Top 10 Best Shampoo Bowls in 2021

Staying in bed or sitting on the chair having someone shampooing your hair for you is one of the best feelings in the world. Whether you are a salon owner, or you just want to get a good quality shampoo bowl, you have come to the right place. When you shampoo for someone, you need to consider a number of things to ensure that the one who receive the service feel satisfied. Those include a clean area of shampooing, great neck rest, height and position adjustability, level of water spray, and more.

Here we have spent time and effort collecting the top 10 best shampoo bowls on the market to ensure that every buyer that come across our page can always get the one they desire. From top 10 to top 1, the products carry out different unique feature and design for providing more options to our buyers. You may now take your time studying about the ones that you want to own.

List Of Top 10 Best Shampoo Bowls in 2021

10. Semme

The Semme Hair Shampoo Bowl comes with a very portable design that allows users to move it from one place to different places easily. It features wheels that run smoothly on any type of floor surfaces. More importantly, it comes with another incredible feature which is height adjustment. With this feature, it is easy for users to adjust the pole to fit the height of shampoo bed. Besides that, it can swivel to both front side and back side conveniently.

This bowl is not only suitable to use with shampoo bed, but it also goes perfectly with normal chair and reclining chair as well. Semme Hair Shampoo has a very compact and portable design that allows users to use as little space as possible. Moreover, its assembling process is totally uncomplicated as you can have it done in minutes.

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9. eMark Beauty

If you are currently looking for any shampoo bowls for salon, we highly recommend you eMark Beauty Shampoo Bowl. This shampoo sink comes with wall-mounted design in which users can attach it to the wall. This also helps to save a lot of your floor space. It is also a tilting shampoo bowl faucet that shines in black color and looks really sleek. Made of ABS Plastic, this bowl is very durable. The bowl is also engineered with odor protection to prevent bad smell from occurring.

There is also a scratch protection for the bowl to keep its shininess going for years of usage. This bowl has an adjustable feature which you can make it fit to any shampoo chairs for backwash style. Around the neck, there is also a built in gel foam to protect your neck spine when you rest your neck on.

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8. Health Line Massage Product

This shampoo bowls from Health Line Massage Product features a black design that looks very elegant. With the color, it looks suitable to most of shampoo beds and chairs. You can easily mount this to the wall. The bowl also helps to prevent splashing during the process of shampooing for customers. The bowl is also made of top quality reinforced acrylic fiber that helps to increase durability and prevents scratches. This wall-mounted shampoo bowl also features gel neck for better comfortable and support to customers during the shampoo process.

Furthermore, there are also a built in faucet and a spray hose included. Other necessary shampooing kits are also added which consist of vacuum breakers, drain, gel neck for neck rest, hair trap, and others to assist your service.

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7. Nova Microdermabrasion

Nova Microdermabrasion is an extra large shampoo bowls for salon that is currently becoming very well known on the market. It is large, but it is very lightweight that can be easily lifted or moved around, thanks to its portability and built in wheels, it moves smoothly on any surfaces which makes transporting becomes quick and at ease. What is more, it does not build up stains, and odor which makes it requires low maintenance. When you purchase this bowl, you will receive other accessories that are useful for your service.

Nova Microdermabrasion is constructed from good ABS composition and stainless steel that is nicely resistant to scratches, breaking, and remains durable throughout time. The base is verys table and can be locked in place when you want it not to move. Also, the height of the support pipe can be increased from 37 inches up to 54 inches high.

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6. eMark Beauty

eMark Beauty also provides you a shampoo bowl at home which is known as shampoo salon bowl TLC-1167 eMark Beauty. Coming with stainless steel brushed finish, it looks glowing. It also has hot and cold water supplies that are built and connected in just a single faucet. Users only need to turn to left or right to choose between hot and cold water which is totally convenient to use. The sink itself is very deep which is fully able to accommodate the whole head, hair, and neck.

More importantly, the design is best at preventing water splashing during hair shampooing too. At the neck area, there comes a rubberized neck rest to ensure that users can rest their neck without experiencing any built up pain at all. On top of that, its high quality drain hose is made to promote fast flowing of wasted water so that the work can continue smoothly.

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5. Saloniture

Saloniture also showcases its best shampoo bowls in 2021 market. This bowl comes in a sleek black color which is very eye-catching and suitable to use for any wall background. Made of top quality ABS composition plastic, this bowl tends to last longer than any regular shampoo bowls. The design of this product comes very portable as it features rolling wheels that roll super duper smoothly on any surfaces. Users can also lock the wheels up once they want the bowl to stay in place.

