Top 10 Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review in 2022 – Buyers’ Guide

Are you moving to your new home soon? Or, you just simply want to upgrade your kitchen? If that’s the case, then, you are in luck because today we will introduce to you the best single bowl kitchen sinks that are must-haves for every home and kitchen.

This product is important because you will need it for your everyday use in the kitchen. It helps a lot in the dish washing process, and it can facilitate your clean up activity very well. Below, you will find our 10 different single bowl kitchen sinks that we would like to introduce to homeowner and every housewife today.

List Of Top 10 Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review in 2022

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10. Ruvati

Ruvati 30-inch

First of all, this is a brand from Ruvati that will provide you with the best quality of Single Bowl Kitchen Sink which seems very suitable for any house. If you are looking for a simple kind of sink and easy to use, this one can be your choice. It has its size of about 30 inches. The sink’s weight is only 29 pounds. This sink is basically made out from stainless steel which is very durable.

The sink is also soundproof because it is covered with some padding on the exterior. The bowl sink’s depth is estimated to be at 9 inches. At the bottom of this sink, it is designed in a curve which is easy for drainage. This single bowl sink is also very convenient to clean up after all. Once you purchase this one, you get one sink, rinsing grid, basket strainer, mounting bracket and installation guide too.

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KINGO HOME is also one of the brands that provides its customers with high quality home equipment like this single bowl kitchen sink for example. If you take a look at this sink, you can see that it is made from stainless steel with nickel as the finishing material.

Talking about the size of this sink, it has its dimension of about 33 inches, length 22 inches and depth of about 10 inches which could provide you with suitable and perfect space for clean-up activity.

oreover, this sink is fully covered by padding that could prevent you from making too much noise when doing the dishes. At the bottom of this sink, it is designed in an X shape of the draining line that could make it quick when it comes too water draining. This sink can be easily mounted with any of your cabinets; for example, the wooden cabinets.

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8. Ufaucet

30 Inch 16 Gauge

Here is another model from Ufaucet which can deliver you a very good quality single bowl kitchen sink. This is a commercial type of sink with the size of 32. The sink is highly resistant to stains and scratches. The depth of this sink is about 10 inches deep which give you lots of space for cleaning and placing your plates.

Just like the other normal types of sinks, this single bowl sink from Ufaucet also has the standard size of drain which is about 3 inches that could connect your sink to the garbage system. The installation type is undermount.

Once you purchase this sink, the sink will be backed by a 99 days return and get money back poluiy if there is any problem or you are not happy with the purchase.

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Logmey LMU3218

Are you searching for another kitchen equipment? Yes, LOGMEY brand can help you with that. This sink comes in the size of 32 inches. If you decide to get this one, you will find it very useful for your everyday dish cleaning. It provides a suitable space and convenience for mounting it to your cabinet.

This sink is strongly made from stainless steel and other durable materials that are quite resistant to damage. Moreover, the underpart of this sink is covered with a very thick 3 mm rubber material that could make it less noise. The after job with this sink is even better because it is designed for a very clean clean-up. You can clean this sink in every corner without any obstacles at all.

In addition to just one sink alone, when you purchase it, you will get other accessories such as drain basket, drainage tablet and one strainer as well. The depth of this sink is about 9 inches.

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6. Suhne


About this one, it is from the Zuhne brand; a brand reputable for quality kitchen sinks along with many other housing equipment such as laundry and other utilities. One of those, Suhne also has its own single bowl kitchen sink which is very perfect for your kitchen; especially, for those who just moving their house or need a new model of kitchen sink.

This sink’s dimension is 33 inches in length, 22 inches in width and 9 inches in depth. This sink has a very nice 3.5 inches drain that could connect your sink to the waste disposal. With this one in the kitchen, you won’t need to worry about your cleaning job anymore because it can deliver you with ample space for cleaning.

This sink is made very versatile for homeowners because you can mount it with any type of counter such as a granite kitchen counter; laminate, or wood.

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5. Ruvati

Ruvati 32-inch Workstation

Not everyone needs to change their sink every month or something but, in some case, if you planning to change one, Ruvati will be a good option for you. This one is another model from the Ruvati brand. This one has a different look from the previous one. It is bigger which is 32 inches in length size and 10 inches depth for its bowl.

