Going out on a sunny day with a bare face, are you aware of what will happen to your skin? According to some researches, dermatologists pointed out that going under the sunlight with hot temperature; your skin will severely get damaged or get cancer.

The UV rays from the sunlight can damage your skin by getting it dry, aging and burnt, and that will lead to wrinkles. There are two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB. If the skin is sensitive to the UV rays, you might face skin cancer which will harm your skin cells.

The best solution to prevent all these consequences is to apply sun protection daily. Sun protection comes in several types such as sun cream, sun spray, and sun stick, etc. Sunscreens contain SPF which can prevent the skin from being damaged from UV. Underneath, this article will provide 10 most rated sunscreen products from different brands which are designed to cater to different individual’s needs.


10. Replenix Sheer

Replenix Sheer

Here is a waterproof product from Replenix Sheer which provides UVA and UVB protection; it can last for 40 minutes before needing reapplication. The ingredients used are capable of preventing the skin from getting damaged and aging. It is a kind of spray sunscreen with 50+ SPF, which is sufficient for everyday use under the hot sun.

The product can absorb well into the skin by gently rubbing on the needed areas. Additionally, it has no chemical, alcohol, and fragrance added also others substance which will damage your skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin. Besides, it will not clog pores surface and can spray Omni directionally.

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9. Neutrogena

Neutrogena Face

As for this product, its functions are to prevent the skin from UVA and UVB rays; also it helps to avoid the risk of skin damaged and cancer. Neutrogena liquid face sunscreen contains 1.4 fluid ounces with SPF 50, very suitable for sensitive skin can use as single or along with makeup. The sunscreen can absorb well into the skin when applying after 15 minutes.

It is water-resistant up to 80 minutes, and you can reapply every 2 hours after each use for a better effect. For safety, rinse with water immediately if the product gets into eyes, do not swallow, and contact the medical center if something goes wrong or if your skin shows unusual signs.

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DRMTLGY Anti Aging

With this pump bottle packaging, the user can ensure the amount of the product properly without overusing it. Similar to other products, this one is also stated there is no chemical, fragrance, and paraben inside the formula. It is perfect for all skin types including sensitive. The product is oil-free and no greasy.

The sun cream will block your skin from UV rays, which are risky to your skin, and also will improve skin appearance. The formula used in the product contains vitamin B3 and vitamin E, HYALURONIC ACID and NIACINAMIDE, which helps reduce wrinkles, pore size, fine lines, and skin tone. It is recommended by dermatologists to use for keeping the skin hydrated, smooth and moisturized. The product is good for daily use with SPF 45 and there is no white residue remaining guaranteed.

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Blue Lizard

There is no more worry to expose your skin under the sunny day with quality sunscreen on. You can lay on the beach peacefully in a bikini with friends or family by not harming your skin with this product. This is from a Australia’s brand; the product is made from mineral formula to guarantee the user’s safety; no irritation or allergy reactions.

The product is good for different users: kids, children, and adults. Besides, they also provide certain types of skin targeted products for this pick. The cream should be used externally, and you may need to wait for 15 minutes before heading out. The water-resistance effect can last the product no more than 40 minutes.

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6. La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay

It cannot be possible to avoid sunlight exposure every single time you are outdoor. It is precise that the UV rays will damage your skin after staying under its effect. Significantly, this product will provide you a good time hanging out by just applying the product 15 minutes and repeat after 2 hours.

It is water-proof, UV protective, and calming with milky texture. This has been recommended by dermatologists from worldwide. Moreover, the product claims to have won awards for more than 60 awards. With high SPF, it sure can offer complete protection.

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5. Coppertone

Coppertone Pure

Coppertone is a sunscreen lotion that contains SPF 50 with a stunning nature packaging to show that it is nature-friendly. This one is made from botanicals (tea leaf, sea kelp, and lotus extracts), 100% natural, contains zinc oxide and other essential vitamins.

With broad coverage, the sunscreen will keep your skin or the children’s skin smooth and calm. After applying there is no more dryness, and it helps reduce redness. The lotion can last for 80 minutes after swimming or sweating. Also, it can protect you from the harmful UV rays.

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4. Sun Bum

Sun Bum Original

This is a broad-spectrum protection product that contains SPF 30. It is the perfect product to incorporate in your everyday skincare routine; for all skin types. With friendly-formula, the product will not cause any harm to the user’s skin. On the contrary, it will only make the skin looks healthier even though you spent the whole day under the sun.

It also provides different ranges of the SPF from 15 to 70 for the customer to use occasionally. This product is non-clog pore and paraben-free. Also, there are no other bad chemicals which can make your skin no good. The sun cream is enriched with a lot of vitamins and will prevent water from interfering with the applied areas.

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3. EltaMD

EltaMD UV Clear

Another product in a pump bottle packaging with the traveling size. It is recommended for sensitive skin and prone to acne. As a matter of fact, these skin types are easily got destroyed by the UVA and UVB. The skins have a very thin layer which can be damaged and leads to skin cancer. It has SPF 46 and recommended as a #1 professional brand. Also, it is made out of mineral formula, no chemical added.

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2. Replenix Sheer

Replenix Sheer

Another product from Replenix Sheer; however, this is a cream type. With the same SPF 50, yet the volume is half the amount of the previous one. It is chemical-free, no oily, no greasy, and no fragrance. It is fast absorbed into all skin types, especially sensitive type. Rich in vitamins, there are a lot of benefits for skin cells. It helps smoothen the surface and prevent from damages.

It can be used alone or with makeup as a primer. For using instruction, it is similar to other products which have been mentioned above, wait for 15 minutes and reapply every 2 hours.

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1. Pharmaceris Emotopic

Eczema & Dry Skin

Here is a product from Phamacerist, made in Poland, and is 100% guaranteed for customer’s satisfaction. There are no chemical substances to preserve the product, fragrance, and paraben-free. It has been tested and supervised by dermatologists’ team in a clinical trial and dermatological trial. The product has 50+ SPF with no irritation towards sensitive skin; moreover, it helps repairing and soothing skin to prevent dryness and redness.

The directions for this product typically: apply the cream evenly and gently on the face and body 30 minutes before exposing the face to the sun. It is recommended to reapply the product every 2 hours after swimming. Also, it can be used with both normal and sensitive skin, especially sensitive skin which can be hard to adapt to cosmetic products. It is best used for children and adults

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As mentioned above, using sunscreens regularly can decrease the risk of getting skin damage or skin cancer. On the other hand, it is also necessary to pick the right and effective product to fit well with your skin. By all the reviews we have shown, you might have decided on what product which is appropriate to your skin type. And, we are thankful for your attention and patiently checking this product review. We hope you’ll enjoy your shopping.


Buying guide

Water-Proof: Including a water-proof function in your sunscreen, that might benefit those who sweat easily by not letting the product drip off from the skin under the hot weather.

Broad-spectrum: The sunscreen can protect the skin from both UVA and UVB.

High SPF: It is recommended to use the prroduct at least SPF 30 for daily prevention, because it can block your skin from UVB ray for 97%. However, use SPF 50 up to protect your skin from outdoor activities.

No greasiness: Some goods will leave your skin looks somehow greasy, as for oily skin. So, non greasiness is quite useful.

Affordable: You might not want to spend a bunch of money just for ordering a sun block, and starve yourself from being broke. The price should be affordable and reasonable to the amount and quality of the products.

Natural formula: Make sure that you’re not going to ruin your facial skin or body skin from the effect of the chemical substances used for preservation or fragrance, etc.

Effective Duration of the product: The longer the better. Thus, you do not have to frequently reapply the sunscreen on your hectic day.

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