Top 10 Best Tawa Pan in 2020

What is a Tawa pan used for? Some may not know that while others do. Tawa pan comes in flat surface which can be used for making crepes, pancakes, baking pizza, or sometimes can deal greatly with asian cooking. One great thing about it is that it comes with non stick surface which makes your cooking become a lot easier. However, you will start to like your cooking even more when you find the right and good quality products.

Below is a list of top 10 best Tawa Pans that you can find on the market. They are constructed from high quality materials to ensure your cooking can go smoothly. All of them also feature non stick surfaces which helps to prevent your food from getting destroyed when it is released. Now it is your time to go and hunt the ones of your needs and requirements. Enjoy shopping!

List Of Top 10 Best Tawa Pan in 2020

10. Prestige

 Prestige 280mm Omega

If you are looking for a non-stick Tawa Pan, then let’s take a look at this one from Prestige. This is a pan that comes with thick body of 3mm. It is best at preventing food from being overcooked. Built with 3 layers of non stick coating, it offers easy food release and makes sure your foods stay in shape. With the size of 11 inches, the pan is large enough to cook food for your family.

Whether you want to cook it with gas, or ceramic cook base, the pan deals with them all. Moreover, the handle of the pan is covered by good and durable plastic that prevents heating.

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Frying Pan Nonstick

This Tawa Pan from S. KITCHN is a product of stainless steel iron. It is very durable to use and can distribute heat very quickly. However, because its body construction is thick enough, it prevents overheating and overcooking. With its non stick surface, the pan assists users in cooking as well as releasing the food once it is done.

Cleaning can also be easily done because there will not be any food stick or stains. It is also an aluminum tawa pan that features honeycomb texture at its bottom surface making it look good and help to boost heat distribution.

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Vinod MT30

If you are very into Asian cooking, choosing this Tawa Pan from VINOD will never regret you at all. Known as MT30 Non stick Flat Multi Tawa, this one offers a non stick experience to your cooking with its flat ceramic surface. Constructed with 3 coating layers, the non stick feel is also boosted helping users release food and clean up conveniently.

By using this pan, it is like taking care of your family members’ health as every cooking would require less oil. VINOD is also abrasion resistant which remains shiny throughout years of usage.

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 Saflon Titanium

SAFLON also highlights its 11 inch tawa pan on the list. If you like to make pancakes, crepe, or other desserts, this is a perfect one. It is made of titanium and highly forged with aluminium, it promotes durability and offers stain resistance. Thanks to its 3 layer construction, the pan does not wrap food at all. This makes it easy for users to remove the food and wash up.

The surface of the pan is enhanced with scratch resistance to ensure that the coloring and shape stay the same after years of usage. SAFLON also promotes even heating which offers great heat distribution to the cooking. What is more, it is also safe to put inside the dishwasher too.

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6. WaxoWare

WaxonWare 11 Inch

The next product comes from WaxonWare also features 11 inches in size and 1.8 pounds in weight. The whole construction of cooking area comes with 3 layer marble construction and is highly enhanced with non stick coating. Users can cook by using less oil or without oil at all which promotes better health in your family. Although it is non stick, it is 100% free from PFOA which is safe to use.

The handle of this Tawa pan is designed in hardwood look and is very comfortable on the touch. It also prevents heat from coming too. Built from die-cast aluminium, the pan heats up very quickly and evenly.

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5. Lodge

Lodge P14P3 Pro

Another high quality Tawa Pan is from Lodge. It has a simplified look and build, and can be used for a number of cooking purposes. Whether you want to use it for making pancakes, crepe, frying vegetables or as a pizza pan, it is suitable for all tasks. It features 14 inch cooking surfaces, and is built highly from cast Iron. Thus, it tends to have a longer lifespan.

No worries about heating! This pan has an ability to distribute heat evenly and prevents the food from getting overcooked. To make your cooking a lot more convenient, the pan also comes with two side loop handles to maximize safe grips.

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4. Home-Complete


Home-Complete also introduces its best quality Tawa Pan that comes with 14 inches in size. Similar to the previous one, this product from Home-Complete also has two side loop handles that allows users to lift or hold the pan more easily. Besides, it is constructed with cast iron and forged with non stick coating to promote greater cooking experience. Users can use this pan for a variety of purposes including frying vegetables, meat, baking pizza, making crepe, as well as a pancake.

Being Made thick enough, the pan greatly spreads the heat and keep the food from overcooking. You will also like the fact that this pan is very easy to wash as it does not stick with the food at all. Simply wash it with hot water and it is important not to put it in the dishwasher.

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3. Victoria

Victoria GDL

If you own a restaurant and want to look for the best Tawa Pan, we believe that this one from Victoria is an ideal one to choose. It has a large cooking surface that comes with 15 inches in size. Furthermore, it is made of cast iron which means it is long lasting and can distribute heat greatly and evenly.

Featuring black color construction, it is very easy to take care of. Together with its non stick surfaces, cooking some kinds of food or sweet course can never be easier than cooking with this one.

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2. Hawkins/Futura


Hawkins/Futura is one of the most popular Tawa pans that everyone has been looking for. It has a flat cooking surface that is made of heavy gauge aluminum. This allows the pan to last longer than any ordinary products. More importantly, its non stick surface is what everyone wishes for. Since it is non stick, it cuts down the chance of using a lot of oil. In addition to that, it also helps users to quickly and easily release the food from the pan.

The cleaning up of this one can also be done conveniently too. What is more, the handle of this pan is covered by durable plastic which keeps the heat away from reaching and safe to hold.

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Crepe Pan Nonstick

S.KITCHN still earns the first place on the list. Made from die cast aluminium, the product is built to last. Added to this, its non stick induction assists your cooking to the next level as you do not have to worry about food sticking at all. The pan also arrives with bakelite handle which offers a very comfortable grip. It is secure enough since the bottom of the pan is designed with a non slip feature.

It is a dual layer Tawa pan that maintains the heat evenly which makes the food to be cooked. This pan can be used with any kind of stove and can handle up to 450°F. However, it cannot be put in an oven.

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Buying Guide of Best Tawa Pan

Used materials: a good Tawa Pan should be durable to use and offers great heat distribution. Only when it is built from good materials, it can offer these things. All of the products we showcased above are constructed from die cast iron, aluminium, and titanium which make it long lasting. Moreover, most of them come with 3 to 5 layer coating to ensure that it is non stick when being used.

Design: Before you purchase a Tawa pan, it is better to know which design you aim for. It comes with different shapes which include, round, square, and so on. However, mostly, round Tawa pans are popular on the market. Besides the shape, you should also look at its thickness, its handle styling, and so on. It is good to choose the one with rubberized handle because it is safe to hold as it does not allow the heat to reach the area.

Size: you should as well measure the size that you want before buying. If you only want to use it at all, getting the one with 11 inches in size is good enough. Plus, it does not take up so much storage space too either. However, if it is about serving at the restaurant or shop, it is better to get a bigger size. For example, a 15 inches or 16 inches in size so you get more space for cooking.


The best Tawa pan should come with the right shape, size, and features to assist your cooking. If you ever want to look for the best one to own, an article above provides reviews of the top 10 best Tawa pans that you can find on the market.

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