Not only coming alone as a sink, this model of a single bowl kitchen sink is also added with a stainless steel colander, one cutting board and also a sturdy roll-up rack included which are very convenient for using during cooking time.

The sink itself is also designed with a slope bottom to support water draining. The sink is very easy for clean up – when it comes to cleaning every corner of it. With this one at your kitchen, it will make your kitchen look more modern.

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4. FrankeUSA

Franke USA

Another single bowl kitchen sink for you is from FrankeUSA which is already clear that this product is coming from USA. This sink is very durable and resistant to damage because it is made from stainless steel material with silk steel finish. It also does come along with 20-gauge steel.

It provides a bar and utility which works very well in any small space. The depth of this sink is only 10 inches. This sink is the sound proof type which is very quiet when using. It requires a 24 inches of cabinet size to get the right installation. This sink can be a top mount or undermount but the recommended type of installation is the undermount because it will be more suitable.

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 Houzer 2522-8BS3-1

Over here, we would like  introduce to you another best quality kitchen sink. HOUZER will be your good companion that will provide you with a quality sink that you could use very easily for your clean up job. The sink is about 25 inches in length and 22 inches in width.

Moreover, the dept of this sink is about 8 inches. The inside bowl size is about 21 inches and 15 inches in width. The undercover for this sink is cover with pad which can avoid from making less noise. It is a good fit for any 30 inches cabinet. It does come with three holes which is for faucet installation.

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2. Kraus

Kraus KGU-413B 31 inch

The second best recommended choice of single bowl kitchen sink is from the Kraus brand which is one of the reliable brands that you can purchase equipment for your kitchen use. Kraus is single bowl type that allows you to put a lot of stuff inside for cleanup job.

The dimension of this sink is about 30 inches in length 17 inches in width and 9 inches in depth so as of installation it requires your cabinet or any space up to 33 inches minimum. This is the undermount type of kitchen sink with one hole for faucet installation.

Once you purchase this sink, you will get all of its accessories including a basket strainer, mounting ware, kitchen towel and more. The material of this sink is very cool with silver ions that are resistant to germ and quick for cleaning. Moreover, the engineer also designs this sink with the facility that supports fast draining.

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1. Kraus

 Kraus Standart

Last but not least, there is another model from Kraus with a different model. This one is the Kraus Standart PRO sink. It is also the undermount type of kitchen sink with its size of about 32 inches. It is basically made from stainless steel which is very durable and super resistant to damage. It has the standard 3.5 inches drain that connect to garbage system.

The material of this sink is also very resistant to rust as well. If take a look at its bowl, the bowl has its depth of about 10 inches. The suitable space for this sink to get installation requires 36 inches space/size.

Since its bowl is quite large, so this sink will support any of your kitchen accessories such as a frying pan, big pot and another big objective. You can also put your pet – like a dog or a cat to bath in this sink as well.

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Buying Guide Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Choosing your housing equipment is very important because you will need to use it for long and it does show about your style as well. Moreover, house equipment is normally expensive, so when choosing any product, you have to think carefully to get the right one that is worth your money.  Thus, below, you will find some guiding criteria that you should look at when you go buy a single bowl kitchen sink for your kitchen.

Size: For the size of the sink, we recommend you to get any sink with appropriate size which fits your cabinet or space where you are installing it. The size should range from 20 inches to 30 inches. A sink that is too small or too big will cause any troubles in the future. Especially, you have to look at its bowl size whether you can place your plate, pot or frying pan for clean up or not.

Material Chosen: Normally, the material of the sink is very important as well. It has to be strong, durable and resistant to damage and other accidents. So, the ones with stainless steel will be good.

Mounting type: There are two types of mounting when it comes to mounting your sink, top mount and under-mount type. That depends on the design of the sink that you choose whether it looks good with a top mount or an under mount. Be noted that the under mounted sinks can save a lot of your space.

Easy to clean: You may choose any single bowl sink that is designed carefully at its corner part; hence, you will find it easier for cleaning because after using the sink each and everytime.

Soundproof: As your sink will be attached to your cabinet and any space that you mount it on, it might make some noise once you use it. So, for some sinks, they actially come with a soft padded cover for sound reduction purpose.

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