe.

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3. Spiralizer

Let us present you the top best number 3rd peeler of the year, Spiralizer, that will make your cooking more fun and easier. Spiralizer peeler mechanism is distinguishably designed for peeling and slicing round objects such as apple, tomatoes, fruits and so on. It also has a gripping base with non-slipping feet to build stability for peeling operation.

The razor-sharp blade equipped is made from stainless steel to ensure rust resistance and durability. Additionally, the serrated blade is designed with patented control system that allows you to adjust while cutting different size of veggies or fruits. You can operate it manually without any electricity required. It comes in dimension of 5.6 x 4.5 x 10.3 inches.

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2. Julienne Peeler

tainless Steel

Moving on the introduction of the top best number 2nd vegetable and fruit rotatory peeler of the year, we would like to present you Julienne peeler by Darnell Nehemiah. This stainless steel made peeler is designed with 2 functions blade that offers you different cutting patterns. You can switch between functions easily with its 360 degrees rotation feature. The handle is also made from stainless steel, making it easy to hold and hang.

All in all, this steel-made peeler is durable, useful and safe to be your kitchen assistant. Now you can have your superior cutting experiences in your kitchen expecting yummy and good-looking outcome with Julienne.

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1. TianYi

When it comes to searching for a peeling assistant, TianYi also makes one of the best considerations. This swivel peeler comes with 3 peelers in 1. Each tool is equipped with straight, Julien, and serrated functions razor blade that this allows you to cut, slice and peel any vegetables and fruits safely as desired in a very short period. With it rotatory feature, you can switch between functions easily to achieve desirable cutting patterns.

The blades are made from stainless steel to secure ease of use, sharpness, durability and rust-resistance. Their handles are made from high quality ABS plastic making it light and easy to hold width holes for hanging. They are very easy and safe to clean.

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Buying Guide

As we have gone through briefly and precisely about the top 8 best rotatory peelers of year 2021, we believe you are aware of each product’s quality as well as important functions. Since each product has their own best quality, you may find it hard to decide which one is worth your purchase. But, do not worry yet as we are here to help give you important tips that help with your purchase decision.


If you are looking for a perfect peeler for cutting up both, fruits and veggies, we suggest you find one that comes with multi-functions for not just peeling but also cutting, slicing or shredding. It really depends on how you want to cut up your carrots or cucumbers. However, choosing multi-functions peeler will offer you more cutting styles you are looking for to make your meals look more creative and yummy. Moreover, you should find the one that allows you to switch from one function to another easily with the 360 degrees rotation feature.


Choosing a peeler that allows you to use for a long period of time without any damages is also important. You may need to find a peeler with the blades made from high quality materials such as stainless steels. This helps assure you a long-life service, rust resistance, quality of sharpness and ease to clean.

There are some peelers that are safe to wash in dishwasher while other is to be cleaned by hands. Additionally, you should buy the peeler that is easy to handle. This can be either made by plastic or steel. That is up to your preference. You also have to make sure you can easily store it anywhere.


Talking about models, we are referring to whether it is a hand-peeler or stand-peeler. If you enjoy the stand peeler, you may purchase it as it is recommended for round veggies or fruit such as apples, potatoes, tomato or kiwi and so on. Otherwise, hand-peelers are recommended for any type of veggies or fruits for slicing, cutting, shredding, peeling or digging.


We have successfully introduced you to the best top 8 innovative peeling tools that assist you in your veggies peeling operation. All of the best products above promise quality, functionality and fame on market as well as worthy price. Furthermore, to help you with purchasing consideration, we have given you essential tips for your selection based on needed functions, quality, model and made-materials. We believe now you are ready to buy the one you like without disappointment.

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