Together with its large pole stand, the whole item helps to maintain great stability during the work. Meanwhile, the height of this bowl can also be adjusted so that users can find the right position for their shampooing experience. In addition, the head of this shampoo bowl can be tilted for easy adjustment and perfect fit to the shampoo chair.

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4. Chrome Cherry

Chrome Cherry is one of the unique shampoo bowls for salon to own. It comes with very portable design that allows users to use it not only at the salon but anywhere convenient. It is suitable to use with either shampoo chair or bed as it features regulated channeling flaps. Besides, its grooved design allows the hair to stay inside, and the water to flow smoothly. It also helps to prevent splashing as well.

Because it is fully padded with top quality cushion, it is very soft whenever you lay on. This way, it is ideal for those people who have problem with neck pain as well as elders. Interestingly, users can also adjust the cushion’s contour to maximize comfort. In case you have not known about this, it can be deflated and inflated very quickly and easily.

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OMWAH is another beauty salon shampoo bowl that is made of ABS Plastic. Due to this, it tends to promote longer lifespan and greater use. It comes with a deep square design which helps to keep the hair and head in place and prevent water from splashing outside during the process. This product also comes along with draining basket to keep the fallen hair not to fall into the draining hose.

Apart from plastic construction, this OMWAH shampoo bowl is also built with solid steel to ensure better durability. What is more, the whole construction is stain resistant which stays shiny throughout years. Thanks to its vacuum breaker, it makes the whole cleaning up process becomes very easy and quick to do.

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2. Giantex

Giantex also brings about quality shampoo bowl to showcase on the list. It is a shampoo bowl with adjustable height and stand that is suitable to use for salon. The entire bowl is made of sturdy ABS composite which does not hold stains or corrosion at all. It stays clean most of the time, and it is very convenient to clean up. With this bowl, there is also a neck shape included to assist the neck resting experience of the customers.

Moreover, as Giantex shampoo bowl is a standing bowl, it can be adjusted in height to meet all clients’ positions and needs. The plug and the drain hose comes perfectly together once you purchase this which thus makes it easy for you not to waste time to buy it separately.

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1. Icarus

Icarus is the top 1 product on the list thanks to its incredible features as below. The whole construction of this shampoo bowl is built from ceramic and styled in glossy black color. It is also a stain resistant bowl that is stay glossy and can be ease of cleaning. Beside the bowl, the stand of this product is also made of black ceramic and is large enough to support the whole construction and stability.

Talking about is faucet, it comes in chrome finish which looks suitable to the bowl as a whole. Nearby the faucet, there comes a rubber spray hose for hair cleaning. Icarus also comes with a neck rest that is curved enough for the neck to fully and comfortably rest.

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Buying Guide of Best Shampoo Bowls

Purpose of Using: buying a shampoo bowl is not only buying. You may want to use it out of its potential. That is why, the first thing you should think about is knowing your purpose of using it. Some shampoo bowls are designed for salon use only. Meanwhile, others are portably designed for using at both home and salon. Knowing your purpose helps you to save a lot of money spent on the things that you do not actually need. If you are planning to use it at home, it is better to get a lightweight and compact one. This way, it helps you to easily move it from one place to another. However, if you are going to get it for your business, it is better to get the one that is sturdy enough, be it portable or wall-mounted.

Pricing: Since shampoo bowl is not something cheap to buy, buyers should also consider this point before buying which is pricing. Some products may be high in price, but they also offer great quality and brilliant features. On the contrary, some may be so expensive, yet they do not own greater features, any new technologies, or are not durable enough to go for years.

Overall Design: before getting the product, you should question yourself whether you like the overall design yet? Or perhaps, is there anything new or interesting about the overall design of a shampoo bowl you are going to buy? If you want to get the best ones, you should take a few points into account regarding their overall designs. The sink should be deep enough to accommodate the entire head and hair. When it is deep, it also helps to keep away splashing too. More to that, you should know if you want a round or a square sink design. It might be related to your available space. The base is also important because the one coming with good base helps to maintain great balance, especially during the works.

Adjustability: Adjustability gives you freedom to regulate the shampoo bowl to fit your customers’ positions which is great. Most of the product we have shown so far comes with adjustability, for both the bowl and pole height. Users always have an easier time adjusting it to fit both shampoo bed as well as chairs.


After all, a good and high quality shampoo bowl is still worth spending money for. That is why, we only provided reviews of the best shampoo bowls that are highly built with quality materials, good construction, good design, and are easy to clean up. If you have met the ones of your choice, you are so close to owning them. Get yours soon.

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